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The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho's masterpiece tells the mystical story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who yearns to travel in search of a worldly treasure. His quest will lead him to riches far differentand far more satisfyingthan he ever imagined. Santiago's journey teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, of recognizing opportunity and learning to read the omens strewn along life's path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams....

Title : The Alchemist
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ISBN : 9780061122415
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 197 pages
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The Alchemist Reviews

  • Amanda

    ***spoilers and bitterness ahead--be forewarned**

    I'm not sure that I can capture my utter disdain for this book in words, but I'll give it a shot. I read this book about three years ago and just had to re-read it for book club. It was a steaming pile of crap then and, guess what?, it's a steaming pile of crap now. The main reason I hate this book: it's trite inspirational literature dressed up as an adventure quest. You go into it thinking that it's going to be about a boy's quest for treasure.

  • Don

    I simply could not finish this book. I got halfway through it only to wind up on to see what others thought. I simply felt guilty panning a book that has received such global acclaim; more than that, I felt lame and inadequate.

    Well, it turns out that my sentiments were echoed. I basically felt I was reading an overblown parable and that the same lessons were being spelled out again and again. It was like the 16th verse of a hymn.

    Throughout my life I have periodically reflected to

  • Jibran

    If books were pills, Alchemist would be a sugarcoated placebo with no real effect. Let's call it a feel-good homily. I have never read a book as meretricious as this one. Many reviewers have pointed out the problems with this 'celebrated' novel so I'd rather not expend any more words. Suffice it so say that this is a good example of portentous writing that is best avoided if your benchmark is quality literature.

  • Sithara

    I need to start this review by stating 1) I can't stand self-help books and 2) I'm a feminist (no, I don't hate men- some men are quite awesome, but I am very conscious of women and our place in the world.)

    Short summary (mild spoilers): A boy named Santiago follows his 'Personal Legend' in traveling from Spain to the Pyramids in Egypt searching for treasure. Along the way, he learns 'the Language of the World' the 'Soul of the World' and discovers that the 'Soul of God' is 'his own soul.'

    If the

  • Mohammed  Ali

    الرواية التّي سبّبت .. ظاهرة الإحتباس الحراري :

    قد يبدوا العنوان غريبا نوعا ما .. ولكن صراحة أحبّ العناوين الغريبة " الرجل الذّي حسب زوجته قبعة " ، " انتحار حمار " و عناوين أخرى غريبة يزخر بها عالم التأليف والكتب، ولكن ما سبب اختياري لهذا العنوان ؟

    حسب وكيبيديا هذه الرواية تمّت ترجمتها إلى حوالي 67 لغة .. وبيع منها 65 مليون نسخة في 150 بلد، وفي مقال آخر .. يقولون أنّه لصناعة طن من الورق نحتاج إلى قطع 17 شجرة طول كل واحدة منها هو 11 متر .. هذا بالإضافة إلى عمليات التصنيع والنقل وما يصاحبها من انب

  • Nayra.Hassan

    افق !!استيقظ ..انتبه

    ..يفوتك الكثير

    رواية قصيرة وفاتنة .. تحثك على عيش حياتك هنا والان..

    .تذكرك مرارا : ان الرحلة هي الهدف و ليست مجرد وسيلة

    ..هناك من يفضلون قضاء الرحلة نائمين. .

    و هناك من يفهمون مبكرا..دائما ينبهنا باولو برفق ..ان سر الحياة في القطار و ليس المحطات..

    على عكس ما هو شائع. .

    .قراتها بالانجليزية و كنت اود لو تعلمت البرتغالية من اجلها ..هناك شيء من المباشرة و البساطة..و لكنها صارت من الكلاسيكيات ..ففي مرحلة من حياتك سنجد نفسك تقرأها حتما

    ..و لكن ..ساظل دائما اتذكر ملعقة الزيت التي تجول ب

  • Ahmed

    عندما تسمع عن روايه ترجمت لاكثر من 60 لغه وبيع منها اكثر من 70 مليون


    ينسج خيالك عليها انها روايه عظيمه وتتوقع منها اشياء مهمه

    هذا العمل يقبع فى مكتبتى منذ اكثر من عام ولا ادرى ما سبب اهمالها كل هذا الوقت ولا ادرى سبب معين لقرائتى لها

    ولكن المهم انى قرأتها : احسست بضحاله شديده وانا اقرأها وجدتها سطحيه ومبتذله

    لا ادرى هل رأيت انها مبالغ فى قيمتها الادبيه ام ان المشكله توجد فى انها خذلت طموحى الشخصى فى فحواها

    لا ادرى . حقا لا ادرى

    اهو مبالغه شديده من الكاتب لكى يوهم القارئ بانه جاء مخلصا له وناصح

  • Bill  Kerwin

    A good parable--like "The Prodigal Son"--should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. The problem with this little book is that it does precisely the opposite.

    Coelho's message--and, boy, is this a book with a message--is that each of us has his own Personal Legend, and that if we recognize that legend and pursue it sincerely, everything in the Universe (which is after all made up--wind, stone, trees--of the same stuff we are) will conspire to help us achieve it. Corollaries: 1) peop