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Let's Take the Long Way Home: A Memoir of Friendship

In Lets Take the Long Walk Home, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Gail Caldwell has written a powerful and moving memoir about her coming-of-age in mid-life, and her extraordinary friendship with the author of Drinking: A Love Story, Caroline Knappfellow writers, AA members, dog lovers, and observers of life. In her younger years, Caldwell defined herself by rebellion and independence, a passion for books, and an aversion to intimacy and a distrust of others. Then while living in Cambridge in her early 40s, an age when the view from the hill can be clear and poignant both, Caldwell adopts a rambunctious puppy named Clementine. On one of their bucolic walks, she meets Caroline and her dog, Lucille, and both womens lives change forever.Though they are more different than alike, these two fiercely private, independent women quickly relax into a friendship more profound than either of them expected, a friendship that will thrive on their shared secrets, including parallel struggles with alcoholism and loneliness. They grow increasingly inseparable until, in 2003, Caroline is diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. Caldwell writes: Its an old, old story: I had a friend and we shared everything, and then she died and so we shared that, too. In her signature exquisite prose, Caldwell mines the deepest levels of devotion and grief in this wise and affecting account about losing her best friend. Lets Take the Long Way Home is also a celebration of life and all the little moments worth cherishingand affirms why Gail Caldwell is rightly praised as one of our bravest and most honest literary voices....

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Let's Take the Long Way Home: A Memoir of Friendship Reviews

  • Leo Robertson

    Nice to read alongside Caroline Knapp's memoir, Drinking: A Love Story.

    Both these books are due a revival in my estimation. Their depiction of alcoholism was to my understanding by the time I picked them up, but would have seemed counterintuitive before I'd read more recent memoirs like Sara Hepola's Blackout, or even Whitney Cummings' I'm Fine and Other Lies. Does every generation really need its own books like this, or are the newer books obscuring these ones? Neither is true nor false.


  • Ali

    I wanted to read this book as soon as I found out that it was about the author's friendship with Caroline Knapp, who had written with brutal, eloquent honesty about her struggle with alcohol in Drinking: A Love Story. When I learned that Caroline had actually died from cancer 8 years after she stopped drinking, reading this book became an obsession. It felt almost like a betrayal, that she died after she had ended her memoir on such a positive, strong note. I had to read about the end of her lif ...more

  • Maria

    Em jeito de um pequeno diário onde conta a sua história e, sobretudo, a intensa amizade com Caroline e culminaria com a morte desta com um cancro do pulmão, Gail Caldwell transporta-nos para o seu mundo tão imperfeito como o de qualquer um de nós.

    Partindo sempre desta grande amizade, depressa nos apercebemos das fraquezas da autora, alcoólica recuperada, mas também das enormes semelhanças com a sua melhor amiga. Por serem tão parecidas Gail e Caroline eram como uma espécie de almas gémeas, uma a

  • Amy

    I read Drinking: A Love Story by Caroline Knapp a few months ago.

    I remember just inhaling it. Her writing was incredible. Smart, funny, real. When I

    finished it, I put the book down and went immediately to Amazon to read more of

    her stuff. Which is when I discovered she had died of lung cancer in her early

    40s in 2002. The voice of her memoir was so clear, and her personality shone

    through and I felt sad to have lost such a voice.

    Christmas time I learned that Gail Caldwell (her very best friend) ha

  • Amy

    Although I was not taken with this book, I completely understand how someone might be. I didn't seem to connect with the story in the way that it appears others have. I would even go so far as to say that I had to push my way through the book. I didn't feel myself connecting with the material so I was having to force myself through it at times.

    Ultimately, this memoir was just ok for me. I can't even say that it was good. Yet, it doesn't feel bad, per se. Just nothing special. Nothing that reall

  • Cynthia Hamilton

    A dear friend of mine, who is also a writer and an avid reader, sent this book to me as a gift. Even though it started out slowly, I could see why my friend thought so highly of this memoir to share it with me. It is quite literary and personal; there are passages in the book that are beautifully written. But the story really hooked me when the author began to share her own experience with alcoholism. It was then that I was completely drawn into her world and could see the naked honesty in which ...more

  • Ryan

    How does one write a review of a book about loss and grief when one is stricken by loss in grief in the midst of reading said book? This is precisely what happened to me when my Westie, McDougal, had to be put to sleep — quite suddenly and quite unexpectedly at the age of 14 — just as I was arriving at the point in Gail Caldwell's memoir where she loses her best friend to cancer. Was it coincidence? A cruel cosmic joke? Something more? I don't have the answer (or can't admit to it), but that I w ...more

  • Nancy Kennedy

    "It's an old, old story: I had a friend and we shared everything, and then she died and so we shared that, too."

    With this lyrical sentence, Gail Caldwell opens her story of her friendship with the writer Caroline Knapp. Both its gentleness and its foreboding draw the reader in to this finely told tale of love and grief.

    Not many people treasure a friendship as deeply as did these two writers who for most of their lives were introverted, and content to be so. "As much as I complained about my soli