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Carnage (Whispers From the Bayou #1)

Carnage Whispers From the Bayou Book 1 Raised by a father who curses the day she was born, Carolena finds herself in the swamps of south Louisiana under the guise of overseeing her fathers investments. In truth, she is making every attempt to avoid forced marriage to any of the men he would have her shipped off to. Shes always believed that her husband would love her, would give his very life just to hold her; not be a man who would marry her to claim her fathers wealth. When she arrives in the deep-south, she catches the eye of a local backwoods family of brothers. The eldest, Bobby, decides that he is deserving of a step-up in life, takes her against her will to his hovel of a home at the edge of the swamps to be shared between himself and his brothers. Carolena not the shrinking flower they think her to be, flees into the deepest, darkest, wildest portion of the swamps in an effort to escape the brothers and their plans for her. Death at the hands of the creatures in these wetlands is a better option, in her mind. Little does she know, shes also caught the eye of the most dangerous creature there, one of legend of nightmares. Hes watching her every move, admiring her bravery and hes decided hes keeping her. Carnage is a Gargoyle. Hes also volatile, dangerous, unpredictable, and lonely. One evening minding his own business at the edge of the sanctuary he calls home, he spies a female. A human female, and shes running headlong into his swamps, with no regard for her own safety. Then he sees the reason; three men, and theyre hot on her trail, torches in hand, hell bent on catching her before she can get away. He watches as they get closer and closer to her, easily following her trail. Carnage makes a snap decision that changes both their lives forever; he drops out of a tree right behind her, slaps one clawed hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming, wraps her in his huge arms and goes right back to the treetops. He shelters her while the men traverse the ground below, unable to determine why her trail disappeared. Carnage admires this little female she was brave to run into the swamps alone. There are many creatures lying in wait for just such a meal. But she no longer has to worry about that, because now shes his. He only hopes that she doesnt fear him too much once she gets a good look at his blue-grey skin, his fangs and his horns. Because regardless of what she thinks, or the rules of his community hes not giving her up. ...

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Carnage (Whispers From the Bayou #1) Reviews

  • Erica

    This story of a forbidden love will take you through the muggy Louisiana swamp, trudging in the thick mud, and you'll come out renewed and feeling more alive than before.

    Carnage isn't your typical hero. He's brutal, but kind . He's fierce, but loving. And he is precisely what Carolena needs. Never judge a monster by his horns, you'll love Carnage too.

    Read in about 3 hours. Good luck taking breaks!!

  • Kimberly Piasecki

    This is an exciting and beautiful story

    I rate the book 5 stars because it completely takes you away , I was swept into the book from beginning to end I couldn't put it down and I agree without darkness there can't be light. So I have to say, she is an amazing writer the storyline will keep you the entire time , literally beginning to end spectacular!!! I highly recommend this book for anyone needing that little escape , I'm so happy the book caught my eye!! Thank you Sandra

  • Kerry Williams

    I never thought that I would find a sexier supernatural than a wolf shifter or vampire, but I have. The sexy gargoyle Carnage changed my mind. There was just something about his alpha protective ways that reached my heart. The way he claimed his Lenna was awesome. There were so many sweet, sexy , and mysterious times in this book. I am lover of supernatural stories that surround my home state and neighboring Louisiana. This story makes me want to take a weekend to the swamp, and see if I can't f ...more

  • Marie Wilkinson

    Waste of $2

    Waste of $2. Poorly written with constantly flipping POV. Reads like a first grader book. Did not finish. Very one dimensional, see spot run, sort of writing.

  • Deanne Taylor

    Just to start I have to say, Goyles were never hot before!! Well, at least not that I remember!! This world, this amazingly created world, it was more then I imagined when I saw the cover and read the blurb. Carnage is a creature, not a man, remember he is a Gargoyle, not just a man with horns! We're talking full on Goyle here and he is awesome. He's a loner, almost feral and dangerous to paranormal and humans alike!!!

    Enter one little human who isn't afraid of the Big, Bad Goyle!!! Carolena jus

  • Rachele  (Colosimo) Durkee

    I love Gargoyles but now I have a completely different outlook on them. This story was so good and the characters were just amazing! The twist on the creatures of legends was just enough to make them unique and it was interesting to see the amount of different elements that were introduced in one story without it losing track of the main characters. This book is filled with humor and emotion but most importantly it's a great romance. I never expected to fall in love with a creature that looked l ...more

  • Elsie Pitt

    One hell of a start to a magnificent series!!

    Oh my gosh! I could not put this book down! One of the best books I've read this year and I WANT MORE! This was the first book that I have read by this author and it kept me enthralled and struck me with a sense of happiness that I never wanted this story to end. I can only tell you that it is such a fantastic story that it is hard for me to write this review knowing I have to WAIT for more. The characters will draw you in from the first words written

  • Carvanz

    I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy a book about a gargoyle that actually looks like a gargoyle. The horns, the fangs, the gray skin. But I did! I loved Carnage sooo much! He was an incredible alpha male with an intense “mine” attitude, the drive to protect and possessive as all get out. His ability to communicate through language is extremely limited but it actually led to some of the most touching scenes I’ve ever read. His happiness was palpable, his anguish extreme and everything he felt wa ...more