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Fortress of Shadows (Stonehaven League #2)

A giant telepathic parrot with a rather foul mouth, a horde of smelly goblins, and a tyrannical demon priestess Welcome to Devon Walkers new normal. During her first weeks in the deeply immersive VR game, Relic Online, shes hacked out a home from a choking jungle, gathered a tribe of loyal followers, and earned a wisp stalker who insists shes some kind of champion. But Relic Online isnt some wussy kids game, and there will be no easy-street cruising for Devon. Like a monk racking up combo points, the system opens a fresh offensive by crippling her most powerful ability. Following through, it strangles the village food supply, sends demons bursting through rifts in the earth, and delivers a final, devastating throat punch by exploiting Devons worst fear. The players have discovered Devons home. Now everything changes. ...

Title : Fortress of Shadows (Stonehaven League #2)
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Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 294 pages
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Fortress of Shadows (Stonehaven League #2) Reviews

  • Lana

    I am not a gamer but this second book in the series of LitRPG books is awesome and I feel like I am playing alongside Devon and her friends making this book another fantastically immersive read which I just could not put down till the last line was read. Devon has managed to build Stonehaven and to make her people comfortable and safe, she has discovered the greenscale pendant, the first of the relics she has to collect in order to bring back order and life to Ishildar and honour Veia. However o ...more

  • Markus Winkler

    Fantastic read!

    Can’t wait for the next one. Good mixture of online world quests and real world conspiracy. Give it try :)

  • Cr Rider

    Wow.. I am hooked!

    This series keeps getting better! Devon and former player friends quest for the second artefact. This is more story than gamelit even though the elements are there. Also funny as Devon has to learn how to use her skills as opposed to automatic mastery. Increasing foreboding as a sinister plot develops both IRL and Relic Online. Editing is decent. Cannot wait until the next instalment is ready.

  • J

    The ending felt very rushed and the descriptions and combat scenes throughout the story could use some work.