Read The Ship that Never Was: The Greatest Escape Story Of Australian Colonial History by Adam Courtenay Online

The Ship that Never Was: The Greatest Escape Story Of Australian Colonial History

The greatest escape story of Australian colonial history by the son of Australias best-loved storyteller In 1828, James Porter, sailor, chancer, illywhacker, found himself on a ship bound for Van Diemen's Land, having been convicted of stealing a stack of beaver furs. After several escape attempts from the notorious penal colony, Porter, who told authorities he was a 'beer-machine maker', was sent to Sarah Island, known in Van Diemen's Land as 'hell on earth'. Many tried to escape the island; few succeeded. But when Governor George Arthur announced that Sarah Island would closed down and the prisoners moved to the new penal station of Port Arthur, Porter, along with a motley crew of other prisoners, pulled off an audacious escape. Commandeering the ship they'd been building to transport them to Port Arthur, the escapees sailed all the way to Chile. What happened next is stranger than fiction, a fitting outcome for this true-life picaresque tale.The Ship That Never Was is an entertaining and rollicking story from our past by an exciting new voice in popular history. James Porter, whose memoirs were the inspiration for Marcus Clarke's For the Term of his Natural Life, is an original Australian larrikin whose ingenuity, ability to talk himself out of a tight corner and refusal to buckle under authority makes him an irresistible anti-hero in the tradition of Ned Kelly....

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The Ship that Never Was: The Greatest Escape Story Of Australian Colonial History Reviews

  • Jake

    A great rollicking read mixing fictional with non-fictional elements. The story of James Porter will go on and on. A great read

  • Sasha

    This is a fascinating account of a little known episode in Australian colonial history. Convict James Porter and nine others managed to steal a newly built ship and sail it all the way to South America in one of the most daring and audacious escapes in convict history. It is amazing this story isn't better known given that it was front page news at the time it happened. But this book isn't just the story of a daring escape, it's a look at the conditions of the convicts, the inhumane treatment th ...more

  • Jessica

    Excellent true sort of convict escape . This extraordinary escape and journey to South America surely should be well known but this is the first I’d heard of it!! Well researched and documented story. Loved it.

  • Noel Magnus

    I loved this book - a real cover to cover read.

    It's part history, part boys own adventure - with many rascals and even more twists and turns.

    A rollicking, adventurous ride through a piece of little known (to me anyway) Australian colonial and maritime history.

    I know it it is often unwise or unkind to judge those of long ago by today's standards and morals, but to my way of thinking, having read this book, Port Arthur should be renamed, and George Arthur should be stripped of any remaining fame o