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Just Be You

(This is a previously-published edition of ASIN B07FG1T414.) When Scott Cohen got word that hed been nominated for a Grammy, he wondered if the universe was playing some cruel trick on him. Of all the songs hed written, why did it have to be that song? Over ten years had passed since hed written the song and even more since Scott had become obsessed with Marshall Donavan, his brothers best friend. It didnt matter that Scott hadnt seen Marshall in years. Nor did it matter that Marshall never belonged to him or even that Marshall was straight. Scott never managed to stop thinking about him. When Scott got a call from his manager asking him to submit a song for a movie and a call from his brother Abe informing him of Marshalls engagement to Julia Sterling on the same day, Scott took it as a sign. It was time to say goodbye and forget Marshall Donavan forever. Submitting Just Be You to the movie executives was supposed to be Scotts way of letting goof forgetting, of saying goodbye. But his plan backfired when the movie became a box office success overnight and his song was nominated for a Grammy. There was no way hed ever be able to forget. The song would follow him for the rest of his life and so would his unhealthy obsession with Marshall Donavan. It didnt help things when he found himself face to face again with the man who had consumed his thoughts for years. No, it didnt help at all when he saw the still very sexy and very straight Marshall Donavan for the first time in eight years. It didnt matter what would happen between them. As soon as he saw Marshall again, he knew that giving up his obsession wasnt an option Just Be You is a standalone, full-length, brothers best friend romance novel. It has gay for you and first time gay themes, is stocked full of STEAM, heartache, laughter, and has a guaranteed happily ever after ending. ...

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Just Be You Reviews

  • Jessica Covey-Wannamaker

    Just Be You- is a fantastic title for this story. I have the great pleasure to read this. **arc received by author for my honest opinion**

    This story is a coming out and discovering yourself, acceptance and reaching out for what you need. It’s about finding love, even if it challenges everything you know.

    This coming out story arrives in a better time when people are more accepting, and a great tribute to the challenges most face especially coming out and wanting your same sex relationship and o

  • Michaela Krumlová

    4,5* sooo sweet

  • Earlyn

    Marshall and Scott

    What a well written romance.

    This is a friends to lovers story.

    Scott has always loved Marshall. The day Marshall saved him from a bully cemented that love. Fast forward right years, later because of circumstances they ended up in the cabin together.

    This gave them time 're ignited their attraction.

    Lovely sweet summer reading.

  • Melanie Rawlinson

    Awwwww, this was such a sweet read!

    Scott had a crush (put mildly) on his big brother’s best friend, Marshall, in high school, but hasn’t seen him since graduation. He’s made a successful life for himself as a musician and songwriter in LA, on the other side of the US to his hometown. His brother and Marshall have stayed closer to home, running a firm in New York with their own success story. Due to an….interesting….set of events (involving two separate ‘scandals’), Marshall and Scott both find t

  • Em

    1.75 stars

    I ended up skimming through big chunks of this. I found the characters to be very boring and bland, making me feel a sort of disconnect to the story itself. The writing style was a bit off putting as well.

  • Bea

    I would've rated this higher, but unfortunately there were a bit too many grammatical errors that I wasn't able to disregard them anymore. Initially it was just my finicky problems with punctuation, like misplaced or missing commas, that sort of thing. But eventually there were mistakes with the pronouns - like the classic "you're" and "your" mistakes - which I really hope would've been spotted during the editing and proofreading processes.

    Also, I couldn't enjoy it as fully as I hoped because of

  • Ula'ndi Hart

    I only read 100'ish pages of this book.

    So NO rating. Cause that wouldn’t be fair.

    I don’t want to DNF it either. I don’t think it deserves that either.

    What I want to say is this book has it all. If you read the description, it makes you want to read it because who won’t like this angle?

    You’ve got Scott, in love with his big brothers BFF since he was knee high, and he writes these letters to Marshall. He has journals full of them in fact. It immediately got my attention.

    Then you’ve got Marshall

  • JenMcJ

    This appears to be a first all m/m book for this author. The writing is solid and the editing was ok but had issues. I liked this one and I'll commend the author for writing very good emotional connection on one side of the couple. I believed Marshall was in love but the effort with Scottie was unbalanced. I just didn't get the same warm fuzzy for Scottie even though he was the longest invested in his feelings. He just never seemed to grow past the original "crush".

    Even though I did like it des