Read Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie (Bloodlands Collection) by Harold Schechter Online

Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie (Bloodlands Collection)

At a remote little inn not far from the Kansas homestead of Laura Ingalls Wilder lived the Bender family. These pioneers welcomed unwary visitors with jackrabbit stew and a sledgehammer to the skull.In time, their apple orchard gave up its secretsa burial ground for their mutilated victims, each stripped of their possessions. The devilish enterprise on Hells Half-Acre would earn the Bloody Benders an undying place in the annals of American infamy. But it was the mysterious fate of eldest daughter, Kate, that would make them the stuff of mythic campfire prairie tales.Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie is part of Bloodlands, a chilling collection of short page-turning historical narratives from bestselling true-crime master Harold Schechter. Spanning a century in our nations murderous past, Schechter resurrects nearly forgotten tales of madmen and thrill-killers that dominated the most sensational headlines of their day....

Title : Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie (Bloodlands Collection)
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Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie (Bloodlands Collection) Reviews

  • Lynn Keith


    A fine piece of dark true crime writing. This was the best of the "Badland" stories so far. The ways an event gets turned into a legend is something that we all can appreciate. The story of the Bender farm and the wicked things that took place there were more legend than fact by the time people were done with it.

  • Mary MacKintosh

    This book is a quick read that explains early serial murderers on the Kansas prairie. I had heard the Bender story before, but Schechter includes photographs fro the period, as well as illustrations of the newspaper headlines of the day. The story is a bit of a puzzle. The Bender family lived in a hovel, basically, and advertised their home as both a grocery and an inn. They seemed willing to kill any single traveler that accepted the family's hospitality, whether they had a bundle of money on t ...more

  • Jennifer Newman

    Anytime we think depravity is a recent thing, then comes a remembrance of horrid events to let us know that it has been around since Cain bashed in Abel's head with a rock. This was a fascinating account that I had never heard, though I've followed true crime for years. I definitely recommend it.

  • Kieren

    Interesting but Somewhat Rushed

    I enjoyed reading about this murder family and how difficult it was to catch anyone in the late 1800s if the perpetrators weren’t caught literally in the act. The sources and photos were a good addition and added some interesting historical sources to it. (I’d also recommend listening to the audible version for an addition of suspense plus an investigative tone that seems to be missing from the actual writing.)

    My main complaints are that there isn’t a conclusion an

  • Amber Machado

    Really great short read. The author keeps the story interesting while keeping the facts strait. But, while this does run the conclusion what did happen to the Bender Family? Did they get away with all the murders or did a vigilante group catch them and get Justice for all the murders committed? One may never truly know but its a great read!!

  • April A. Taylor

    Like many true crime books, the beginning of this very short history lesson is a bit dry. But once it picks up, it’s a fascinating look at the family that actually predated H.H. Holmes as America’s first serial killers.

    The author relies heavily upon original newspaper sources, so there are a lot of quotes from people involved in the case. This may have required less writing, but it takes a deft understanding of true crime story structure to weave everything together into a compelling narrative.

  • Dee Cherry

    I started out reading this true crime short, then switched over to audible. The narrator's voice did make the story more interesting. The Bender family's story was gruesome as their crimes were revealed. Looking forward to reading more of these true-crime shorts

  • Stephanie ((Strazzybooks))

    Another of Amazon's Bloodlands collection, this told the story of the murderous Bender family who lived on the Kansas prairie. An interesting listen.