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Real Men Howl (Real Men Shift #1)

Masons inner wolf will go crazy without her. Lucy thinks hes already crazy. Werewolves arent real. Right? Lucy Morgan left Ashtown, Georgia, ten years ago and planned to never return. Unfortunately, life didnt get that memo. Shes back and now painful memories follow her everywhere. Until she meets him. Mason Blackwood is over six feet of sinfully gorgeous man whofor some reasonwants her. He also thinks hes a werewolf so yeah. Hes crazypants. But when he wants to have his wicked way with her, his sanity doesnt seem all that important anymore. Mason isnt sure how much longer he can remain Alpha over the Blackwood pack. Without a mate to balance him, his wolf snatches more control every day. It wont be long before he loses himself to the animal entirely. Then he meets Lucya sassy, curvaceous beauty who calms his beast with a smile. One sniff is enough to tell him shes his mate, and nothing will keep them apart. Not even the packs deadliest enemy whos determined to kill Lucy before Mason can claim her....

Title : Real Men Howl (Real Men Shift #1)
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Real Men Howl (Real Men Shift #1) Reviews

  • Louise Nunn

    Always an enjoyable read with these two authors!

    This book will wrap you up in its beautiful layers and keep your interest to the end. The characters were fully developed, Lucy was a very sympathetic character and her life and experiences pull you to read further. Mason also had a good backstory and his pull was just as strong. I loved the emotionalism and the fact that the main characters did not just meet and jump straight to bumping their hot spots. The story had a lot of back and forth as wel

  • Lexee Toste

    This was a fantastic read! I absolutely loved it! It had great characters and story line. I loved Lucy and Mason and their interactions. Lucy had no problem standing up to Mason and giving him crap for things that he was used to getting away with. I loved their banter and the fact that Mason loved the fact that Lucy didn't just let him have his way in all things. She didn't know him and so wasn't going to just let him take over things. I loved the other characters as well, especially the little ...more

  • JodyL

    Lucy and Mason

    Lucy is a human who has returned to her hometown because of issues at her previous job. Her parents were killed ten years ago and she hasn't been home since. As she is walking through town she sees a little bit in the road. An SUV is bearing down on him, so she runs into the street to save him. As she starts to put down the kicking and screaming child, he bites her. The child's parents then proceed to take her to a vet named Drew.

    Mason is the alpha of the Blackwood pack. He hasn't

  • Janet Hendricks

    Passion, Fun and Action!

    Mason and Lucy's story...Returning to her home town after being away for ten years is difficult for Lucy. Jobless, living with her grandmother, and facing sad memories of the death of her parents, Lucy wanders through town visiting former hangouts. She happens upon a small child in danger and rescues him. Charlie is so upset that he tries to run from Lucy and in the process, he accidentally bites her. Lucy doesn't know that Charlie is a werewolf and that his bite is going

  • Robin

    First let me say I've read Msg. Maddix and she enthralls me every time, I've also read Ms. Kyle and she makes me feel all the humor and romance. Together I think they are a powerhouse. Marcus the Blackwood alpha is in some serious trouble as he is losing control of his wolf which means as an unmated wolf he is going feral and only finding his mate will soothe that inner beast of his. Lucy is an embittered young woman she has too much loss in her life and not enough happiness and peace. Going bac ...more

  • kookyquinn

    Ehhhh. It was just... Kinda blah.

    The heroine was seriously bitchy and by the time she stopped being a complete pain I was over it and didn't care if they had a HEA.

    I mean honestly. Why do women do that crap? You like him? Be nice. You don't? Tell him to f off. This whole I like you but I'm going to play hard to get crap is for 14 year olds not 30 year old pudgy chicks who've been around the block more times than an ice cream truck.

    There's a flashback scene of her as a teenager and I'm sure she's

  • Tiblu

    Not for me.....

    Ms. Kyle and Ms. Maddix are talented writers but one trick ponies for me....

    I’ll be more than happy recommend the “Alien Commanders Chosen” by Ms. Kyle/Erin Tate a wonderful book I had hoped the way it was set up would become a series ,bu sadly No...

    Same can be said of “To Screech their own” by Ms. Maddix,again was led to believe it might be a series but sadly no....

    I own quite a few books by both the authors but looking back I’m not sure why,why did /I keep coming back knowing ch

  • Amber

    Enjoyable read..

    This was a quick enjoyable read. Mason is near feral from going so long without a mate. He knows what will happen when he finally loses control completely and has accepted his fate. But he soon catches the most amazing scent ever! His fated mate.

    Lucy has returned to her hometown to get away from all the chaos and to take a walk down memory lane. What starts out as her helping a little boy out of the road before getting hit by a car, ends with her bit by a werewolf and in risk of