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Veronica's Dragon (Icehome #2)

Resonance. Its a given on the ice planet, forced upon you by the parasitic symbiont called the khui. With resonance, a guy and a girl are paired up because theyll make great babies. Its a survival mechanism necessary for this sparsely-populated world were stranded onand romantic, in a weird, alien way. Everyone expects resonance to happen when twenty newcomers are dropped onto the frosty world. I doubt anyone expects the gorgeous, golden god named Ashtar to resonate to someone like me, though. Hes fierce. Flirty. Powerful. Disgustingly handsome. Imnot any of those things. Im bland. Boring. Clumsy. But resonance seems to think wed be great together. And Ashtar does, too ___ The Icehome series features all of the adventure, humor and community youve come to expect in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, but it stands on its own. You do not need to read the other series (or be caught up) in order to read VERONICAS DRAGON. I do recommend reading LAURENS BARBARIAN to get the full experience. Enjoy!...

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Veronica's Dragon (Icehome #2) Reviews

  • K.M. Montemayor

    5/5 "take my fires" stars

    This second installment of Ice Home is just as good as Lauren's story. This Drakoni is a bit different than his counterpart dragons and the Big Blue guys, but just as wonderful in my opinion. When the dragon and the other aliens were talking with the Sa-khui about how they could interact with the females I couldn't stop laughing.

    Another great and funny story!

    I can't wait for Willa and Gren's story.

  • Jan

    This is the filler to what happened during Lauren’s Barbarian. Regardless of when it takes place, all the Ice Barbarians are great books to read. I have to say when started reading it, I was laughing at how Ashtar was acting, as well as how when Vektal was trying to explain things to the males about resonance, and it was too funny. Two wanting the pregnant one as theirs and then Ashtar saying, he wanted clumsy one. A’ani also says, “What if one trips and falls and lands upon my cock, can I mate ...more

  • Under the Covers Book Blog

    No matter what the primitive mesakkah say about 'resonance' Ashtar knows that Veronica is his mate. He has been a slave all his life and has never been allowed a female, but now he has Veronica in his sights, he plans on making her his. He does not need any help especially from interfering blue aliens, he is a champion of the arena and a mighty golden dragon, he can survive and protect his mate all by himself. Veronica can feel the beautiful golden man's gaze on her...she doesn't quite understa ...more

  • Blueleo

    Ashtar blossoming!

    It just keeps getting better and better, but also is starting to get big in cast of characters to keep up and remember. Regardless this became one of my top favorite series that I have bought and continue on waiting with anticipation every month, really wish Ruby could write faster lol!

    Anyway another great story involving Veronica a very "plain jane" nothing special about her as she sees herself. Ashtar is a slave dragon that was stolen as a child and has lived as a gladiator

  • Sally Lake

    Best thing to have on an ice cold planet? A shapeshifting dragon, duh!

    Have been reading Ruby's Barbarian series since the beginning, and she's really breathed new life (and fire) into it with the additions of the new tribes from the island (Lauren's Barbarian) and this new batch of rescued captives and former slaves. This was a lovely book with some genuinely hilarious moments in the beginning, I really became quite attached to Ashtar and Veronica. One of my favourite things about Ruby's books i

  • Angela~supermom~

    Ruby never disappoints. Ever.

    Taking place in line with Lauren's Barbarian, not necessarily having to be read in adjacent to it, this story started off with a total hoot. Because... Ashtar.

    Immediately upon waking from his stasis, he smells humans. Not just any ol' humans. But unmated females. And I bet you can imagine what ensues from there.

    More like Ashtar trying to flirt.

    Yes, his attempt at seducing our dear Veronica is outstandingly hilarious and all so perfect. Totally in line with any other

  • Leigh

    I've only read two books by Ruby Dixon and unfortunately neither worked for me. I think in these types of books you have to love equally or just as much the females. I never seem to have a problem with the males but the females in the two stories I read were very annoying so I had no interest to read anything else from this author until Veronica's Dragon. After seeing so many awesome reviews I had to read it and Ashtar didn't disappoint, he was awesome. He was a wonderful mixture of sweet, innoc ...more

  • BookPauper


    I didn’t dislike Veronica when the story began, but I didn’t like her either. She seemed blah and this was inline with how she described herself. What I love is when an author changes my perceptions on a character. Ms. Ruby did an awesome job with that. By the end of the book I loved Veronica.

    Also: IPB + Fireblood Dragons = Happy