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Short story about a widower and an unwanted dog, foisted on him by his sister. ...

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Laurie Reviews

  • Rachael

    My first Stephen King and a good choice to start with. I was expecting more horror but this is still really good and very character driven. The twist at the end was a surprise too. It has definitely convinced me to read more books by King (eventually)

  • Damian

    Great super short story for dog lovers.

    Even greater that it’s free.

  • Alexandra

    I really enjoyed this short story. He captured the innocence of puppies really well and it was overall a really sweet tale between man and his best friend. Of course, it wouldn't be a Stephen king book without something on the strange side creeping in. I was considering giving this lovely story a four star until that ending shifted my opinion. Gotta love Stephen King and that wonderful brain of his.

  • Amar

    Presimpatična pričica o psiću i penzioneru, tamam za ubit vrijeme u busu.

    Što je najtužnije, ovih 30-tak strana su bolje od njegovih zadnje dvije objavljene knjige. Držim fige da će Outsider ličiti na nešto.


  • Marianne

    Laurie is a short story by popular American author, Stephen King. It begins predictably enough, with recent widower Lloyd Sunderland’s bossy older sister, Beth turning up at his house on Carmen Key with a puppy, a little female Border Collie-Mudi cross. Lloyd is adamant that he does not want a pet, reasoning that he can barely care for himself. Beth can see that he has lost weight, but she’s insistent that he give the puppy a trial. From there, the story proceeds as expected: the puppy gets a na ...more

  • juan carlos

    De nueva cuenta king cambia de genero y nos muestra un libro corto donde el tema principal son los lazos sentimentales que existen entre perro y dueño

    ¿Para qué leer Laurie?

    1. Por que a través de las palabras King muestra todo lo que nos dan las mascotas a nuestras vidas.

    2. El amor natural que dan los animales, es sincero y sin maldad. Depende de como los trates te trataran.

    3. Las escenas de los paseos nocturnos, son preciosas y lees que los momentos bellos de la vida, son los más sencillos que

  • ashley c

    Beautiful little breath of fresh air to puncture the long, depressing apocalyptic novels I am currently reading. Dogs are universally the best cure to everything.

    I used to work for a dog trainer. We trained and cared for about 70 dogs, and my favourite was a hyperactive, anxious, young female border collie. Laurie was a well-adjusted and mature puppy; perhaps it was the mutt in her. My border collie wouldn't stop barking for hours, she destroyed playpens and you would never catch her curled up s

  • Marc-Antoine

    Dogs are awesome.