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The heart is exquisite.Youll never hear anyone wax poetic over an organ quite like they do the heart.When youre lost in the world? Follow your heart.When your love for someone is unwavering, unparalleled and unprecedented? You give them your heart.As a lead pediatric cardiac surgeon, I knew better than anyone that the heart is equally as powerful as it is delicate.The heart giveth just as easily as it taketh away.And until the day Kelly Potter darkened my doorway that was all just part of the job.She rolled in like a slow evening storm, fierce and beautiful, fighting for the life of her unborn child.It should have been business as usual.I was a doctor.Her child the patient.But Kelly was more.She was the one who got away.I wouldnt make the same mistake twice.It didnt matter what the rules were.For once, I was listening to my heart....

Title : An Imperfect Heart
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An Imperfect Heart Reviews

  • Crystal B


  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)




    My goodness this book made me tear up on more than a few occasions. It was a fantastic read for sure. The writing was excellent. It was very well paced. It was told in a dual POV format. The plot was engaging and kept me turning the pages. It was sweet. It was romantic. It was full of feels. Last, it was all wrapped up in a very sweet four years later epilogue. 

    The only small issue I did have with it was how long it took before we find out why Anthony was a douche, not o


  • Mandy


  • Nancy Reads

    AN IMPERFECT HEART is the story of a mother's love and how far she will go to save the life of her unborn baby girl. Her sick baby girl that will be born with a serious heart problem. Kelly Potter remembers the day her life would change forever. The doctor said, “The test came back positive. You're pregnant.”

    Kelly played drums in a traveling band that never had made it big. But she was living her dream, just never knowing where she would be sleeping each night. She loved to play her drums, and

  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*

    I’m not really sure what to say about this book, I saw a lot of people reviewing this with high ratings so I immediately clicked because of FOMO. For me though it fell a bit flat.

    I loved the idea and plot, I liked Kelly but I guess what I didn’t really enjoy was the pace of the story. It was very insta-love and I struggled to believe in Anthony. I guess I just didn’t connect with him and it all felt a bit rushed. I think I would have bought into his back story more if I knew more about the past

  • Anne OK

    If you're a momma, this one will definitely tenderize your heart! It cuts deep.

    I wanted to love this story and there were parts that I totally did. But there was always a downer that followed. The idea of their immediate chemistry that followed with a one-night stand meeting didn't even turn me away, but the subsequent split for so many years before they get that second chance played havoc with my ability to believe everything just fell into step. Dr. Anthony just felt way too accommodating and

  • Alina

    The hero seemed to be a bit of a coward

    The heroine waited a long ass time for him to explain why he left her in the first place and turns out his mother actually spilled the beans.

    The fact that the heroine just kind of went along with everything(the hero providing a house and hospital care - which was really nice) without getting an explanation rubbed me the wrong way.

    He seemed to run away during times when she really needed him.

    So instead of enjoying a hero who was not a manwhore I kinda flippe

  • Zilpha Owens

    4.5 Team Hope Stars

    Second chances, when they happen, are sweet, don’t come easily and are the epitome of romance. Kelly Potter needs Anthony Jackson. They’ve met before. It didn’t end well. But she needs him and she’s persistent. I love the nervousness the beginning chapters had me feeling. I was right there with Kelly - pumping myself up for what was going to happen. I was smiling as she bantered with her friends. I loved Anthony’s kind heart. They were both perfect with their imperfections. Th