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The Captives

The riveting story of a woman convicted of a brutal crime, the prison psychologist who recognizes her as his high-school crushand the charged reunion that sets off an astonishing chain of events with dangerous consequences for both As an inmate psychologist at a state prison, Frank Lundquist has had his fair share of surprises. But nothing could possibly prepare him for the day in which his high school object of desire, Miranda Greene, walks into his office for an appointment. Still reeling from the scandal that cost him his Manhattan private practice and landed him in his unglamorous job at Milford Basin Correctional Facility in the first place, Frank knows he has an ethical duty to reassign Mirandas case. But Miranda is just as beguiling as ever, and hes insatiably curious: how did a beautiful high school sprinter and the promising daughter of a congressman end up incarcerated for a shocking crime? Even more compelling: though Frank remembers every word Miranda ever spoke to him, she gives no indication of having any idea who he is.Inside the prison walls, Miranda is desperate and despairing, haunted by memories of a childhood tragedy, grappling with a family legacy of dodgy moral and political choices, and still trying to unwind the disastrous love that led to her downfall. And yet she is also grittily determined to retain some control over her fate. Frank quickly becomes a potent hope for her absolutionand maybe even her escape.Propulsive and psychologically astute, The Captives is an intimate and gripping meditation on freedom and risk, male and female power, and the urges toward both corruption and redemption that dwell in us all....

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The Captives Reviews

  • Mark Day

    Once again I have been let down by placing my trust in critic reviews. Book Browse shortlisted this novel so I jumped aboard the publicity train and wasted my money. The reader is asked to buy into a plot where a prison psychologist is willing to throw away his life and career in order to be a big daddy to an inmate who was the object of his adolescent sexual infatuation. The sub-plots were equally melodramatic and shallow. This whole novel was suitable for a soap opera or a made for TV movie. I ...more

  • Elaine

    You know the saying: don't judge a book by its cover.

    But, in this case, it applies.

    I should have known The Captives was going to disappoint by the cheesy cover alone.

    ** Warning! Spoilers include sexual predatory behavior and too many insta-love moments **

    The YA-like story concerns Frank Lundquist, who is relegated to counseling at a women's prison after a client of his commits an atrocious crime. He is shocked to see that one of his patients is none other than Miranda Greene, the object of

  • Bernard B.

    This is my favorite kind of novel, smart searing portraits of real people that is also an ingenious psychological thriller. It delves psychology and American prisons, following Frank, a psychologist at a state prison, who, in the course of his professional work with inmates runs into his high school crush, Miranda Greene. She's as beguiling as ever, but doesn't remember him. What follows is a riveting narrative that moves with velocity even as it gains psychological and emotional depth.

  • Mandy White

    I was a bit disappointed with this one to be honest. Part of the story was really good but Frank and his obsession was just annoying. Great narrators helped though.

  • Kira

    I couldn't get into this. The story was tired and predictable. The prison scenes reeked of Orange Is The New Black (which I get, since the author volunteered at prisons, but still). The main male character was too entirely stupid to ever believe he'd be a psychiatrist. Overall wouldn't recommend, even for YA.

  • Taryn Pierson

    I have seen basically zero hype for The Captives, and I can’t figure out why because it’s a great thriller. It has all the elements I want: an interesting hook, complex characters (each with their own dark side), and that disorienting feeling that comes when you realize you can’t trust any of them to tell the truth. Seriously, how is no one talking about this book?!

    Frank is a therapist, relegated to an unglamorous role at a women’s prison after a public fall from grace. When Miranda walks into h

  • Michelle

    Frank Lundquist is a psychologist at the Milford Basin Correctional Facility for Women. He recently suffered a scandal that led him to close his very successful private practice in Manhattan. The basement office of a women's prison is not the future he had envisioned for himself. With his failed marriage and a heroin addicted younger brother things in his life seem to be in a constant downward spiral.

    Then one day she walks into the room. She's a new inmate at Milford Basin and also Frank's high

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