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Most Wanted (Star Wars Disney Canon Novel)

Set before the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story! Han and Qi'ra don't have a lot in common other than not having a lot. They're street kids on the industrial planet Corellia, doing whatever it takes to get by, dreaming of something more. They each jump at a chance to prove themselves in the perilous world of Corellia's criminal underbelly, only to discover they are on the same mission for the same unscrupulous boss. When the job goes disastrously wrong, Han and Qi'ra are on the run--from pirates, a droid crime syndicate, the Empire, and their boss--and will have to learn to trust each other if they are going to survive....

Title : Most Wanted (Star Wars Disney Canon Novel)
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ISBN : 9781368016308
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 348 pages
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Most Wanted (Star Wars Disney Canon Novel) Reviews

  • Nick Scott

    This was an alright Story about the life Han and Qi'ra lived on Corellia shortly before the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Carson's writing is good here, I really felt like I got to know more of the headspaces of Han and Qi'ra, which fed perfectly into the movie. There are some other fun characters as well, like their Rodian friend or Han's droid friend Tool. And I enjoyed seeing Han's ability to BS his way into making connections, contrasted with Qi'ra's careful and thoughtful planning. The ...more

  • Cavak

    Not the greatest and not the worst.

    Most Wanted expects you to have some knowledge of Star Wars beforehand. I've read other licensed works that tried harder to guide readers who are not familiar with the IP's lore, and the writing couldn't be clearer that this was not one of them (the Solo film logo and recommendation is even on the front cover!). Descriptions of the world have laser-guided relevance, characterizations are basic, and there's the barest of introductions to our main cast. Because

  • Chelsea

    Qi'ra was my favourite Solo character and I desperately wanted to know more about her and Han's relationship. This book delivered. It was very entertaining, and in character. I've only read a few Star Wars novelizations but this is the best one I've read so far. I highly recommend this novel to all fans because it really provides context for the events of the film. I eagerly anticipate more Star Wars novels about these characters and/or from Rae Carson.

  • Andrew

    I listened to this book via Audible.

    If Solo: A Star Wars Story is the Han Solo origin story, then Most Wanted is the origin story's origin story. Set before the events of the film, if you enjoyed the parts of the movie set on Corellia and wanted to learn more about Han's time there, then this book has you covered.

    In the story we learn how Han and Qi'ra became friends, what is was like being scrumrats in the service of Lady Proxima, and where Han's dream of flying through the stars came from. It'

  • Jeff

    I'm a little wary of media tie-in books. Most are poor excuses for writing and written just to make a buck when a movie is released. That being said, I was delightfully surprised by this book (3.5/5). With the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Disney released an adult Han+Lando novel (Star Wars: Last Shot), a Lando comic book (Double or Nothing), a few comic books for young readers (The Mighty Chewbacca, Star Wars Adventures, and Chewie and the Courageous Kid), and this YA book. I read both th ...more

  • Ceilidh

    I don't really read Star Wars tie-in novels but I loved Solo so much that I had to splurge for this one. It's way more about Qi'ra than Han, but gives beautiful depth to her arc as the struggling street kid who wants to do good but whose brain leans more heavily towards pragmatism. If you liked Solo as much as I did - and that's a lot - and want a highly readable YA adventure prequel to fill in some gaps, this is for you.

  • Khurram

    Thank you Rae Carson for getting Han Solo spot on. After reading Last Shot I was a little worried about reading another Han Solo book. I think it makes a big difference when a book is written by a fan.

    I enjoyed this book right from the beginning, Rae I think managed to capture all the aspects of Han’s personality. He is cocky, but loyal and compassionate. A “scoundrel” but with great leadership qualities. Han is famous for his piloting skills, we see his natural aptitude for it in this book, but

  • Jorge de la Vega

    The best part about this little prequel is the lack of traditional YA elements that often accompany any such novel (as was the case with Lost Stars, Ahsoka, Princess of Alderaan and even Rebel Rising). Two street rats, double-crossed by their boss and thrown into a power struggle between various crime syndicates for the control of, yes, your average McGuffin which curiously doesn't act in detriment to the story. That's about it, no messing with the canon, no troublesome continuity blusters... an ...more