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Blood Will Tell (The Blood #1)

Unbeknownst to eighteen-year old Isabelle, her dad inserted a vital DNA sequence into her blood that made her resistant to the immortalis virus, but unlocked other capabilities that prove to be the key to the war between the human and vampire race. ...

Title : Blood Will Tell (The Blood #1)
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Blood Will Tell (The Blood #1) Reviews

  • Jennifer Hines

    *I received an ARC of this book free from Barclay Publicity in exchange for an honest review.*

    Hello, love triangle! And hello, webs of betrayal!

    Isabelle's life changed when she was young and a virus took over. It gave way for the vampires to take over and herd the humans into their cities. The enforced marriages and mating of all women of child-bearing age. She was lucky and got matched with someone she actually liked, but shortly after their marriage he began to change...becoming addicted to th

  • E.A.

    Blood Will Tell (The Blood, #1) by Colleen S. Myers was a unique read that will leave you with am mix of emotional so strong you'll be frustrate that the next book hasn't been release yet.

    What a read, I'm not normally into love tri-angles, I find when they aren't written right then they're just annoying and childish. This however was fan-freaking-tastic. I actually believed that Isabelle cared deeply for both Roke and Alex, it was hard for me to know how to root for and in truth, I still can't

  • Tracy Antonelli Manderson

    Blood Will Tell (The Blood #1) by Colleen S. Myers

    5 out of 5 stars

    Blood Will Tell by Colleen S. Myers is the first book in the blood series but also the first book that I have read by this author. This new series a bit of a young adult/new adult paranormal fantasy mixed with science fiction and romance. I read this book in one sitting I just couldn’t put this awesome book down. The characters are amazing the storyline is great I love reading about vampires and this is all about vampires but wit

  • Liz


    This book has a little bit of everything, so there is plenty to love about it. Suspense, vampires, humans are nothing but prey, and a love triangle to cement the romance. Basically you have a sci-fi and paranormal romance with this book. I was really impressed with the overall book. Not my normal, but I loved the cover so gave it a try and wasn’t disappointed. I will warn those that aren’t huge fans of cliffhangers, this has a mega-sized one coming your way

  • Michelle (Firstbooklove)

    (I received a free review copy from the NetGalley.)

    Book review: Blood will tell (The Blood #1) by Colleen S. Myers (2 stars)

    “Isa, you’ll have to trust I would never hurt you.”

    Blood will tell (The Blood #1) by Colleen S. Myers

    Genre: New Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal -Vampires, Science fiction-dystopian

    Rating: 2/5 stars


    (DISCLAIMER: This review is based on my opinion only and may contain coarse language)

    In the future, where a contagion has been going around, vampires offers food, po

  • Mandie

    Blood will Tell is a paranormal fantasy and romance all wrapped up into one book. I didn’t really know what to expect when I first started reading it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was entertained through the whole book. I can’t wait to read the next book.

  • Chantelle Smith

    Blood will tell is book 1 in the Blood Series from author Colleen S. Myers. This is my first read from this author, and I can wait to see what else comes from this series! I was totally captivated and compelled while reading this one! It was everything I look for in a book, and to top it off it had vampires involved!

    This book was action packed, suspenseful, fast paced & thrilling, it has romance, passion, sexiness. This is an amazing imaginative read that hooks you from the beginning and br

  • Jen

    Interesting tale, poor execution

    There is an interesting premise behind this story, a mix of dystopian and vampires but the writing is inconsistent and the timelines are confusing. The Madness occurred when Isa was 12, the modern portion of the tale happens when she is 18, and Rosa died when she was 15. Later on though, it says that Isa hadn’t seen her mom since she was 12.

    The storyline was also rushed. Where Isa “gradually”gets stronger occurs within three days? Honestly, there is no noticeable