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Syncopation (Twisted Wishes #1)

Twisted Wishes front man Ray Van Zeller is in one hell of a tight spot. After a heated confrontation with his bandmate goes viral, Ray is hit with a PR nightmare the fledgling band so doesnt need. But his problems only multiply when they snag a talented new drummerinsufferably sexy Zavier Demos, the high school crush Ray barely survived.Zaviers kept a casual eye on Twisted Wishes for years, and lately, he likes what he sees. What he doesnt like is how out of control Ray seemssomething Zaviers aching to correct after their first pulse-pounding encounter. If Rays up for the challenge.Despite the prospect of a glorious sexual encore, Ray is reluctant to trust Zavier with his bandor his heart. And Zavier has always had big dreams; this gig was supposed to be temporary. But touring together has opened their eyes to new passions and new possibilities, making them rethink their commitments, both to the band and to each other....

Title : Syncopation (Twisted Wishes #1)
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Syncopation (Twisted Wishes #1) Reviews

  • Barb ~rede-2-read~

    ARC provided by the publisher through Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words in exchange for an impartial review.

    This rock star BDSM MM drama deserves more than 5 stars. If it were possible, I’d definitely boost the rating higher.

    Ray Van Zeller is a songwriter and singer who has dreamed of taking his high school garage band into the big time since high school and has finally achieved a step in the right direction, as they’re going on tour to open for a big-name band. But Kevin, his friend and drum

  • Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘

    rep : aromantic & pansexual mc, gay mc, m/m

    "Life was chaos, and Ray knew that for a fact. He'd always lived in the whirlwind.
    - Oh, Ray. To say I've wanted to hug him at every turn would be an understatement.

    4.5 stars. Oh god, I loved this. Syncopation was my first read by Anna Zabo, but I'll be sure to read more of their books in the future. I swear, I'll be writing a full review at some point, but you should know that Syncopation :

    ▨ features an aromantic main character as well as ...more

  • Apolishedreader

    Updated with link to nail art related to book:

    Syncopation nail art

    I requested this book before I really knew what it was about. Then I was a little unsure over the aromantic aspect because let's face it, I read romance for the "I love you" at the end. That being said, I was so satisfied with this book and how it ends, where they are in their lives and relationship that I didn't feel like anything was missing.

    The reasons why I picked up the book in the first place held up as well.

    Rockstar romance

  • Ky

    3.5 stars

    This is a tough book to label. It's a friends-to-lovers story, but not really. It's an enemies-to-lovers story. No. Not really. It's a second chance romance. Nope. It's not that either. It's the story of a rock band. Yes, that's it! It's the story of a rock band's first steps toward stardom...

    Ray and Zavier knew each other in highschool - hence the second chance - but they were neither friends nor they interracted much. Their only conversation was Zavier turning down Ray's invitation to

  • The_Book_Queen

    Oh man, this was one sexy, kinky ride! While also being super sweet, watching these two together?!

    There's so much positive kink and consent here and I fucking LOVED it. That's how it should be! It's a bit of a slower burn, but once these two start playing . . . oh, yes, things get hot and heavy (and kinky -- did I mention kinky?) By kink, I mean: D/s, bondage, spanking/flogging, some toys . . . and, while not on page, mention of a cock cage.

    I will say the only reason this is only 4 stars is due

  • Acqua

    This is an atypical "review", because I don't review adult contemporary romance - I don't know the genre enough, I read very little of it, as it's full of casual microaggressions against my own existence. I'm an aromantic reviewer, and I think everyone can guess why I avoid some genres more than others. But I have read this one (because I'm aro) and I have something to say, so...

    Syncopation by Anna Zabo is a m/m book in the romance genre, first in the Twisted Wishes series, which is a romance se

  • Amanda

    This is my first read of Anna Zabo and is a rockstar romance. Twisted Wishes is an up and coming band that is taking over music industry by storm. We have the lead singer-songwriter, Ray who is a total mess. Actually he is a very nice guy, responsible, hardworking and he is very passionate about his music. All his problem stem from their asshole manager, Carl. All the drama in the book basically caused by one person - Carl. I feel that the author gave too much credit to this villain. I don't und ...more

  • namericanwordcat

    This romance has a lot going on. The characters are layers, complex, imperfect, and very much themselves.

    Zabo does a great job as usual of creating such human heroes with glory and darkness, self awareness and struggle.

    Ray shines with talent and caring and grit. Zav's fierce fairness and observation are a lovely match.

    The dynamic between Ray and Zav is grand. The equality in their relationship mixing in with a past crush, difference in where they are on the romantic scale, love of music, and k