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Lost Empress

From the author of the acclaimed, PEN/Bingham Prize-winning A Naked Singularity; a shockingly hilarious novel that tackles, with equal aplomb, both America's most popular sport and its criminal justice system.From Paterson, New Jersey to Rikers Island to the streets of New York City, Sergio De La Pava's Lost Empress introduces readers to a cast of characters unlike any other in modern fiction: dreamers and exiles, immigrants and night-shift workers, lonely pastors and others at the fringes of society--each with their own impact on the fragile universe they navigate. At the story's center is Nina Gill, daughter of the aging owner of the Dallas Cowboys, who was instrumental in building her father's dynasty. So it's a shock when her brother inherits the team and she is left with the Paterson Pork, New Jersey's only Indoor Football League franchise. Nina vows to take on the NFL and make the Paterson Pork pigskin kings of America. Meanwhile, Nuno DeAngeles--a brilliant and lethal criminal mastermind--has gotten himself thrown into Rikers to commit perhaps the most audacious crime of all time. With grace, humor, and razor-sharp prose, De La Pava tackles everything from Salvador Dali, Joni Mitchell, psychiatric help, and emergency medicine to religion, the many species of love, and theoretical physics, as all these threads combine to count down to an epic conclusion....

Title : Lost Empress
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ISBN : 9781524747220
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 629 pages
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Lost Empress Reviews

  • Steve

    Loved it. It's weird, sprawling, hilarious, moving and sometimes thrilling, especially in the final chapters. It's a big rush of a book that mash-ups metaphysics, deep musings about time and past, present and future, Joni Mitchell obsession, Salvador Dali, the American justice system, rich and poor, death, prison escapes, and football -- both NFL and the indoor kind. Huge cast of memorable characters and instantly re-read worthy dialogue. It's like a Robert Altman movie with a script co-written ...more

  • Anthony

    Lost Empress is some Wowee Zowee/White Album/big sprawling mess type of thing where, okay, maybe it doesn't all cohere into a satisfying whole, but the mix of ideas at play is so audacious that you can't not love it. The books main intertwined plot threads involve an underdog football story that is played out on a ridiculous scale, coupled with a prison escape storyline that manages to fit in an art heist for good measure.

  • Steve

    20JUN18. Fifty pages in and enjoying myself quite a bit. SDLP has lost none of his sense of adventure and play. (Not wild about Nina cracking wise nearly every time she opens her mouth, but still.)

    My only real gripe, believe it or not, is physical: No matter what book I'm reading I do a lot of flipping back, but the deckled edge makes it maddeningly difficult. (Exasperated, I once used a circular saw to remove the deckled edge from a book. Did the job, sure, but I won't do that again: years lat

  • Nathan "N.R." Gaddis

    Perhaps my first major novel=discovery credited to this wonderful corner of gr is A Naked Singularity. [the List in that exuberant Review of mine is now fully retired ; but I credit it with introducing me to a number of wonderful gr'r's]. I totally stuck by de la Pava when he pub'd his HatBox of a second novel. Certainly if anything can be experimental it's that one ; I doubt anyone's captured its unifying thread yet.


    Danielewski's first one I had a mild reception to ; not quite hot enough aft

  • sean w

    a naked singularity felt like a breath of fresh air to me, but i knew only 40 pages into this thing that it was a pale facsimile of the style/grace he achieved there with some sleeve-worn dfw influence thrown in. the witty dialogue is deeply unfunny, the cerebral riffs are weightless and performative. it's just not good. and i'm not reading 600-whatever pages of it.