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Star of the North

A propulsive and ambitious thriller about a woman trying to rescue her twin sister from captivity in North Korea, and the North Korean citizens with whom she forms an unlikely allianceStar of the North opens in 1998, when a Korean American teenager is kidnapped from a South Korean beach by North Korean operatives. Twelve years later, her brilliant twin sister, Jenna, is still searching for her, and ends up on the radar of the CIA. When evidence that her sister may still be alive in North Korea comes to light, Jenna will do anything possible to rescue her--including undertaking a daring mission into the heart of the regime. Her story is masterfully braided together with two other narrative threads. In one, a North Korean peasant woman finds a forbidden international aid balloon and uses the valuables inside to launch a dangerously lucrative black-market business. In the other, a high-ranking North Korean official discovers, to his horror, that he may be descended from a traitor, a fact that could mean his death if it is revealed. As the novel progresses, these narrative strands converge and connect in surprising ways, ultimately building to an explosive and unforgettable climax....

Title : Star of the North
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ISBN : 9780525573296
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 402 pages
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Star of the North Reviews

  • Louise Wilson

    A Korean American teenager is kidnapped from a South Korean beach by North Korean operatives. Twenty two years later. Her twin sister, Jenna, is still searching for her., and ends up on the radar of of the CIA.

    There are three threads to this storyline:- 1) Jenna's search for her twin sister who has been missing for over twenty years. 2) Mre Moon who lives and works on a penal farm. 3) The North Korean official Cho, who seems to have a charmed life (you will have to read the book to find out how

  • Roy

    As well thought out and planned this novel was, I still couldn't get into it. The characters I felt were a little overly cliched. Especially Jenna when she goes through her CIA training. I like the 3 story plotthread, and I felt that worked really well. The writing I just felt wasnt as strong as the rest of the other elements. Interesting to see how much of this was based on facts. Such a relevant novel with whats happening in the world atm. Just one of those novels that didnt work for me.

  • Kate

    I can't praise this intense and thoroughly absorbing political/spy thriller enough. It's an eye opener about North Korea and is genuinely shocking. It's also a page turner and no wonder because it tells a brilliant story and its people are wholly believable - I cared deeply. Star of the North is a topical and relevant thriller, enormously exciting, extremely intelligent and beautifully written. Don't miss it. Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.

  • Charisse

    3 1/2 stars - the beginning was really promising. It kind of fell apart near the end.

  • Thebooktrail

    Visit the locations in the novel

    Epic thriller. I’ve not been this excited and enthralled with a thriller for a while. Not as brilliantly fascinating as this one. The setting is the most secretive regime in the world and this author has been there and crafted a stranger than fiction story which is as thrilling to read as I imagine it was to write. The level of research mentioned at the end of the book is quite something – hats off to the author in many ways!

    As well as an explosive plot, complex c

  • Roman Clodia

    A beach-read thriller with its silly moments and flat writing - but it's undoubtedly topical and the author has actually visited North Korea.

    Don't expect sophistication in either politics or writing style (' Her knees were killing her', 'Hyesan...looked like the ass-end of nowhere' a Korean peasant supposedly thinks) and you have to laugh at the way our heroine goes from Georgetown academic to kick-ass superfighter in the blink of an eye. She also immediately spots things than none of the CIA e

  • Kate~Bibliophile Book Club

    I so badly wanted to love this one! It was a really promising start, and I was genuinely hooked, but then I got to just over halfway and completely disengaged from the whole thing! Which is really annoying, because it was an intriguing premise. But it lost me somewhere around the middle, and I was done for by then! Still though, great plot and really topical, just lost my way with it!

  • Molly


    Good story. Star of the North is about mixed race Korean twins Jenna and Soo-min who were separated through the abduction of Soo-min while she was visiting South Korea as a teenager. The book focuses on Jenna's attempt to see if she is still alive and find her.

    What I found extremely interesting about Star of the North was the information I learned about life in North Korea, including details of their social and political systems, the extreme forced devotion to their leader Kim