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The Other Wife (Joseph O'Loughlin #9)

A secret wife. A secret life. A killer who knows.Childhood sweethearts William and Mary have been married for sixty years. William is a celebrated surgeon, Mary a devoted wife. Both have a strong sense of right and wrong.This is what their son, Joe O'Loughlin, has always believed. But when Joe is summoned to the hospital with news that his father has been brutally attacked, his world is turned upside down. Who is the strange woman crying at William's bedside, covered in his blood - a friend, a mistress, a fantasist or a killer?Against the advice of the police, Joe launches his own investigation. As he learns more, he discovers sides to his father he never knew - and is forcibly reminded that the truth comes at a price.Fresh from the highest selling book of his career, The Secrets She Keeps, multi-million-copy bestselling author Michael Robotham returns to his beloved Joe OLoughlin series in this compelling psychological thriller that delves into the consequences of a tragedy, exposing a lifetime of shocking cover-up that is too close to home for the famous psychologist....

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The Other Wife (Joseph O'Loughlin #9) Reviews

  • Mandy White

    I did not realise that this was book 9 in the series. It read fine as a stand alone though and I really enjoyed it. Back to book one for me now !!

  • Greville Waterman

    I had never discovered Michael Robotham before but I intend to make good this gap in my reading repertoire.

    The man can certainly write and create a dazzling plot that intrigued me from the beginning.

    Apparently this is the month book in a series but I was able to read it as a standalone without thinking that I had missed anything.

    Beautifully written with well-drawn characters, this is a high class psychological thriller that both thrills and entertains in equal measures.

    Highly recommended.

  • Diane Poppleton-brown

    I was introduced to Michael Robotham through ‘The Secrets She Keeps’ but The Other Wife is the first of the Joseph O’Loughlin books that I’ve read. In this, the 9th in the series, we see Joe, a clinical psychologist by trade, turning his hand to investigating - his father has been attacked, left for dead, is in a coma and the police are not coming ‘up to snuff’.

    This instalment feels personal, there are lots of flashbacks to childhood which fleshes out the characters really well. Joe’s world star

  • Ray Banks

    My favorite author - great start, great middle, soft finish

  • Judy Collins

    10 Stars! Bestselling International author Michael Robotham returns following The Secrets She Keeps, Close Your Eyes, and Life or Death with THE OTHER WIFE – a riveting Tour de Force thriller – His best Yet! How well do you know your own family?

    Soundcloud A nice Interview with Michael Robotham. Hosts: John Purcell and Sarah McDuling

    Since the author introduced us to Professor Joe O’Loughlin, a clinical psychologist, (Suspect) readers anxiously await the next installment. Thirteen books later

    “Mr. Parkinson is a cruel puppeteer, tugging at invisible strings, making me dance to music that only he can hear.”

    It has been sixteen months since Joe’s wife, Julianne died. A surgical complication. He is still grieving.

    “The seasons since then have been like states of grieving. Summer passed in denial and isolation, autumn brought anger, winter blame, and by spring my depression has driven me to seek help.”

    For the sake of Joe’s two daughters, Charlie and Emma he moves forward. Family comes first with him. They had moved back to London after selling the cottage in Somerset, and now the three of them live in a top-floor flat.

    Emma (age 12) is experiencing problems and has not dealt with her grief. Charlie is in her second year at Oxford studying behavioral psychology.

    Joe is still going to a therapist Dr. Victoria Napastek. She always wants him to verbalize his fears, but he lives through them each day.

    He receives an alarming message from the hospital about his father, William O’Loughlin. He has been admitted with severe head injuries. Brain surgery. He is in a medically induced coma. ICU. He turned eighty this past year, and Joe cannot comprehend his dad as a patient.

    For more than fifty years he was a medical giant – a professor of surgery and public health. Advisor, lecturer, author, commentator, and philanthropist. Their family’s charitable trust – the O’Loughlin Foundation gives millions in research grants each year.

    When Joe arrives at the hospital, he expects to his mother. However, it is another woman. This woman claims to be his wife. His other wife. Olivia Blackmore (former tennis star).

    This woman is in her forties. How can this be possible? She says they are married. Is she after his money? However, he is married to his mother —has been for more than sixty years. Does his mother know his dad is leading a double life?

    Joe thinks she is delusional. A liar. There was an accident. Who pushed his dad down the steps and attacked him? After further investigation, there are also older bruises. Joe calls in the family. He demands answers. Repeatedly blows to the head. Blunt force trauma.

    He and his dad had never been close. He respected him, but he feels like he never lived up. Does his mother know about this woman? He had never had reason to question his father’s integrity or doubt his love for his other. He does not want to believe he is a liar, a coward, and a betrayer. It cannot be true.

    However, this is much more complex than an affair. Someone tried to murder his father. Olivia, her troubled son, his friend, or does it have to do with the family trust or something more sinister? What is Olivia hiding? She is vulnerable, beautiful, and dangerous. Why was his mom in London?

    Joe is obsessed with getting to the bottom of this mystery and with the help of his pal Vincent Ruiz (former retired Scotland Yard detective) which is now a corporate fraud investigator (love him). Whatever Joe’s dad is guilty of, he has to believe he did not deserve this.

    DI Stuart Macdermid becomes involved, and he does not like Joe’s interference. However, Joe seems to like DS Hawthorn (Kate). Will she be a new love interest? What about her past? Will she compromise her position and all she has worked to help Joe?

    They have to follow the money.

    What do the family attorneys and friends have to do with his dad? Are they aware he has two lives? Who will gain by murdering his dad? Then he discovers there are missing monies and discrepancies from the foundation after a recent audit. Why is his mother taking his dad’s side? How could he do this to her? Furthermore, why did she tolerate his behavior?

    A powerhouse of twists and turns! His dad has been sending checks to a Bethany D’Marco. Joe is shocked there is more in his dad’s past than he ever imagined. Her family. Medical malpractice? A coverup? Who is this man? What else is he hiding? Everyone is a suspect.

    A week ago his father was a great provider and part of a medical dynasty. Now he is a bigamist and an adulterer who may never recover his faculties. None of the shocking events fit with the man Joe knows as his father.

    “I wish I didn’t care, but I do. I’ve seen a ghost, and that ghost is my father; an oversized man with a heart of stone who once occupied a pedestal, but whose legacy is as fouled and be-shitted as a London statue.”

    “Children begin by loving their parents; as they grow older they judge them; sometimes they forgive them.” – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

    Wow! Brilliant. I love this series and in particular, enjoy the author’s writing (huge fan). Psychologically rich. One of my favorite authors – with each book I say “my favorite.” From the standalone and the series. What makes his work so unique is the sophisticated character development. There is always a story, flawed characters with strong family ties and emotions.

    Plus, the killer plot, twists, intense suspense. Multi-layered and complex, this is no ordinary domestic suspense novel. When you think you have figured out the killer, there is another twist. Everyone is a suspect, but the need for revenge goes deep. Unputdownable!

    This series is prime for the small or big screen. Movie-Worthy. Joe reminds me of Michael Connelly's Bosch. Always pulled between their cases and their personal family lives. Tormented.

    From fathers-sons, fathers-daughters, family, grief, forgiveness, secrets, betrayal, deception, cover-ups, tragedy, greed, revenge, and acceptance. THE OTHER WIFE has it all. Everything you could want in a crime thriller. My Top Books of 2018 and my favorite thriller of the year, thus far.

    Highly recommend. If you have not read the other books in the series, each one can be read as a standalone; however, if you are like me, once you read one of his books, you will find yourself buying the entire backlist.

    Was delighted to discover the digital copy was offered for purchase to the US in June, so as not to have to wait until October. However, I have pre-ordered the hardcover for my collection. A top author! Cannot wait to see what’s next.


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  • Liz Barnsley

    I'm a huge huge fan of this series and the engaging beautifully drawn character of Joe O’Loughlin so I was very much looking forward to entering his world once again.

    This story hits very close to home when Joe discovers dark secrets lurk at the heart of his own family. Add murder into the mix and you have a tense, addictive psychological thriller that explores the deeper truths hiding behind every family facade.

    Michael Robotham twists a plot so beautifully, The Other Wife is immediately engaging

  • Alison Eden

    #TheOtherWife #NetGalley This was an easy book to read with lots going on and a great psychological thriller. I enjoyed seeing how the relationship between Joseph and his mother and sisters developed between Olivia and her family. Although it did seem a bit unreal that the police gave so much leeway to Olivia who at best was the 'wife' of a bigamist and I found it strange that Joseph took to her quite so quickly . Great side issues to keep up the interest such as Bethany and Ray and the Passage' ...more

  • Jennifer (JC-S)

    ‘Understanding human behaviour doesn’t make life any easier.’

    Joe O’Loughlin receives a call, advising that his father is in hospital in a coma. His wife is by his side. Joe rushes to the hospital to find a strange woman by his father’s side. Who is she? Joe’s parents William and Mary have been married for sixty years: he was a celebrated surgeon, she was a devoted wife and mother. So, who is this woman crying by William’s bedside? Who attacked William O’Loughlin, and why?

    While Joe often assists