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The Things We Don't Say

A beguiling painting holds the secrets of a womans past and calls into question everything she thought she knew about the man she loved Nearly sixty years ago, renowned London artist Patrick Adams painted his most famous work: a portrait of his beloved Emma Temple, a fellow bohemian with whom he shared his life. Years after Patricks death, ninety-year-old Emma still has the painting hanging over her bed at their country home as a testament to their love.To Emmas granddaughter, Laura, the portrait is also a symbol of so much to come. The masterpiece is serving as collateral to pay Lauras tuition at a prestigious music school. Then the impossible happens when an appraiser claims the painting is a fraud. For Laura, the accusation jeopardizes her future. For Emma, it casts doubt on everything she believed about her relationship with Patrick. Laura is determined to prove that Patrick did indeed paint the portrait. Both her grandmothers and Patricks legacies are worth fighting for.As the stories of two women entwine, its time for Emma to summon up the pasteven at the risk of revealing its unspoken secrets....

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The Things We Don't Say Reviews

  • Carlin

    Kindle First Reads for June 2018

    As much as I loved The Paris Time Capsule by Ella Carey, I adored her The Things We Don't Say even more. This is a story about two women, grandmother Emma and granddaughter Laura and alternates between their lives, Emma's from the beginning of the 20th Century to both of their lives in the 1980s. Emma's life was inspired by the Bloomsbury Group, an early 20th Centurry avant garde circle of extraordinary artists including Vanessa Bell and Virginia Wolff.

    Emma was t

  • Joanne

    Despite reading some conflicting reviews of this book, I have to say I really like it.

    The book is simply about love and the many guises we discover it.

    The tale spans 60 years and I enjoyed the way it jumped between the two eras, learning more each time about love, sacrifices and the characters. The Grandmother and Granddaughter share many characteristics but with differences that compels you to like them. You want the Granddaughter to be forceful and discover the answers, but also to find her

  • Helen

    This is a compelling story of love and secrets a story lasting over sixty years through two world wars it brings to life the bohemian lifestyles of two very talented artists Emma Temple and Patrick Adams and the circle of artists that surrounded them and the way they lived, and the special painting that ended up being part of a mystery that brings another two people together, make yourself comfortable for this one you will not want to put it down.

    Emma Temple a talented artist lived a life as a p

  • Linda G. Richardson

    Astonishing beauty and depth

    Music, art, intrigue and romance are intricately woven together in this captivating story. A truly insightful look into the complexities of human nature. The resolution to the story reminded me of being in a maze - just when you thought you knew what happened, there was a surprising twist that made you take a step back and look at things from a different perspective.

  • Cheryl Steckling

    The Things We Don't Say: A Novel by Ella Carey

    Can you imagine having a painting of you that was done by an renowned London artist such as Patrick Adams and have it be telling the story of the things we do not say.

    This is what Emma Temple has and Patrick Adams did such a portrait. But now after Patrick Adam's death someone is claiming that he himself did not paint it which virtually makes the painting next to worthless.

    Emma Temple's granddaughter Laura has inherited the artist gene and in fact us

  • Goth Gone Grey

    Elegant, poetic writing, a languid afternoon read

    This book is absolutely poetic, in love with artists and their creations. It details the joy of a brush stroking paint onto a canvas with as much reverence as it does the various relationships within.

    Emma and Patrick's story is told between the past, beginning in the early 1900's, and 1980 with Patrick gone and the story revolving around his painting, the story title Things We Don't Say. Emma and her granddaughter, Laura are the two main characte

  • Jennifer Robb

    I liked the beginning and the ending but the middle bogged down for me.

    The story centers around the provenance of a painting that's been used as collateral for a loan. For some reason, during the course of the loan, a museum has asked to use the painting in an exhibit. I'm not sure why Emma agreed to lend the painting to them. In the course of events, the museum sends someone (Ewan) to authenticate the painting. His report to them that the artist who painted it is not who they think it is makes

  • AJ

    Emma has a portrait of herself painted by the famous Patrick Adams. Her granddaughter Laura is studying music and the portrait has been used as the security on the loan for her tuition fees. When an art critic claims the painting as a fraud, this throws Laura’s future into turmoil. Already struggling to make the payments of the interest, how will she pay the principle on the loan if the bank calls it in. If the portrait has not been painted by Patrick who did and why would Patrick lie about pain ...more