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An Ocean of Minutes

Amidst the breathtaking world Thea Lim has created in AN OCEAN OF MINUTES is a profound meditation on the inhumanity of class and the limits of love. It takes immense talent to render cruelty both accurately and with honest beauty Lim has pulled it off. This is a story about the malleability of time, but at its core lives something timeless.- Omar El-Akkad, author of AMERICAN WARAmerica is in the grip of a deadly flu. When Frank gets sick, his girlfriend Polly will do whatever it takes to save him. She agrees to a radical plantime travel has been invented in the future to thwart the virus. If she signs up for a one-way-trip into the future to work as a bonded labourer, the company will pay for the life-saving treatment Frank needs. Polly promises to meet Frank again in Galveston, Texas, where she will arrive in twelve years.But when Polly is re-routed an extra five years into the future, Frank is nowhere to be found. Alone in a changed and divided America, with no status and no money, Polly must navigate a new life and find a way to locate Frank, to discover if he is alive, and if their love has endured.A beautiful debut exploring how time, love, and sacrifice are never what they seem to be. - Kirkus ReviewsHeartbreaking and haunting. - NetGalley UK (Top 10 Books for June 2018)An Ocean of Minutes is a time machine into the future of this moment. Gripping and graceful, it's dystopian love story as told by a visionary. Thea Lim's debut reads like the birth of a legend. - Mat Johnson, author of LOVING DAY and PYM...

Title : An Ocean of Minutes
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ISBN : 9781501192555
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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An Ocean of Minutes Reviews

  • Touchstone Books

    Truly a must-read for fans of Station Eleven—Thea is an exceptionally talented writer to watch.

  • Latkins

    I really loved this new take on the time travel / alternative history story, which is actually really a love story more than anything else. In 1981, young lovers Frank and Polly, who are from Buffalo in New York State, are visiting Galveston in Texas when a deadly virus hits, killing thousands. When Frank contracts the disease, it transpires that treatment is available, but it’s very expensive. A company called TimeRaiser has developed time travel, but can only send people into the future.


  • Stephanie

    Thanks to Touchstone for sending me a copy to review!

    This is a pandemic story, but there's a twist: time travel has been invented in the future. If you agree to work as a bonded laborer, the company TimeRaiser will not only send you ahead and out of harm's way but also give your loved one the life-saving treatment that can't be found anywhere else.

    And that's what Polly does to save Frank. They make plans to reunite in twelve years, but when Polly gets rerouted an extra five years she finds herse

  • Marchpane

    An Ocean of Minutes pulls a bait-and-switch that I expect will frustrate and confuse some readers. It appears to promise a pandemic/dystopia with a time travel twist, and a bit of a love story to boot. Instead, the book takes you on a tour of the immigrant experience.

    Polly, our protagonist, is not just a time traveler, she's a refugee from the past and an indentured labourer trying to work off the cost of her passage. She suddenly finds herself on the lowest rung of society, no status, money, or

  • Bookworm

    2.5 stars Hmmm...I'm thinking this is one of those books that could have been amazing but wasn't.. I'm a huge fan of dystopian sci fi and I love time travel stories, but An Ocean of Minutes was quite disappointing as a whole. For the record, I did not see any similarity with Station Eleven except that both stories involved a flu pandemic. And there was no comparison between this story and The Time Traveller's Wife (which is one of my favourite books of all time) .except that they both include ti ...more

  • Thebooktrail

    Visit the locations in the novel

    Can true love withstand the test of time if one person travels to the future while the other is left behind ? What happens when there’s also a deadly virus to contend with? That’s the exciting premise behind this read which I really enjoyed. A bit silly in parts but in a good way. I haven’t read many time travel/sci fi books in a while but this was a lot of fun.

    Review to follow once I've returned to 2018

  • Danielle Tremblay

    "You left before the formation of America, ipso facto you cannot be a citizen. You're here on a visa," an official response to Polly calls to mind the plights of migrants.

    "There was no socket for a radio, no books. Her room was the size of a large sandbox."

    And Polly's attempts to get to know about Frank's whereabouts are met with a motto: "Today is the first day of the rest of your life, and you have a chance to begin again."

    Her arduous trip north “five days in a sardine can” across the border in later chapters culminates with a dehumanising encounter with border control. “Her gut crowded with sudden, childhood fright…"

    There is no doubt that Lim can create a world full of hardships for her characters. But strangely, for some reason, I never felt profoundly touched by it all. Sometimes, it was as if the author had sought to fill the story with sordid details and pile them with a myriad of ideas rather than moving her plot forward.

    Lim's writing is at its best when her main character turn over in her mind her past, love, nostalgia, pain of loss and all her great and small memories.

    "No matter what happens, the past has a permanence. The past is safe. "

    "Eventually this white noise of optimism would completely fuzz over her memories of their minutiae: their laughter, musk, tics, gripes, singing, skin."

    There are echoes of Laura van den Berg's "Find Me" and Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveler's Wife in this debut novel. The latter comes through in Lim's vision of love's durability through crisis and time. The writing itself made me think a little of Margaret Atwood’s.

    If some scenes seem to pile up too fast, as if the author was trying to express all her ideas then and there, the whole of the novel has a tendency to stretch unnecessarily. But it's still an excellent first novel for this author. So I give it 4 stars.

    Thanks to GoodReads giveaways and the Publisher for giving me a copy of this novel. ...more

  • Ishmeen

    2.5 stars ~ The story itself is okay and sorta tragic but it just did not turn out to be what I was hoping for. There was a lot of info dump that I simply didn’t care for and this resorted into me literally finishing this book in less than 2 hours because I was basically skimming through the whole thing, only stopping at the bits of dialogue I found interesting and probably the flashbacks of Polly and Frank’s relationship. I wasn’t a fan of the world building but then again I am more of a sci-fi ...more