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Small Town Rumors

From New York Times bestselling author Carolyn Brown comes a funny heartache of a novel about overcoming the past, confronting the future, and defying all expectations. Everyone is talking about Jennie Sue Baker and the mess she made of her life in New York. The former high school queen beeand wealthy darling of Bloom, Texashas returned home after all these years, riding on a common bus and bearing two bounced alimony checks. In a town that thrives on gossip, Jennies fall from grace has shamed her mother, set the town buzzing, and caused old, jealous enemies to whisper in delight. They say shes taken a job as a housekeeper, gotten a garage apartment, and might be crushing on Rick Lawson, a simple farmer with modest dreams.As romance starts to bud, Jennie relishes what it means to follow her heart, find real new friends, and finally be herselfregardless of all the lying town chatter. But fate has another twist in store. Rumor has it that Jennie now stands to lose what matters mostunless she can convince Rick of one true thingand thats love....

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Small Town Rumors Reviews

  • Kathleen

    I can't say enough about this wonderful, funny, heart wrenching, witty story. Carlyon Brown takes her readers on adventure in a small town rife with rumours about what has brought Jennie Sue Baker back to her hometown of Bloom from New York... Her mother is keeping secrets, her dad is trying to keep secrets, but everyone in town knows what he is up too. Jennie Sue is just trying to live with what is true and to hell what her mother what to keep covered up. When she starts to hang out with what h ...more

  • Jane

    Small Town Rumors by Carolyn Brown is another five star book for this author. Jennie Sue Baker has returned home to Bloom, Texas. She has left behind a cheating, controlling ex-husband who is on the run from the government for fraud. She returns to her high and mighty mother who is trying to control her. After what she went throught with Percy, the ex, she is bound and determined to stand on her own two feet. So, she picks up her suitcase and leaves her parents home. She has no idea what she is ...more

  • Debra Oliva

    Jennie Sue Baker returns to Bloom, Texas on the bus! Since her family is wealthy and has their own plane, that is grist for the small town rumor mill. Then she has a disagreement with her mother on her future plans – her mother wants her to find another husband - but Jenny Sue wants a job now that she has divorced her cheating thieving abusive husband and graduated from college.

    Jenny Sue goes into town and accepts a temporary job cleaning house for her mother’s arch-enemies and moves into a sma

  • Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews

    This is a perfect summer read...well really a perfect anytime read! Especially since it is set in a small Texas town where rumors and gossip abound. The book has funky characters, some tension between the "haves" and the "have-nots", and family drama that will keep you entertained from beginning to the end. It is also a love story and knowing what you want and don't want to ensure a happy life going forward.

    If you enjoy romance, laughter, and small town charm, you'll enjoy this book!

  • Despina

    I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for a honest review.

    Small Town Rumors is like many of Carolyn Browns books, I love when she writes about people in small towns it's something she does very well. I really liked Jennie Sue and how she stood up to her mother and finally starts to live her own life. I really do love how over the top the characters were in this story, it made me laugh. I like Rick for Jennie Sue and Jennie Sue for Rick, they were overall a good match. I liked that we got

  • Kim Vanravenswaay

    Carolyn Brown always writes such humorous books. There are a couple of little old ladies that makes Small Town Rumors, funny as all get out. Rick doesn't play a front role part in the book, but enough to make it a romance. The story is mainly about Jennie Sue.

  • Brandy Roberts

    I really enjoyed Small town Rumors it had me from start to finish with likable and not so likable characters .

  • Becky

    DNF-ed at 62%. Way too slow moving, and the characters' speech patterns were starting to really grate on me. Not sure Jennie Sue had any flaws at all beyond indecisiveness...I almost didn't blame Cricket for her suspicions about her, even though most of the book is from Jennie Sue's POV and we know from that fact that she's really just that nice.

    Obviously it's just me...everyone else seems to enjoy the book. This is my first book from this author; the jury is still out about trying another.