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A Merciful Silence (Mercy Kilpatrick #4)

In the fourth book of the Wall Street Journal bestselling series, FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick must unlock the mystery of a mass murder, and the secrets of its silent witness For Mercy Kilpatrick, returning to rural Oregon has meant coming to terms with her roots. Raised as a prepper, Mercy is now relying on her survivalist instincts to defend her town from the people the law cant reach. But this time, an investigation calling up a dark past for her and police chief Truman Daly may be hitting too close to home.A rainstorm has uncovered the remains of five peoplea reprise of the distinctive slaughter of two families twenty years ago. Except the convicted killer is in prison. Is this the case of a sick copycat, or is the wrong man behind bars? One person might have the answer. The lone survivor of the decades-old crimes has returned to town still claiming that she cant remember a thing about the night she was left for dead. As the search for the truth becomes more dangerous, Mercy fears that the traumatized woman may not have buried her memories at all. She might be keeping them a secret. And theres a price to be paid for revealing them....

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A Merciful Silence Mercy Kilpatrick Book Kindle A Merciful Silence Mercy Kilpatrick Book Kindle edition by Kendra Elliot Romance Kindle eBooks . A Merciful Silence Mercy Kilpatrick In this Wall Street Journal bestseller, FBI agent Mercy Kilpatrick must unlock the mystery of a mass murder, and the secrets of its silent witness

A Merciful Silence (Mercy Kilpatrick #4) Reviews

  • Vikki Vaught

    I always know I’m in for a treat with a new release from Kendra Elliott. When I received an invitation from the publisher, via Net-Galley, I eagerly agreed to read and review the fourth book in her Mercy Kilpatrick series. My opinions are my own and are not influenced in any way.

    As with all of Ms. Elliot’s books, the characters are real and flawed, the plot is intriguing and there’s plenty of emotions running high. One of the things I enjoy most about her books is the suspenseful scenes. She has

  • Maureen ~Bitch Can Write A Book

    This series keeps getting better and better. And this one was absolutely epic.

    It was the perfect blend of mystery, suspense and romance. I love Mercy & Truman, I love how their minds work, I love the aspect of their law enforcement expertise. I don’t do spoilers but I will say at parts of this story my heart was breaking for Mercy.

    I was literally engrossed in this story, it had so many twists and turns. I couldn’t put it down. This author literally grabs you and sucks you in. It’s well wri

  • Niken Widyastuti

    I have no idea how Ms. Elliot did it, but this series is getting better and better. Series with the same main characters often became stale by the 4th or 5th book. Their relationship became boring and the storyline became farfetched. NOT with this series though.

    Relationship between Mercy and Truman was stronger than ever, developing in the right way without feeling fake or being forced. Theirs felt so real and I couldn’t help but rooted for them. Mercy relationship with her family also evolving,

  • Reen

    Thank you to the NetGalley and the publisher Montlake Romance for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This is the fourth instalment in the FBI Agent Mercy Kilpatrick series. The story begins with Mercy continuing to recover from a gunshot wound to the leg and working a case in which five skulls have been found after a mudslide. The secrets of a past generation threaten to expose a murderer in the present day. Did the same person kill both families or is this a new killer? Does the isolated ...more

  • Darcy

    This book was a bit brutal for Mercy, not necessarily for the crimes, but more for the hits she took personally. The crimes were crazy, especially the sovereign person crap, glad that was taken care of those people put down, it was the other crime that was more horrific. Part of it was how people were killed and part of it was that children were the victims.

    I was on the fence with Britta most of the book. Sure living through something like that would damage a person, but she was so leery of all

  • Ian

    The fourth Mercy Kilpatrick book is difficult. It's dark.

    A mass murderer is killing entire families and the method is identical to a killer who was sent to prison 20 years ago. Is the wrong man in prison? Mercy and Truman find themselves hunting down a killer who is also hunting them.

    I don't really like Romantic Suspense. I struggle with it. It's either too dark or too derivative. And this book is dark. It's too dark. Too dark for me.

    And I'm not really sure why I like it but I do. I guess it's

  • Kelly

    Oh, man. I'm digging Mercy and all the things she's dealing with SOMETHING FIERCE. This lady is strong in so many ways and sometimes she absolutely knows what she's capable of and at other times she doesn't see how completely unbreakable she seems to others. She only sees her own lacks and how if things went bad she wouldn't be able to protect the people she loves.

    Seriously, she's awesome. She's not without her flaws, but she's working through her fear of committing to Truman and she's reaching

  • Kimberly Lund

    The Mercy Kilpatrick series is one of my favorites and this was one of my favorite books. I liked that Mercy’s family were only tertiary characters and the focus was the mystery/mysteries and the relationship between Mercy and Truman. This book was well paced and I enjoyed the time each day I got to escape into it. Can’t wait for the next!