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One Piece, Volume 04: The Black Cat Pirates (One Piece #4)

Captain Kuro of the Black Cat Pirates was the most feared evil genius on the high seas...until he vanished. Most people believe he's dead, but only his crew knows the truth: Captain Kuro has been laying low in a small seaside village, posing as a mild-mannered butler until the time for pillage is just right. Now that time has come, and the ruthless Black Cat Pirates are about to attack...Unless, of course, Monkey D.Luffy can stop them! All Luffy has on his side are the sword-wielding first mate, Zolo; his thieving navigator, Nami; Usopp, a local kid with a knack for telling lies; and his own bizarre rubber-limbed powers. If these four amateur pirates want to stop the entire Black Cat crew, they'll have to come up with a pretty slick plan......

Title : One Piece, Volume 04: The Black Cat Pirates (One Piece #4)
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ISBN : 9781591163374
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 208 pages
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Straw Hat Pirates One Piece Wiki Crew Members See also the associated category Straw Hat Pirates As a result of Luffy s choice in who joins the crew, the Straw Hats are notable for being one of the Sanji One Piece Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Black Leg Sanji, born as Vinsmoke Sanji, is the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, as well as the former sous chef of the Baratie He is also the third son of the List of One Piece characters Wikipedia The One Piece manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Eiichiro Oda The series takes place in a fictional universe where vast One Piece, Vol Don t Get Fooled Again Eiichiro Oda debuted in WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP in as a comic creator and artist with ONE PIECE One of the most popular comic artists in William Kidd Wikipedia William Kidd, also Captain William Kidd or simply Captain Kidd c. May , was a Scottish sailor who was tried and executed for piracy after returning

One Piece, Volume 04: The Black Cat Pirates (One Piece #4) Reviews

  • Manami Yamaguchi

  • Ottery StCatchpole

  • Julie Hayes

  • Josh Whittington

    This volume sees Captain Kuro and his Black Cat Pirates begin to enact their plan of raiding the village and killing Kaya to steal her fortune. The other villains Luffy has fought to this point have been comical and exaggerated, whereas Kuro is more serious and ruthless. There’s more personal stakes at play which keeps things interesting.

    Most of the volume is a series of exciting fights against the various members of Kuro’s crew. Despite all the frantic action the art makes it easy to follow wha

  • Sarah Valerie

    So exciting. Another cliffhanger ending, which I don't really mind if I'm being honest

  • Miss Ryoko

    I'm really enjoying this series! It's no wonder it's so popular and has been going on for decades. The characters are fun, the art is silly, and the story is creative and slightly goofy.

    I wish this series wasn't so long and wasn't STILL going on because I'm going to be bummed when I have to stop reading it next volume :-(

  • Shirley

    Reading them online! Love this so much! Still have a long way to go.

    More on blogpost:

  • Patrick

    Why do I keep reading this series? I think it is the sunk cost.

    This series reminds me of a passage from "The World According To Garp" by John Irving where a woman is reading Garp's manuscript and tells him it is terrible, but she said she had to finish it "to see how it turns out" or something along those lines.

    This is how I feel about One Piece. Although I don't think I can take much more.