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The Game of Hope

For Napoleon's stepdaughter, nothing is simple -- especially love.Paris, 1798. Hortense de Beauharnais is engrossed in her studies at a boarding school for aristocratic girls, most of whom suffered tragic losses during the tumultuous days of the French Revolution. She loves to play and compose music, read and paint, and daydream about Christophe, her brother's dashing fellow officer. But Hortense is not an ordinary girl. Her beautiful, charming mother, Josephine, has married Napoleon Bonaparte, soon to become the most powerful man in France, but viewed by Hortense as a coarse, unworthy successor to her elegant father, who was guillotined during the Terror. Where will Hortense's future lie? Inspired by Hortense's real-life autobiography with charming glimpses of teen life long ago, this is the story of a girl chosen by fate to play a role she didn't choose....

Title : The Game of Hope
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ISBN : 9780670067022
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 288 pages
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The Game of Hope Reviews

  • Ainslee || Jest and Hearts


    i did enjoy this book I absolutely love historical fiction and I don't normally read anything set during the French Revolution so this was new to me. The author did a good job depicting history and the way things were done during this time period. The characters we get to know were likable like Hortense and her girlfriends. Then there are quite a few other characters we only get glimpses of like Napoleon Bonaparte and Hortense's mother Josephine

    When reading the book I felt as though the story

  • Stephanie

    The second time very recently that I have been looking forward to a new book by an author that I quite like. Gulland wrote the Josephine B trilogy that I re-read almost every summer. It's just a happy place for me. So I was looking forward to The Game of Hope, whose story is from Josephine's daughter Hortense's perspective. I had high hopes, looking for her view on The Terror, the Revolution, the rise of Napoleon. But I actually couldn't finish it. I felt as though I was reading a YA novel, and ...more

  • Ann Mah

    I loved Sandra Gulland's Josephine B. trilogy, so it was a treat to reenter the Napoleonic era with her as a guide. Hortense's compelling story plays out against timeless teenage emotions – as well as a backdrop of continuous menace. An intelligent, well-crafted story perfect for Francophiles and teen history lovers.

  • Emma

    Grade: D+

    An e-galley was provided by Penguin First to Read in exchange for an honest review.

    The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: I always hope I'll love historical fiction, particularly when it's about someone close to famous figures. A thin line has to be walked, though, when the main character is a real person, and I don't think The Game of Hope handled that line well. Things that Hortense would be familiar with were either over-explained or not explained well enough. There were a lot of character

  • Maria I.

    This book is all I'll be thinking about for the next three months. Where to begin...

    Sandra Gulland has done it again, drawing me in to the Napoleonic Age and making me fall in love with the colourful personalities of the era all over. Gulland has tackled the period before in her magnificent trilogy focusing on the life of Josephine Bonaparte, the mother of our heroine, Hortense. In this novel, teen-aged Hortense de Beauharnais takes center stage. Gulland renders her with charm, humour, and compl

  • Nefertari

    Sandra Gulland has yet to disappoint. It's an interesting YA-take on the aftermath of the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon - from a woman who was both stepdaughter to the Emperor and daughter of a man executed on the guillotine. What I love, besides the historical detail and wonderful characterization, is the matter-of-fact way this story treats the facts of life - menstruation, sex, etc. Good luck, Hortense. You're going to need it.

  • Vanessa

    Read The Game of Hope and be transported to post-revolution France with the charming, driven and pioneering Hortense de Beauharnais. Hortense is juggling the transition of teenage hood, striving to be a musical composer and dealing with Napoleon her new stepfather. (What a family dynamic!) There are handsome crushes, cherished friendships and female achievement. Sandra Gulland writes with a masterful grasp of history. I love how every time I finish one of her books I have learned so much. The st ...more

  • Mary

    Another excellent novel by Sandra Gulland. Some very apt words from Net Galley:

    "Sandra Gulland demonstrates a masterful grasp that she has on history in her book The Game of Hope .... Gulland ... has no problem displaying her understanding of post-revolution France and therefore invites her readers into a well-developed universe of Hortense de Beauharnais.

    This book is well written for younger audiences of teenage girls, connecting them to the past with common issues that all preteen girls face