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The Gospel Comes with a House Key

The Gospel Comes with a House Key: Practicing Radically Ordinary Hospitality in Our Post-Christian WorldAbout The Gospel Comes with a House KeyThe word hospitality often invokes a scene of a gracious, impeccably fashioned host welcoming guests into a beautifully appointed home prepared with perfectly-presented meals. However, when the Bible calls Christians to be hospitable, it's calling them to much more. In this book, Rosaria Butterfield invites readers into her home and shows from her own life and experience how "radically ordinary hospitality" can be a bridge for bringing the gospel to lost friends and neighborssomething that she experienced herself on her journey to Christ. Such hospitality welcomes those who look, think, believe, and act differently than us into our own everyday, sometimes messy lives. Christians will be inspired and equipped to use their homes and tables as a way of showing a skeptical, unbelieving world what love and authentic faith really look like.Table of ContentsPreface: Radically Ordinary Hospitality1. Priceless: The Merit of Hospitality2. The Jesus Paradox: The Vitality of Hospitality3. Our Post Christian World: The Kindness of Hospitality4. God Never Gets the Address Wrong: The Providence of Hospitality5. The Gospel Comes with a House Key: The Seal of Hospitality 6. Judas In the Church: The Borderland of Hospitality7. Giving Up the Ghosts: The Lamentation of Hospitality8. The Daily Grind: The Basics of Hospitality9. Blessed are the Merciful: The Hope of Hospitality 10. Walking the Emmaus Road: The Future of Hospitality Conclusion: Feeding the 5000: The Nuts and Bolts and Beans and Rice...

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The Gospel Comes with a House Key Reviews

  • Margaret Bronson

    I've been dying to read this book since before it was even released; the Gospel and hospitality? two of my favorite subjects? written by one of my favorite authors? I couldn't wait.

    Now that I've read it I think I'm mostly disappointed. While there were lots of good things about this book, for me it fell flat. But, let me start with the good stuff:


    - Her story about meeting her teenage son in a group home for the first time ripped my heart out and deepened my prayers for our hopeful future in

  • Blake

    An absolutely excellent book, by Rosaria Butterfield. I've never met Rosaria, but through her writings, I almost feel like we are neighbors. If you've read her book, "The Secret Thoughts of An Unlikely Convert," you've read her amazing testimony of how Christ saved her from a life of radical feminism and the lesbian lifestyle, using the hospitality of a pastor and his wife, while Rosaria taught at Syracuse University. Even in the pages of the first book of hers, the reader begins to get a glimps ...more

  • Delaney

    A simple yet deeply needed message for the Church living in a postmodern world. The most beautiful aspect of this book is the idea that when we practice radically ordinary hospitality, we have an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel to our unbelieving neighbors, and thus have hope that they will be brought into the family of God through our very humble efforts and through God's grace.

    One of my deepest longings as a now married woman with my own home is to practice the kind of hospitality that my

  • Sarah

    Officially one of THE best books I've read, ever. If you are a committed Christian that truly wants to begin to know God intimately and serve Him biblically - this is a must. I am actually having my children all read it as well as my husband and will be suggesting it as required reading for deacons/elders and really any leaders in the church.

    Mrs. Butterfield hits the nail on the head so well, making it clear that community is NOT optional when it comes to Gods people. In fact this idea that we

  • Jillian Vincent

    Rosaria has a very unique perspective that makes this book so rich, smart, and gospel centric. She doesn’t mince words and she sticks to the Bible as her rubric for hospitality. I walked away thinking that I had actually sat in her home and experienced the radical hospitality she writes about, and it is not extravagant, but rather ordinary and still so beautiful. It unites people that were once strangers and gives priority to an open door. I love that she is an introvert, pragmatic, and just wor ...more

  • Laura

    When we first moved into our house, only one of our neighbors introduced himself. Gordy wandered over one afternoon and launched into a long, meandering story about how he had cemented a friendship with Alois, the former owner of our house. Every evening the two men would come out to work in their gardens and wind up sharing a beer while hiding behind our shed, careful to avoid the gaze of Gordy’s wife. Later, after Gordy’s wife left him, Alois’s wife would make an extra plate of food and slip i ...more

  • Kristin O.

    I enjoyed a lot about this book, but I can’t give this five stars. I’m troubled by her criticisms of Wesley Hill that I read in this book and also heard from her mouth in person during a conference where she spoke about this book. I also find her use of the term “biblical patriarchy” super confusing. Strictly speaking, much of “biblical patriarchy” includes polygamy, so she needs to explain what her idea of “biblical patriarchy” is better and use a different term all together. I’m restraining my ...more

  • Susan Kendrick

    Rosaria shares stories of how her family opens their homes to neighbors and friends while making a case for the Biblical mandate to practice hospitality.

    So much goodness in this book.

    She doesn’t include a how to start guide, I think largely because it will look different for each individual. But she does share how her family makes it a part of their lives and she also touches on some excuses generally given and how to overcome them.

    What if the church, individually and as a body, was the most