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Heart of Fire (Alice Worth #2)

Join Alice. Private Investigator of the Supernatural. It has been a rough month for mage private investigator Alice Worth. Alice hasnt had a decent nights sleep in weeks, her relationship with werewolf Sean Maclin is on the rocks, a federal agent hounds her every step, and a powerful vampire whose ulterior motives have ulterior motives watches her every move. Its enough to drive any woman to drink.Just when Alice's ghost sidekick Malcolm is about to stage an intervention, her former employer, Mark Dunlap, enlists her help to find out whos been kidnapping women off the streets. As the list of the missing grows, the citys anger turns against the vampires, and the Vampire Court hires Mark and Alice to find those responsible. After the case reunites her with Sean, Alice is forced to confront painful demons from her past, as well as the very real demon who wants her dead and the vampire determined to control her power.When tragedy strikes close to home and a friends life hangs in the balance, Alice goes up against the most powerful adversary shes ever faced in an explosive showdown that will leave Alice and her city forever changed. Edmondss suspenseful second urban fantasy novel is just as action-packed and entertaining as the first, Heart of Malice. . . . Edmonds has an eye for both detail and entertaining characters, and her story is fun and energetic. . . . Readers will enjoy this installment and look forward to more in the continuing saga of Alice Worth. - PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY AUTHOR INTERVIEW Q: Why do you write? A: I've wanted to be a writer since I was five years old and I wrote my first story. My head is always full of stories and it's so wonderful and such a privilege to get to share them with others. I write because I *have* to write and because there's nothing I love to do more. When you write, you get to bring people to life, create a world for them to inhabit, and invite readers to enjoy that world with you. If that's not real magic, I don't know what is. Q: What books do you write? A: I want to write the kinds of stories and books that I love to read--lots of adventure, mystery, suspense, action, twists, magic, and of course romance. The Alice Worth series is paranormal mystery set in a world very like our own, but with magic and supernatural beings. I hope readers get caught up in the mysteries and enjoy going on adventures with Alice as she tries to solve them and figure out her place in the world. The reading order follows below.ALICE WORTH > HEART OF MALICE (book 1) JUST FOR ONE NIGHT (short story) BLOOD MONEY (novella) HEART OF FIRE (book 2) Q: Do you use music in your writing? A: Yes! Each Alice Worth book has a curated playlist of songs featured in the novel, as well as other tunes that enhance your reading experience. Alice loves music and so do I! See the playlists at Be sure to scroll up and hit that BUY NOW button to jump into a world of adventure, mystery, suspense, and of course, romance!...

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Heart of Fire (Alice Worth #2) Reviews

  • Sonja

    After just two books, Lisa Edmonds has moved her way to the top of my Must Read Authors list. The elaborate world she has created around Alice is dark and fascinating. Alice Worth reminds me of a combination of Wynonna Earp, Jessica Jones, and Kate Daniels. She is funny, kind, sarcastic, lost, and so flawed. She is utterly human. Albeit, a very powerful human. No one tortures Alice more than Alice herself. And can't most of us say that? Heart of Fire picks up not too long after the events in Hea ...more

  • Stephaniec

    I enjoyed this installment and am looking forward to the next one. There isn't really anything new here as far as urban fantasy goes - she is a P.I who is hiding her magic and who she is. But I like Alice for the most part and the world Lisa Edmonds has created.

    A few things - I was worried where the romantic story line was going and getting a bit frustrated with it, some of that has been cleared up in this book thankfully. We also have a lot of unanswered plot points but we did find out more abo

  • Mara

    A classic UF. Not that many around anymore, and it's a pity. Glad I stumbled into this series.

  • Tammy

    Solid 5 stars.

    You know what? I read this book with a lot of stress....just because how Lisa Edmonds played with my heart on the romance part!

    Alice Worth is clearly an interesting character. While these Alice Worth series have all thing paranormal going on with Alice as a supernatural detective, her shifter lover, Ghost side-kick, evil demons and so on it is actually all about Alice herself. Alice has secrets and haunting past and she guards them with layers and layers of half-truth and lies I wi

  • Stacy

    The Alice Worth series quickly turned into a must-read series for me.

    Alice is growing away from the loner she was when we first met her. She is still guarded and wary of accepting help, but she is slowly opening herself up to others. We continue to learn more about her past and unfortunately her past is slowly creeping closer to her new life. As soon as you think you have a handle on what she can do, another level of power is revealed. She truly is a bad-ass and it's amazing to witness what she

  • Jet

    (No spoilers.) Alice Worth is definitely a flawed character, which is understandable based on her past experiences. I love authors who allow these types of characters to progress in positive ways as a normal outgrowth of the story. The plot of this book is just as compelling as the previous book and the characters are true to their natures. That's not always the case in this genre - which I consider urban fantasy - as sometimes authors let "magic" or otherworldly influences push characters in di ...more

  • Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews)

    Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars Reviews

    Alice is a bit of a mess after the previous book ended. She's having guy troubles, and she isn't eating or sleeping much. Her guilt is eating away at her. But when she finally starts to snap out of it, it may lead her to a case that will make her whole life change and not for the better.

    This book was good. I wouldn't say it was as good as the first one, but it was still pretty good. Alice had a lot to work through, and she needed help to do it, but it w

  • Fran

    this book is the poster child for action, magic and butt kicking. The main character Alice is such a loyal person with tons of integrity. Both butt kicking and vulnerable. She was real. you could easily connect with her. I loved the banter between characters also. I mean humor and banter make everything better. this book is the poster child for action, magic and butt kicking. The main character Alice is such a loyal person with tons of integrity. Both butt kicking and vulnerable. She was real. y ...more