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Not all secrets are meant to be found.If Indiana Jones lived in the X-Files era, he might bear at least a passing resemblance to Nolan Moore -- a rogue archaeologist hosting a documentary series derisively dismissed by the "real" experts, but beloved of conspiracy theorists.Nolan sets out to retrace the steps of an explorer from 1909 who claimed to have discovered a mysterious cavern high up in the ancient rock of the Grand Canyon. And, for once, he may have actually found what he seeks. Then the trip takes a nasty turn, and the cave begins turning against them in mysterious ways.Nolan's story becomes one of survival against seemingly impossible odds. The only way out is to answer a series of intriguing questions: What is this strange cave? How has it remained hidden for so long? And what secret does it conceal that made its last visitors attempt to seal it forever?...

Title : The Anomaly
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ISBN : 9781538761854
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 352 pages
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The Anomaly IMDb Watch videoDirected by Noel Clarke With Noel Clarke, Ian Somerhalder, Brian Cox, Alexis Knapp An ex soldier named Ryan Reeve is taken captive by the Anomaly organization The Anomaly Rotten Tomatoes Traumatized ex soldier Reeve Clarke wakes up in the back of a moving van alongside a young boy Parkinson held prisoner But after helping the boy escape, he comes The Anomaly Wikipedia Anomaly definition of anomaly by The Free Dictionary anomaly n m l n pl anomalies Deviation or departure from the normal or common order, form, or rule One that is peculiar, irregular Anomaly Define Anomaly at Dictionary Anomaly definition, a deviation from the common rule, type, arrangement, or form See . THE ANOMALY British Board of Film Classification THE ANOMALY is a science fiction drama in which a former soldier s mind is controlled by the unscrupulous owner of a biotech company Language Anomaly Home Facebook Anomaly K likes US RELEASE Available on iTunes now DVD, BD VOD October th UK RELEASE July th The Anomaly Villains Wiki FANDOM powered by Wikia Anomaly YouTube Hello gais it s ya boi Anomaly from Sweden This is the ONLY email I use I DON T use any hotmail, gmail or yahoo adresses If you have recieved an email fro The Anomaly Movie Reviews Rotten Tomatoes There s infinitely than one anomaly to be found in The Anomaly, a thoroughly nonsensical futuristic sci fi thriller that makes a case for the perils of vanity

The Anomaly Reviews

  • Caidyn (BW Reviews; he/him/his)

    RTC 7/25!

  • Susan

    Sometimes my son watches a TV programme where a group of, very strange, men, wander the backwoods of America looking for, and yet, never finding, strange creatures. This novel is cleverly based around a similar show – The Anomaly Files – a low budget, online show, with a similar theme of exploring conspiracy theories and, false history stories. The narrator of this novel, Nolan Moore, is the presenter, and he and the producer/director, Ken, have a new sponsor and the chance of a jump to cable TV ...more

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    by Siobhan Jones

    One reason I love thrillers is because the diversity of the genre continuously delights me. You’ve got your British domestic suspense à la The Child, your blue-collar detective novels like Two Girls Down, psychological mindwreckery like Behind Her Eyes … I could go on and on. Is it a stretch to posit that if you grouped and mapped thrillers as Darwin once mapped earth’s species on a “tree of life,” you’d find an array of fiction as copious as the animal kingdom its

  • Jessica Diatalevi

    Oh. Dear. Lord. I could NOT wait for this one to end. Many, many, many times I thought about calling it quits but I read so many reviews saying how “horrifying” and “scary” it was so I kept pushing through waiting...hoping for something scary—even remotely good to happen. It wasn’t until after page 200 that it got somewhat (and I use the term lightly) interesting. But I can assure you, at that point I went from pure boredom to “what the hell is this?!” SPOILER- unicorns, giant beasts with horns, ...more

  • Stephanie Mills

    oh my lord!!!! I loved this book and will be reading anything they put out!!! I can not wait for this to become a movie!!!

  • Jennifer

    The Anomaly is just the kind of James Rollins novel I love - an action-packed tale full of quippy characters in exotic locales that takes two facts and turns them into something that skirts the edges of both science fiction and horror. Except Anomaly isn't Rollins, it's Rutger - a pseudonym for a California-based screenwriter - who lacks Rollins' ability to slow boil a reader in how implausibly nuts his plots are until it's too late to care.

    To his credit, Rutger starts out with a killer premise:

  • Jessica

    Argh. This book could have been 5 stars. The first two parts of the book, holy hell...amazing. It builds you up with humor and leads you into scary, in a way of the unknown. I had to stop reading it at night because it was just creepy. I loved the first half of this book..and then...Meh.

    The big reveal fell flat for me. Once the unknown was taken away, the book lost the scary factor for me and I think that's why it was so disappointing. Still creepy, but somewhat less... believable? It was well

  • Asha

    I’d like to think Michael Crichton would give this a thumbs up.