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A People's History of the Vampire Uprising

A virus that turns people into something somehow more than human quickly sweeps the world, upending society as we know it.This panoramic thriller begins with one small mystery. The body of a young woman found in an Arizona border town, presumed to be an illegal immigrant, walks out of the town morgue. To the young CDC investigator called in to consult the local police, it's a bizarre medical mystery.More bodies, dead of a mysterious disease that solidifies their blood, are brought to the morgue, and disappear. In a futile game of catch-up, the CDC, the FBI, and the US government must come to terms with what they're too late to stop: an epidemic of vampirism that will sweep first the United States, and then the world.Impossibly strong, smart, poised, beautiful, and commanding, these vampires reject the term as derogatory, preferring the euphemistic "gloamings." They quickly rise to prominence in all aspects of modern society: sports, entertainment, and business. Soon people are begging to be 're-created,' willing to accept the risk of death if their bodies can't handle the transformation. The stakes change yet again when a charismatic and wealthy businessman, recently turned, decides to do what none of his kind has done before: run for political office.This sweeping yet deeply intimate fictional oral history--told from the perspectives of several players on all sides of the titular vampire uprising--is a genre-bending, shocking, immersive and subversive debut that is as addictive as the power it describes....

Title : A People's History of the Vampire Uprising
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A People s History of the Vampire Uprising by A People s History of the Vampire Uprising is not your typical vampire tale, but rather it follows the NOBI virus from when it is first discovered by Doctor Lauren Scott, and is unleashed on a world that is not prepared to handle it When I read the synopsis for this novel I was excited. Book review A People s History of the Vampire Uprising Watch videoClever Vampire Uprising These blood suckers are demanding their civil rights In A People s History of the Vampire Uprising, a virus turns regular people into vampiric Gloamings who demand their rights A book review. Fox Adapting A People s History of the Vampire Uprising The first of four books in the A People s History of the Vampire Uprising series, penned by Raymond A Villareal, is set to be released next year, but th Century Fox and Laps have already acquired the novel. A People s History of the Vampire Uprising A Novel A People s History of the Vampire Uprising is the first novel by American attorney and author Raymond A Villareal CDC research physician Dr Lauren Scott is called to Nogales, an Arizona border town, to examine a body showing unusual signs, but when she arrives at the morgue, the body has vanished. A People s History of the Vampire Uprising by From one missing body, through a viral epidemic, to a new world order this is an epic and addictive debut from an exciting new voice. A People s History Of The Vampire Uprising World A People s History Of The Vampire Uprising is coming, and Empire has the news A PEOPLE S HISTORY OF THE VAMPIRE UPRISING by The oral history of the bloody beginnings of a worldwide vampire revolt This debut novel by attorney Villareal has already been the subject of a six figure bidding A People s History of the Vampire Uprising Moive Fox EXCLUSIVE oth Century Fox and Shawn Levy s Laps made a big book acquisition in pre empting the Raymond A Villareal novel A People s History Of The Vampire A People s History of the Vampire Uprising A Novel by Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least letters Use up arrow for mozilla firefox browser alt up arrow and down arrow for mozilla firefox browser Interview with the Author A People s History of the Raymond A Villareal, author of A People s History of the Vampire Uprising, on the appeal of vampires and the legal ramifications of their existence.

A People's History of the Vampire Uprising Reviews

  • Tracy

    This was well thought out and great dry humor - for example, all the Taylor Swift references ;)

    I was really intrigued by watching society developing laws and being "forced" to accommodate the vampire way of life. Love the very discrete references to Anne Rice as well.

  • The Library Ladies

    (originally reviewed at )

    I want to extend a special thanks to Mulholland Books for sending me an ARC of this novel.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve read vampire fiction. I don’t know if it’s because the pop culture fascination with vampires has waned again and not much has come out, or if I have just been oblivious to what new offerings are out there. But when I saw that “A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising” was about to come out, I was immediately interested by the premi

  • Kaleena ★ Reader Voracious

    📣 A People's History of the Vampire Uprising is available NOW!

    "It's exactly these changing conditions - we are still trying to figure out how we got here - that caused me to realize: now is the perfect time to compile the beginning, middle, and... if not the end, then that place that occupied the in medias res of our current conflicts."
    3.5 stars, enjoyable read that was (almost) everything that I wish World War Z was... only with vampires!

    A People's History of the Vampire Uprising is a ficti ...more

  • Rachel

    Bailing 7/3/18 at page 145. The writing is okay, but I don’t find it compelling or particularly interesting. I am bored. It has a very similar vibe to World War Z, but I found that book to be more readable.

  • Suzi McGhie

    2.5 stars. It took me a long time to get through this book and it was basically a disappointment. It held such an intriguing premise and did have clever bits of ideas and insights, but much of it was just boring. It was a long, drawn out documentary of the rise of the Gloamings (vampires, but they didn’t prefer to use that term). A virus starts to infect people that gives them charismatic traits, beauty, strength, long life. Of course, they must also avoid sun and need to drink blood. These trai ...more

  • Enid

    This was an enjoyable read. I was completely immersed in the world the author created. The author obviously spent a great deal of time thinking about the implications of the rise of vampire-creating virus and how many facets of society would be impacted- politics, religion, civil rights legislation, science and medicine. The story is told from many points of view over a long time period, very much like World War Z. I greatly enjoyed the first 80% of the book, but the last bit was a bit jarring- ...more

  • Brandie

    ***Recived via a Goodreads Giveaway***

    This book just wasn’t for me. I didn’t connect with any of the characters and the story didn’t go anywhere. As evidenced by the title, you know basically how it’s going to end. I understand it’s a ‘history’ but I guess I prefer character driven stories. But even as a history with transcripts and records of what these people said etc. there are places where the character wouldn’t have know what another character was thinking or how would you even get the POV

  • Susan

    Although I'm not into vampires so much I do love a good epistolary novel so I was intrigued enough to pick this one up. I was hoping for a unique take on such an overdone trope. The pacing was uneven, alternating between being really interesting and even exciting and really, really boring. I didn't find it especially clever or engaging but it was alright. One element that I did appreciate was the political aspect. When monsters run for public office and you vote them in, don't be surprised when ...more