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The Rose Legacy

Orphaned Anthea Cross-Thornley has been shuttled between family members her whole life. When she receives a letter from a long-lost uncle, she dares to dream that she will finally find a home. Upon her arrival she is shocked to learn that her uncle secretly breeds horses--animals that have been forbidden in their kingdom for centuries. More alarming is Anthea's strange ability to sense the horses' thoughts and feelings, an ancient gift called The Way. Confused and terrified, Anthea is desperate to leave, but when dangers arise that put her family and her kingdom at risk, she has no choice but to embrace The Way and the exciting future adventures it will bring her....

Title : The Rose Legacy
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ISBN : 9781599906478
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 272 pages
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The Rose Legacy Reviews

  • Jessica

    Why hello there, little book I've worked on for Lo, these many years!

    If you are wondering, this is the story that started as "Horse Brigade." I actually used it as a reading piece several years ago, so some of you lucky people might have heard the first couple of chapters! It got bumped aside for the Castle Glower books, but now it's ready to take the stage. It has horses, and intrepid young girls, and even tiny pet owl. Basically: everything you need for a great time!

    Final proofread, December

  • Brianna Hansen

    If I were a teenage girl, still in the my horse story phase, this would have been the ideal book I dreamed about. When I was around twelve, I read Black Stallion, Black Beauty, Misty of Chincoteague and a couple dozen Saddle Club stories. I wanted a beautiful, powerful horse with whom I had a special connection, and I found it through books and stories.

    This book brought me back to that time when I was twelve. The main character of the story wants to be a Rose Maiden, but after being passed aroun

  • Kasey Giard

    Such a fun, creative story.

    I've never read a fantasy which used horses the way this one did. I liked that they were this mythical creature and had the special bond/magical ability with humans.

    I enjoyed each member of the cast of characters, especially the more unexpected ones, like the little owl. Anthea had my heart from the first page. She was so clearly an amazing girl overlooked by family members. I loved the relationships she built with her cousin and the king and of course with her long-fo

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    My daughter would LOVE this one!

  • Molly

    I love anything by this author! This story was great though geared towards younger kids, I was relieved that the young main character was not unbearable in the beginning. There was a lot of mystery surrounding the horses, the Way, and the land beyond the wall; so much so it makes me think possibly a series is coming. It could be a stand alone story but I think that would just be a waste because there is so much more here undiscovered.

  • Chrissy

    I have no idea what I just read. But I finished it, so there's that I guess...

    The problems started early. There is no explanation of why Anthea doesn't remember living in not-Scotland (it has another fantasy name, but like in Game of Thrones, these countries are analogs to England and Scotland, so that's what I'm going to refer to them as). The first few chapters are about Anthea freaking out that she's being sent into exile away from the snooty society of not-England and into the wilds of... so

  • Samantha

    Jessica Day George, I love you, but not this book, sadly. It DOES, however (whatever my opinion), accurately capture a girl and her love of horses. (I should know, my sister is one of those crazy, amazing people.) The story was actually great, but I never got to like Anthea. She seemed to be too prissy and annoying. She also changed her mind A LOT. The sad thing is, though, I can see myself doing the same thing if I were in her shoes. Everything changing, going to a new place where all the rules ...more

  • Jenn

    When I was young, I was absolutely horse-crazy and read every horse story I could get my hands on and asked for a horse for Christmas every year (never received one, but still...). If I had had this book then, it would have blown my mind, but since the author wasn't yet around, I suppose it's definitely worth the wait: a fantastic action-adventure in a Victorian-type, steam-punk-y world where horses are viewed as better off dead, since the rumor is that they were once carriers of a deadly plague ...more