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Lies That Bind Us

From a prize-winning and New York Times bestselling author comes a chilling novel of deception under the sunJan needs this. Shes flying to Crete to reunite with friends she met there five years ago and relive an idyllic vacation. Basking in the warmth of the sun, the azure sea, and the aura of antiquity, she can once again pretendfor a little whilethat she belongs. Her ex-boyfriend Marcus will be among them, but even he doesnt know the secrets she keeps hidden behind a veil of lies. None of them really know her, and thats only part of the problem.Then again, how well does she know them?When Jan awakens in utter darkness, chained to a wall, a manacle around her wrist, her echoing screams only give her a sense of how small her cell is. As she desperately tries to reconstruct what happened and determine who is holding her prisoner, dread covers despair like a hand clamped over her mouth. Because, like the Minotaur in the labyrinth in Greek myth, her captor will be coming back for her, and all the lies will catch up to her...

Title : Lies That Bind Us
Author :
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ISBN : 9781503953994
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 304 pages
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Lies That Bind Us Reviews

  • Charlotte Gross

    This book took off slow, but did have some pretty decent plot twists/turns that made it worth reading. The ending was a bit anti-climactic. Overall, I finished the book in two days which made for a nice summer, quick, easy summer read. (Although I should say this was Amazon Prime's 'free' book of May. I wouldn't have paid for it).

  • Nicole Patterson

    I chose this book as my May kindle first read book. It sounded interesting but I found it weird and boring. I gave it 2/5 stars because the twists were actually pretty good and I just thought it was going to end with Jan saying it was all a lie, so that was a plus that it didn't end that way.

  • Tracey

    This story was FANTASTIC!! Normally I dislike the back and forth between present and past tenses as it is usually used to help a terrible story. Here even if the story were told straight forward it would be a great story. I tried really hard to not get sucked in but I was completely carried away.

  • Danita

    Another review calls this a psychological thriller, and I think that's a good description. The story revolves around lies and secrets that are revealed as the story progresses. I had a hard time putting down this book because I was constantly making my own theories about how this might end, and I couldn't wait to see if I was right. You know from the first chapter that something very wrong is happening, as we find the protagonist, Jan, chained and locked in a dark room and unable to remember the ...more

  • Samantha Jungers

    This was my May pick of the month for Kindle First. My thanks to Amazon for providing me with this book.

    I chose this book because of my love for the Mediterranean. I had hoped it would give a vivid picture of Crete and I was hoping for a bit of supernatural something.

    However, that really wasn't this author's style. Yes, there was Jan's fear that her captor really was a Minotaur, but the whole time, the vibes I got were more along the lines of someone human being the perpetrator.

    The writing style

  • Rhonda

    I really enjoyed this book, but am giving it 4 stars because of the many inconsistencies in it. This story is exciting and original, and delves unexpectedly into the psychology behind people's actions. The author also weaves greek mythology into the story is a nice touch. Each chapter alternates between the main character, Jan in the present (who is chained in a cell, with no memory of how she got there,) and Jan a week ago in the past (who is recounting the events leading up to her present impr ...more

  • Armand Rosamilia

    This one left me guessing until the end. Intense and action-packed, this thriller was an amazing read. I will definitely be reading more from the author now, too.

  • RedRedtheycallmeRed

    2.5 STARS

    It's revealed fairly early in the book that Jan is a liar, she lies about big things, she lies about inconsequential things. She's aware of this, yet acts affronted when people don't believe her.

    The book opens with Jan being shackled to a wall, her memory foggy. Then it flashes back to her arrival in Greece. It goes back and forth, but the present chapters were much more interesting, as the stakes are much higher. The flashback chapters are longer (sometimes too long), filled with one