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The third book in Tommy Picos Teebs trilogy, Junk is a breakup poem in couplets: ice floe and hot lava, a tribute to Janet Jackson and nacho cheese. In the static that follows the loss of a job or an apartment or a boyfriend, what can you grab onto for orientation? The narrator wonders what happens to the sense of self when the illusion of security has been stripped away. And for an indigenous person, how do these lost markers of identity echo larger cultural losses and erasures in a changing political landscape? In part taking its cue from A.R. Ammonss Garbage, Teebs names this liminal space Junk, in the sense that a junk shop is full of old things waiting for their next use; different items that collectively become indistinct. But can there be a comfort outside the anxiety of utility? An appreciation of being for the sake of being? And will there be Chili Cheese Fritos?...

Title : Junk
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ISBN : 9781941040973
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 80 pages
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Junk Reviews

  • Michelle Hart

    “Junk is so anti-pretty it’s actually beautiful,” tommy pico sings in this fucking sublime, absurd, ginsburg-esque long-form poem. It's an apt description of the book itself, an unwieldy collection of couplets that follows neither rhyme nor reason but whose every word radiates like radioactive waste, glorious and abject, throwing in the great garbage fire everything from queer dating and eating terrible food to America's atrocious selective memory and the immense difficulty of being content in a ...more

  • Kevin

    A breathless rush of sex, scattershot jokes, and topical anger. Pico weaves it all together like no one else writing right now. If you get a chance to see him read, check it out. He's one of the best I've seen--the emotional shifts, the voices, the unpredictable pacing, etc. More art than slam. More winking than spoonfeeding. He really delivers something fresh and entertains while doing so.

  • Lindsey

    Complicated thoughts about accumulation & value & love & dissociation & class & snax & lust & queerness. We are living in a golden age of poetry & this collection is the precise shade of light filtered through a Funyun & a breakup & a joke about Hart Crane.

  • Jackie

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - me, reading this entire book, deeply fucked up about it! dark, very funny, very sweet, heart entirely ripped open. one of the most genuine works i’ve read about this time we’re living in.