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Ella: An Amish Retelling of Cinderella (An Amish Fairytale #2)

In Sarah Prices heartwarming Amish version of this best-loved fairytale, a hardworking, overlooked young woman is rewarded in unexpected ways . . . Be kind and have faith. Ella Troyer strives to abide by her mothers final words, although life in the small Amish town of Echo Creek isnt always easy. Her new stepmother, Linda, treats her coldly, and her two stepsisters, Drusilla and Anna, delight in gossip and laziness. After her fathers death, Ellas stepsisters are free to attend youth singings while Ella stays at home to manage the household chores, rarely seeing another soul. Until one day, while running an errand, she has a chance meeting with a young Amish man from a nearby town. Drusilla and Anna are full of admiration for charming, affluent newcomer Johannes Wagler, and Linda hopes to ensnare him as a husband for one of her girlswhile keeping Ella out of the way. As for Hannes, he longs to catch another glimpse of the mysterious young woman who can sing so sweetly and bake the most delicious pie hes ever sampled. Now, with a little help from some unlikely sources, Ella dares to hope she might find her hearts dearest wishesfor love, family, and a home of her owncoming true at last . . ....

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Ella: An Amish Retelling of Cinderella (An Amish Fairytale #2) Reviews

  • Melissa

    Cinderella has always been one of my favorite fairytales. The thought of how people can treat others so bad and with little disregard makes me sad and angry. In this tale, Ella is unmarried and lives at home with her parents. When her mother passes, her father seeks the companionship of another wife. However, this just brings disaster and despair for Ella. After her father's death, things within the home become unbearable. Ella however, shows more compassion than most would because she remembers ...more

  • Yvette

    Ella is a fun, quick read that transports the reader into an Amish tale that incorporates all of the expected components and characters of the Cinderella fairytale, though not always in an expected way.  Her stepmother is appropriately capriciously cruel and her step-sisters vain and lazy, and there just happen to be some mice in the cellar.

    Ella herself is a lovely version of Cinderella, putting up with the demands of her stepmother and step-sisters as she keeps in mind her mother's dying words,

  • Jaymie

    A delight from start to finish! I loved how the author adapted the Cinderella story to the Amish setting. After watching Ella’s mistreatment at the hands of her step-family for most of the book, the ending made me sit up and cheer. Fantastic! This is a must-read series for me.

    I received an electronic review copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Amanda Mahaffey

    This is the first book I have read of Sarah Price I enjoyed this book. I love fairy tales in general but I enjoyed her Amish writing of this classic. The story between Hannes and Ella was super exciting I enjoyed the twist through out the book. The way Elle loved the Lord and kept her promise to her mother amazed me. She definitely was more forgiving to her family then most would be.

  • Maureen Timerman

    I really enjoyed this take on Cinderella with an Amish flare, all except friending mice…nope not this girl.

    If you read Belle, she is here briefly, and now Sadie is missing, and hope found in the next book, but Ella is going to keep you page turning to the end. A great twist to an old fairy tale, there is even a mention of the brothers Grimm, love it!

    Of course, you are going into this story knowing of the evil step-mother and the wicked step-sisters, and all the time I am reading I have mind pic

  • Angela Brocato-Skaggs

    Ella has not had it easy since her father died unexpectedly and left her alone with her stepmother and two stepsisters. She has had to do whatever her stepsisters did not want to do which is everything from cooking, cleaning and working in the family store. Her stepmother lets the girls get away with everything while making Ella look and feel as if she is worthless. An unfortunate event has plagued the family and something must be done to save the family store. When a young man starts visiting E ...more

  • Carol

    Ella:An Amish Retelling Of Cinderella Whyat a unique way to retell Cinderella in an Amish CHRIST centered way - now isn't that fun? It is a colossal success. The author refined the story from its original version. It is no longer hollow it has a substanet message of trusting in the LORD and HE will take care of you. The stepmother and step sisters are still of obnoxious and repulsive as they should be. Ella is refined and thoughtful and full of Faith - who trusts in GOD and that HE will make the ...more

  • Sherry Greene

    Sarah Price brings us another book that is an Amish retelling of fairy tales. The does a great job following the Cinderella fairy tale, however, I read it with mixed emotions.

    I understand the Amish concept of forgiveness to others for their actions, however, I felt that Ella was too much of a “doormat” and perhaps should have been at least a little vocal towards her “wicked” stepmother and stepsisters’ abuse toward her. To me, she came across as “too holy (perfect)” of a person. I found myself