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Choose Your Own Disaster

A hilarious, quirky, and unflinchingly honest memoir about one young woman's terrible and life-changing decisions while hoping (and sometimes failing) to find herself, in the style of Never Have I Ever and Adulting. Join Dana Schwartz on a journey revisiting all of the terrible decisions she made in her early twenties through the internet's favorite method of self-knowledge: the quiz. Part-memoir, part-VERY long personality test, CHOOSE YOUR OWN DISASTER is a manifesto about the millennial experience and modern feminism and how the easy advice of "you can be anything you want!" is actually pretty fucking difficult when there are so many possible versions of yourself it seems like you could be. Dana has no idea who she is, but at least she knows she's a Carrie, a Ravenclaw, a Raphael, a Belle, a former emo kid, a Twitter addict, and a millennial just trying her best....

Title : Choose Your Own Disaster
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ISBN : 9781478970392
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 272 pages
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Choose Your Own Disaster Reviews

  • Jake Steinberg

    Dana Schwartz is a star and everyone should read this book!! It can totally be that new book you tell people to read when they ask for recommendations on Facebook.

  • Zahra Hassan

    Choose your own disaster feels as if it is playing within the spectrum of being a lighthearted account of some of the author's crazy life experiences and a statement on the everyday struggles of a woman trying to find her way through her twenties.

    Overall, I settled on taking the book as the prior--lighthearted with some jarring moments to take you back to reality. Some (if not all) of the social commentary fell flat for me, and while an issue or two was able to make a societal connection (such

  • Anna Godfrey

  • Lisa (Remarkablylisa)


  • MJ Lee

    I really enjoyed the "Choose your own adventure"/"Personality Quiz" style of the book. The second person point of view was well done and made the memoir feel a lot more personal - which really worked for me because I related so strongly to many of the sections. I felt like I was truly living through Schwartz's life instead of her simply TELLING me about what happened in her life.

    My only criticism is that sometimes, it was a little confusing to tell the difference between what actually happened

  • Brandon Forsyth

    The Choose Your Own Adventure approach to biography has been done before (see Harris, Neil Patrick), but I doubt it's ever been done with more brutal honesty than Dana Schwartz has brought out here. For a book that's bound to elicit a lot of debate about what actually happened in each of these scenarios, what ultimately comes across is a portrait of Schwartz's mindset and personality that is refreshingly brash and raw. I loved reading this, and if you liked Amy Schumer's THE GIRL WITH THE LOWER ...more

  • Taylor

    A hilarious, thoughtful, and brutally honest memoir of a woman in her early 20s. I've been following Dana's writing and tweets for a few years now, and I always appreciate how vulnerable she's willing to be, whether it be about relationships, eating disorders, or starting a career. Dana examines her own mistakes and insecurities with as much scrutiny as she places on the other people mentioned in her book, so while this is obviously one person's account, her criticisms rarely felt unfair to me.

  • Erin

    I am reviewing this book for Library Journal.