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"And that is how it happened. Can we stop now?"Kimberly Crepeaux is no good, a notorious jailhouse snitch, teen mother, and heroin addict whose petty crimes are well-known to the rural Maine community where she lives. So when she confesses to her role in the brutal murders of Jackie Pelletier and Ian Kelly, the daughter of a well-known local family and her sweetheart, the locals have little reason to believe her story.Not Rob Barrett, the FBI investigator and interrogator specializing in telling a true confession from a falsehood. He's been circling Kimberly and her conspirators for months, waiting for the right avenue to the truth, and has finally found it. He knows, as strongly as he's known anything, that Kimberly's story -- a grisly, harrowing story of a hit and run fueled by dope and cheap beer that becomes a brutal stabbing in cold blood -- is how it happened. But one thing remains elusive: where are Jackie and Ian's bodies?After Barrett stakes his name and reputation on the truth of Kimberly's confession, only to have the bodies turn up 200 miles from where she said they'd be, shot in the back and covered in a different suspect's DNA, the case is quickly closed and Barrett forcibly reassigned. But for Howard Pelletier, the tragedy of his daughter's murder cannot be so tidily swept away. And for Barrett, whose career may already be over, the chance to help a grieving father may be the only one he has left.HOW IT HAPPENED is a frightening, tension-filled ride into the dark heart of rural American from a writer Stephen King has called "a master" and the New York Times has deemed "impossible to resist."...

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How It Happened Reviews

  • Debbie

    This book begins with Kimberly Crepeaux, a heroin addict and jailhouse snitch, telling a highly seeming probable story of the death of a young couple. At first, when I was reading this very first part, I wasn't sure what was going on. However, I soon figured out it was the junkie's testimony. And away, the book went.

    This book was outstanding! I think it is Mr. Koryta's best book yet.

    You just know that the murder is solved very early in the book, but your questioning it. How can the author tell y

  • Brooke


    Yes, I'm rating this harsh. No, I don't care.

    To say that this was a disappointment is an understatement. Even when I discovered this was more like a police procedural than his usually bout of mysteries I still kept HOW IT HAPPENED on my TBR. I usually like PPs, I can roll with this. But this was pushing it.

    Koryta knows how to keep his readers hooked- I'll give him that. With (bordering on unnecessary) short chapters, you feel compelled to finish if for no other reason than to get this ove

  • Cheri

    I have not read a book by MK that I have not enjoyed. Many times his books have a bit of paranormal or ghostly feel to them, but not this one. It is pure crime, mystery, suspense and an awesome story. My thought were a rollercoaster of a ride. I had no idea how it happened until the end :)

  • Lizenbyl

    This book is a really good read that kept me involved from page 1 to the end. The story is about the killing of multiple people, and who is the ultimate mastermind behind the killings. An FBI agent is involved with the local authorities trying to solve the mystery.

  • Debra

    3.5 Stars

    Kimberly Crepeaux is well known in her rural hometown in Maine. She is well-known for being an addict, a teen mother, a liar and a snitch. So, when she confesses to FBI agent, Rob Barrett as to her involvement in the killings of Jackie and Ian and the disposal of their bodies - not many people believe her confession or version of events. Except for Barrett, who has been trained in telling a true confession from a false one. He believes her confession and becomes almost obsessed with his

  • Jeanette

    This book was excellent. 4.5 stars. I could not round it up but I considered it. Possibly I balked from giving it that fifth star because of the explosive italics bomb start. That's becoming a trend (3 books I've read in the last 3 weeks have done this action, crime, chewy, grizzly witness beginning; I find that really an odd coincidence? ) Or is that the new trend for the ADHD attention span of the common modern psychology thriller reader? Or for the dual or triple narrator switching field advo ...more

  • J.K. Grice

    I do not think that Michael Koryta is capable of writing a bad book. I am always so impressed with his intelligence, his characters, and his intriguing plots. HOW IT HAPPENED is as good as any mystery you will read this year, and will more than likely stick with you for the foreseeable future. I know it will remain in my mind for some time to come.

  • debra

    3.5 I don't know why I didn't like this more than I did, but...

    Chelsea Humphrey, Diane S., and Shelby *trains flying monkeys* all wrote real reviews that, although not quite as good as my stunner of an incomplete sentence review, are quite excellent. : ))