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The Outsider (Finders Keepers #4)

An unspeakable crime. A confounding investigation. At a time when the King brand has never been stronger, he has delivered one of his most unsettling and compulsively readable stories.An eleven-year-old boys violated corpse is found in a town park. Eyewitnesses and fingerprints point unmistakably to one of Flint Citys most popular citizens. He is Terry Maitland, Little League coach, English teacher, husband, and father of two girls. Detective Ralph Anderson, whose son Maitland once coached, orders a quick and very public arrest. Maitland has an alibi, but Anderson and the district attorney soon add DNA evidence to go with the fingerprints and witnesses. Their case seems ironclad.As the investigation expands and horrifying answers begin to emerge, Kings propulsive story kicks into high gear, generating strong tension and almost unbearable suspense. Terry Maitland seems like a nice guy, but is he wearing another face? When the answer comes, it will shock you as only Stephen King can....

Title : The Outsider (Finders Keepers #4)
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ISBN : 9781501180989
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 561 pages
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Finders Keepers Bill Hodges Series by Stephen King While Finders Keepers doesn t have the high drama of Mr Mercedes or the fireworks that, most likely, will cap off the stories of these characters, it has greater Finders Keepers A Novel The Bill Hodges Praise for Finders Keepers Stephen King s superb new stay up all night thriller, Finders Keepers, is a sly,often poignant tale of literary obsession that recalls Finders Keepers A Novel The Bill Hodges Trilogy Book Finders Keepers A Novel The Bill Hodges Trilogy Book Kindle edition by Stephen King Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The Outsider by Stephen King, Hardcover Barnes Stephen King is the author of than fifty books, all of them worldwide bestsellers His recent work includes The Outsider, Sleeping Beauties cowritten with his THE OUTSIDER by Stephen King Kirkus Reviews Horrormeister King End of Watch, , etc serves up a juicy tale that plays at the forefront of our current phobias, setting a police procedural among the Cheatbook Cheat Codes, Cheats, Games Trainer, Cheatbook your source for Cheats, Video game Cheat Codes and Game Hints, Walkthroughs, FAQ, Games Trainer, Games Guides, Secrets, cheatsbook The Plant Wikipedia The Plant is an unfinished serial novel by American writer Stephen King, published in privately and in as a commercial e book The story, told in Stephen King Books In Chronological Order Stephen King Here is the list of Stephen King s books we re reading as part of Stephen King Revisited, along with links to the essays and other content we have posted for each Richard Bachman Wikipedia Richard Bachman is a pen name used by horror fiction author Stephen King

The Outsider (Finders Keepers #4) Reviews

  • Shelby *trains flying monkeys*

    There is a few special moments that happen in life. One of them being one that gets me every single time.

    And even if I don't go ape over the book that is his new one at the time, I'll always pick up that next one.


    I'll admit that the first half of this part had me drooling in my sleep. I've been working all the hours at work and can barely hold my eyes open for 2 minutes but once I actually started this one I was mumbling around (something about yessssss my King....)

    Then I got to th

  • Edward Lorn

    It's no secret that The Outsider was my most anticipated novel of 2018, right up there with Neverworld Wake, by Marisha Pessl, and Providence, by Caroline Kepnes. So did it live up to the hype and, furthermore, my expectations? You're damn skippy it did, and then some.

    This is not a return to form for Stephen King. This is not "Old School" King. This is the best of new Stephen King. The Outsider stands right up there with recent favorites, like Revival. In fact, I've bumped The Waste Lands off my

  • Sadie Hartmann Mother Horror

    *no spoiler review* However, if you don't want to know anything about this book, please save this review for later.

    I have been waiting for a book like this from King for a long, long time. I'd say I've wanted a book like this since 11/22/63-- I loved that book but it wasn't horror. After 11/22/63 we had a string of "middle of the road" books or good books that fell just short of horror for this Constant Reader. Dr. Sleep, The Bill Hodges Trilogy, Revival, Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Sleeping Beauties.

  • Glenn Sumi

    How does Stephen King do it? The guy turns 71 this September, and he’s still at the top of his game. This is the 16th book of his I’ve read, and it’s easily one of his best.

    Everything is so sharply done: plotting, pacing, characters, twists, the villain. The book is 560 pages, but it never feels padded. From the shocking beginning, to the many revelations, to the introduction of a beloved King character at the midpoint, to the climactic end, I was never bored. In fact, I hauled the book out when

  • Susanne Strong

    4 Stars

    King does it again! Simply masterful.

    Young Frankie Peterson is dead. His death was brutal: gruesome, horrific and completely senseless. All evidence points to Terry Maitland, beloved Little League Coach, as the murderer. His fingerprints are all over the crime scene and eye-witnesses place him with Peterson moments before his death. Enraged by the viciousness of the crime, and convinced of Maitland’s guilt, Detective Ralph Anderson arranges for the public arrest of Maitland: in front of

  • J.D. Barker

    Absolutely loved THE OUTSIDER by @StephenKing - Murder, baseball, and gut-wrenching suspense. This is classic King at his best.

  • Kayla Dawn

    I really really love Kings writing style and his characters. He knows how to create the perfect atmosphere for every situation possible. But unfortunately the story itself fell flat for me. It was predictable and nothing new I guess? It just didn't overwhelm me. But it was still an nice read and it seems like most people enjoyed it a lot :)

  • Char

    I loved the first half of this book so much, I hardly knew what to do with myself. I just wanted to be reading every minute of the day. Don't get me wrong, the second half was good, it just didn't impress me quite as much.

    I'm not going to rehash the plot, because today, only one week from the release date, there are already hundreds of reviews that do that. I'm just going to give a few of my thoughts and impressions:

    The first quarter of this book was outstanding. It reminded me of all the reason