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A humorous debut crossover young adult novel about what happens when entering the "real world" means moving back in with your mother, inspired by actress and celebrity Autumn Chiklis' real life.Eloise Lou Hansen is graduating from Columbia University summa cum laude, and she's ready to conquer the world. Just a few minor problems: she has no job, no prospects, and shes moving back into her childhood bedroom. Lou is grimly determined to stick to a rigorous schedule to get a job and get out of her parents house. Shelly Mama Shell Hansen, on the other hand, is ecstatic, and just as determined to keep her at home. Who else will help her hide her latest binge-shopping purchases from her husband, go to SoulCycle with her, and hold her hand during Botox shots?Smothered is a hilarious roman clef told via journal entries, text messages, emails, bills, receipts, tweets, doctors prescriptions, job applications and rejections, parking tickets, and pug pictures, chronicling the year that Lou moves back home after college. Told from Lous point-of-view, Smothered tells the story of two young(ish) women, just trying to get it right, and learning that just because we all grow up doesnt mean we necessarily have to grow old. (After all, what is Juvaderm for?)...

Title : Smothered
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ISBN : 9781250150493
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 288 pages
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Smothered Reviews

  • Shannon Williamson

    I won this book from a Goodreads Giveaway:

    This book is trying very hard to sound like "Bridget Jones' Diary". The main character writes about her day, keeps track of her goals/weight plans, complains about her mother, etc. Unlike the aforementioned book though, I’m not rooting for the heroine at all. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to sympathize/relate to the main character, Lou, or not, which is disconcerting honestly because I think the intention was for readers to root for her? If I'm supposed t

  • Patricia

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading SMOTHERED; it's laugh out loud funny! After graduating from Columbia University summa cum laude, Lou moves in with her family while searching for a job. If you are looking for some light reading, this is it! I received SMOTHERED for an honest review.

  • Olivia

    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway and for that, I am thankful.

    I can't imagine how furiously annoyed I'd be if I spent the estimated $18.99 on this. By no means is it the worst book I've ever read, but I can't recommend it.

    Originally marketed as a young-adult crossover novel, I believe it has been fixed and is now being marketed more appropriately as an adult novel.

    It took me well over a month to finish Smothered. I dreaded having to read it because of the headache that was sure to accomp

  • Niki

    As a recent graduate, post-uni depression has hit me HARD, so I thought I had found the perfect book in this, but nope. Lou wasn't in any way relatable, the family is super rich and spending an extraordinary amount of money in every turn; it's clear that the only reason why she wants to find a job is to get some "HA, in your face! I'm so independent!" points, like that one friend she keeps badmouthing but secretly wants to be like, and NOT because she has any actual need for that money. She does ...more

  • Brenda Schneider

    A wonderful laugh out loud book. Really enjoyed the characters. I won this book through goodreads.

  • Naomi Wilson

    Hilarious! There were so many laugh out loud moments. My face hurts from all the smiles.

    Lou tells the story about moving back to her upper class family home in Los Angeles after college though journal entries, text messages, social media posts, receipts, and other media. She struggles with living with her over bearing mother, finding a job, and telling her parents about her long-term boyfriend.

    Mama Shell really steals the comedy show. She has questionable parenting choices and follows the stran

  • Nat

    Post-Graduation Depression, Mother/Daughter Dynamics, and Coming-of-Age

    I was beyond keen on diving into this book, thanks to the premise of using unconventional storytelling and sounding on par with an underrated favorite of mine, Motherest by Kristen Iskandrian, by exploring themes of daughter-mother bonds through journal entries.

    It’s also in a similar vein to Motherest wherein essentially nothing happens plot-wise; the story relies heavily on the characters, so if you don’t connect with the m

    How did I not know that when Abbi gets blackout drunk, she becomes Val?


    • Speaking of over-the-top women: the mother/daughter interactions have a lot to offer in the ways of entertainment. Take for example this exchange below that sums up quite well the dynamic between Mama Shell and Lou:

    Her voice brought to mind Kate Siegel's “Mother, Can You Not?,” especially when I came upon this exchange later on in the book:

    This screams of the aforementioned because:

    Added bonus: her mother making sure Lou doesn't relegate in her love life stays consistently funny.

    Sigh. Mom has somehow managed to sabotage every single one of my relationships … even the imaginary ones with celebrities. (“Eddie Redmayne? Really? Why not Ryan Gosling or Zac Efron??”)

    • Which is a sly way to mention Theodore Greenberg:

    To get on Mama Shell's level, dating a guy that uses “awesome sauce” unironically is a sign to... 

    But on a real note, I do not understand Theo as a character since he barely gets fleshed out beyond his niche of cooking food and taking care for Lou... Like, what are his motivations for staying with Lou? He gets dropped on us as a fact since he's introduced as her boyfriend™, but we never get to see why they chose each other, or even the bare minimum of talking to one another about something besides take-out food or Lou's jobless state. This is exactly why having a main character in a relationship from the get-go is seldom a good thing in my book, because they have this whole history together that we, as the reader, are unaware of (and that we weirdly didn't experience in here), and it consequently created this distance between us and them. Like, how can I root for you to stay together when it's hard to gauge why you're in it in the first place?

    • Aside: Smothered featuring texts, Instagram posts, emails, receipts, and more made for quite the upbeat and swift read.

    I feel like the positives come to a bit of a halt at this point because all else gets eclipsed by Lou's whining, privileged state. I mean, I couldn't comprehend how she keeps complaining about not having a job upon graduating from Columbia and experiencing jealousy when her peers find their passion… and yet she does absolutely nothing to move forward in life. Lou literally applies to only one place over the entirety of this book... She just sits in bed, waiting for her mom to order her around (and then complains when she does).

    Later, Theo himself has to put her entitlement in perspective:

    “Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic?”

    “In what way am I being dramatic?” I asked, dramatically.

    Theo shook his head. “You’re living rent-free. You got rejected from one job. This is hardly the end of the world.

    THANK YOU! She doesn’t even acknowledge how good she's got it going for herself. 

    I mean, the author tried toning it down at one point by introducing an even shallower character so that the main character doesn’t seem as bad -- smart move on her part -- but it didn't play out in the end on account of her constant exaggerations, such as:

    I miss college, where being social required no more than stepping outside my dorm room and walking half a block. Now, all my friends are either on the East Coast or going to graduate school, leaving me a completely isolated introvert in La-La Land.* This is pretty much the equivalent of dropping a blind person in the Sahara and asking him to find water.

    I'm pretty sure Lou has never experienced thirst in her rich life, so don't.

    And then she goes on, while on a juice cleanse, to write: "Hunger Level: Africa."

    Please, reevaluate your choices in saying this. 

    And before that, it was the Geneva Conventions with that same juice cleanse, “My whole body shuddered. No food for seven days? Surely this was banned by the Geneva Conventions.” I personally don't care for exaggerations in books, so this hit the wrong note for me.

    There's also the case of her mother outright lying by registering her pugs as service dogs just to bring them along on vacation, when they're the furthest thing from stable. Drew Lynch made a whole video about this phenomenon of faking service dogs, and how this behavior, perpetrated by individuals like Lou's mom, affects people with trained service dogs in receiving fair treatment at different establishments.

    “Service dogs?” I shouted from the backseat as Baguette blew snot in my face.

    “I registered them on the Internet!” Mom insisted, turning around from the front to face me. “What more do you want?”

    “Mom, I know newborn babies who are better behaved than these pugs.”

    “Oh, it’s fine!” Mom dismissed, waving her hand at me. “If anyone has a problem, I can show them my papers.”

    And while I'm on the topic, I couldn't agree with Lou's habit of compulsively lying to her loved ones over the course of this book, when telling the truth is so much easier than whatever hole she’s digging by making up these lies. And it's tragic because whenever she's caught spinning in her web of lies she still opts to make up another lie... The angst surrounding this whole book could've been avoided had she just told the damn TRUTH. Her anthem song could only be  Why You Always Lying .

    So I was beyond thankful when her father finally calls her out on her attitude.

    “Well, are you an adult?”

    I paused, taken aback. Was this a trick question?

    “That’s what it says on my ID.”

    “No, it says you’re twenty-two on your ID. Does that really make you an adult?”

    It brings home the quote I read in HONY: “Just because you're an adult doesn't mean you're grown up. Growing up means being patient, holding your temper, cutting out the self-pity, and quitting with the righteous indignation.”

    But when putting those hindrances aside, this is the first novel to compel me for the first time in weeks with its nontraditional mother-daughter relationship. And having Lou achieve some major character growth by the end of the book was satisfying to experience. So, overall, I'd say that if you know what you're getting into before reading, Smothered makes for one hell of a book.

    ARC kindly provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    Expected publication: May 1st, 2018

    Note: I’m an Amazon Affiliate. If you’re interested in buying Smotheredjust click on the image below to go through my link. I’ll make a small commission!

    This review and more can be found on my blog. ...more

  • Jessica Parsons

    “Why’s my body tingling? Is that normal? It’s like I’m carbonated. Can humans be carbonated?? Whoa”

    Eloise (Lou) Hansen has graduated college summa cum laude and is ready to begin her awesome life. The only problem is that, of course, she doesn’t know where to start. Moving back in with her parents seems the only option, and that means dealing with her mother, who is thrilled to have her daughter back home to go shopping with her and watch the Bachelor with her and her ‘Red Hots’ crew every week.