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Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces

Magical prose stylist Michael Chabon (Michiko Kakutani,New York Times) delivers a collection of essaysheartfelt, humorous, insightful, wiseon the meaning of fatherhood.For the September 2016 issue ofGQ,Michael Chabon wrote a piece about accompanying his son Abraham Chabon, then thirteen, to Paris Mens Fashion Week. Possessed with a precocious sense of style, Abe was in his element chatting with designers he idolized and turning a critical eye to the freshest runway looks of the season; Chabon Sr., whose interest in clothing stops at thrift-shopping for vintage western shirts or Herms neckties, sat idly by, staving off yawns and fighting the impulse that the whole thing was a massive waste of time. Despite his own indifference, however, what gradually emerged as Chabon ferried his son to and from fashion shows was a deep respect for his sons passion. The piece quickly became a viral sensation.Withthe GQ storyas its centerpiece, and featuring six additional essays plus an introduction,Popsilluminates the meaning, magic, and mysteries of fatherhood as only Michael Chabon can....

Title : Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces
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Pops: Fatherhood in Pieces Reviews

  • Zachary Houle

    I once heard a remark, presumably attributed to Canadian writer Margaret Atwood, that you can do two out of three things in life: be a writer, have a job that supports your writing until you “make it,” and have children. You can be a writer and have a job, but cannot have children at the same time. You can also have children and have a job, but cannot sustain yourself as a writer. I’m not sure if that’s true or not, or if Atwood is indeed the source of that paraphrase, but Pulitzer Prize-winning ...more

  • Brett Yanta

    There is a distinct excitement I feel, a unique thrill, when there are new Michael Chabon works to read. I love his love of language, the joy and precision with which he crafts sentences, and the care and thought he gives into everything. So much of this work was not only a pleasure to read, but touching and heartfelt looks at fatherhood from both sides of it. I particularly loved The Old Ball Game and Against Dickitude, and was really touched by the insight at the end of Little Man. A great col ...more

  • Lillian

    Reading Chabon is like listening to a symphony. His prose washes over and through me and fills me with happiness. He is such an amazing writer.

    Much like his previous collection of essays, Manhood For Amateurs, he is deeply serious and reflective about fatherhood. Yet this portrait is more intimate such that by the end I felt his children and I had become friends.

    The signature piece written initially for the September 2016 issue of GQ magazine where Chabon accompanied his thirteen year old son t

  • John Lamb

    Wish it was longer.

  • Julia

    This is seven essays on being a parent to his four children and a son to his father. In the first essay he brings his fashion- forward 13 year- old son to Paris Men’s Fashion Week. Where Chabon Sr. finds the whole thing a massive waste of time, his son finds his people there. In “Be Cool or Be Cast Out,” Chabon relates as a twelve- year old, he had a t-shirt made reading ‘Libertine,’ which he chose to define as freethinker, not male slut. “Pops” is about Chabon’s father the doctor, who when Chab ...more

  • Matt Fitz

    Michael Chabon is two things off the top of my head. An intense author with sharp wit and sometimes caustic comedy and he's also a lightning rod for controversy - intentionally. I've enjoyed his novels and this short collection of essays where he muses on fatherhood (perfect timing with Fathers Day approaching) as the father of four as well as his relationship with his own father. Get ready for some deep thinking about a 21st century father who sees himself as such. Advice he was given on being ...more

  • Maurice Tougas

    Michael Chabon is, as far as I know, some kind of ultra-acclaimed writer of fiction. I know he's famous enough to have been a guest voice on The Simpsons, but that's about the extent of my knowledge about Chabon. According the the blurbs on the back of his new book, Pops, Chabon, a Pulitzer Prize winner, is "an extraordinarily generous writer", and "a wildly gifted stylist", etc. So they say.

    This book (and I use the term loosely; it's all of 127 pages in a very small format) is a collection of p

  • Keen

    3.5 Stars!

    “If none of my books turn out to be among that bright remnant because I allowed my children to steal my time, narrow my compass, and curtail my freedom, I’m all right with that. Once they’re written, my books, unlike my children, hold no wonder for me; no mystery resides in them. Unlike my children, my books are cruelly unforgiving of my weaknesses, failings, and flaws of character. Most of all, my books, unlike my children, do not love me back.”

    This is a quote from the opening recolle