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What You Want To See (Roxane Weary #2)

The thrilling follow up to The Last Place You Look, starring troubled and determined private investigator, Roxane WearyMarin Strasser has a secret. Her fiance thinks her secret is that shes having an affair, and he hires P.I. Roxane Weary to prove it.Then, just days into the case, Marin is shot to death on a side street in an apparent mugging. But soon enough the police begin to focus on Roxane's client for Marins death, so she starts to dig deeper into Marins lifediscovering that the elegant woman shes been following has a past and a half, including two previous marriages, an adult son fresh out of prison, and a criminal record of her own. The trail leads to a crew of con artists, an ugly real estate scam that defrauds unsuspecting elderly homeowners out of their property, and the suspicious accident of a wealthy older woman who lives just down the street from where Marin was killed.With Roxanes client facing a murder indictment, the scammers threaten Roxane's mother by ensnaring her house in their web of fraud unless Roxane drops the case, and it becomes clear that the stakes are as high as the secrets run deep....

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What You Want To See (Roxane Weary #2) Reviews

  • Shannon

    Another buddy read w my girl Jamie! What You Want to See by Kristen Lepionka was a solid 4 star read for me! This book is the 2nd in the series so I would suggest reading The Last Place You Look first!

    I love Kristen’s writing! She is so current and funny that I actually chuckled while reading this one. Roxane is a private investigator and after her last big case she is trying calm her life down. She doesn’t drink nearly as much as she use to. She’s single now but both of her ex’s make an appeara

  • Kathy Martin

    Roxane Weary's next case should be an easy one: follow her client's fiance to see if she is having an affair. Things get more complicated when the fiance is found shot to death on the street after having an argument with Roxane's employer. Worst yet, her employer's gun is missing and it might be the murder weapon.

    Roxane has to clear her client. As she begins to dig into Marin Strasser's background more questions than answers are found. She says she's an interior decorator but her business card

  • Cheryl

    Big fun that I lived on the same block of the murder! Brought back fond memories of warm, summer weather in 'the hood.' This series' main cast of characters, and one relationship in particular, is what keeps me reading, as well as her ability to weave a more intricate, compelling plot. She's a master at natural dialogue, teetering on too natural for reading as it can be confusing in the absence of intonation, etc. This particular story entwined a large web of characters that left me wishing I'd ...more

  • Dan Schwent

    When Roxane Weary takes on a case, trailing a woman to see if she's cheating on her much older fiance, things take a turn when the woman she's following gets murdered. Who killed Marin Strasser? Was it the fiance, like everyone things? That's what Roxane wants to know...

    I loved the first Roxane Weary book, The Last Place You Look, so this one was a no brainer.

    What You Want to See is a murder mystery with a lot of other stuff muddying the waters. It sure as hell looks like the fiance did it. But

  • Laura

    3.5 stars

    I didn't enjoy this one quite as much as the first, but it did not suffer from second book syndrome. I think it was more a situation of me not being as into this particular case. It was still good and twisty and all that fun stuff. But it just didn't intrigue me quite as much.

    Roxane is still this complex, flawed, amazing PI. She is bisexual - a rep done right, by the way. She's an alcoholic and her dad died recently - all the makings of a fucked up protagonist who just happens to be phe

  • Kendall

    What You Want To See by Kristen Lepionka is another one of my favorite series!

    I love Roxane Weary's sassiness and her DGAF attitude :). I love the tough women that know how to handle the bad guys! ;).

    A very intriguing mystery with cleverly layered characters that adds a whole lot of bang to this mystery's buck ;).

    If you enjoy Robert Bryznda's series Erika Foster I definitely would recommend this one!

    Roxane is a private investigator that is still struggling with her father's death along with th

  • Samantha

    When I saw that Kristen Lepionka had written a follow up to The Last Place You Look I was excited and couldn't wait to get my hands on a copy. Thankfully Netgalley and St. Martin's Press provided me with a copy for my honest review.

    And honestly this was just as good as the first one; Roxane was still her messed up lovable self, we got to catch up with a few of the folks from the first book and best of all the mystery could not have been more different. I think the first book might have had a bi

  • Jessica

    Thanks to Minotaur Books for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!

    Normally when I find out I'm starting part way into a series I get a little bummed. You never know if it's a series where all the books are connected or it they're different crimes to be solved with the same detective/private eye. Roxane Weary is a Private Investigator and she is everything you want in a strong female lead!

    I'll try to be a little more brief in my description of the book - the synopsis definitely give