Read Hey Ladies!: The Story of 8 Best Friends, 1 Year, and Way, Way Too Many Emails by Michelle Markowitz Online

Hey Ladies!: The Story of 8 Best Friends, 1 Year, and Way, Way Too Many Emails

Based on the column of the same name that appeared in The Toast, Hey Ladies! is a laugh-out-loud read that follows a fictitious group of eight 20-and-30-something female friends for one year of holidays, summer house rentals, dates, brunches, breakups, and, of course, the planning of a disastrous wedding. This instantly relatable story is told entirely through emails, texts, DMs, and every other form of communication known to man.The women in the book are stand-ins for annoying friends that we all have. Theres Nicole, whos always broke and tries to pay for things in Forever21 gift cards. Theres Katie, the self-important budding journalist, who thinks a retweet and a byline are the same thing. And theres Jen, the DIY suburban bride-to-be. With a perfectly pitched sardonic tone, Hey Ladies! will have you cringing and laughing as you recognize your own friends, and even yourself....

Title : Hey Ladies!: The Story of 8 Best Friends, 1 Year, and Way, Way Too Many Emails
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Hey Ladies!: The Story of 8 Best Friends, 1 Year, and Way, Way Too Many Emails Reviews

  • Mary

    Listen. Is this high literature? NOPE. Did I hate every single one of these characters at one point or another? YUP. (Except maybe Gracie. Also I might be her, down to the very last page. #owningit.) Was it thoroughly enjoyable and 100% bingeable and exactly what I needed over the holiday weekend? Absolutely yes.

    I’ve been on this email thread. YOU have been on this email thread. Markowitz and Moss do a fantastic job of satirizing the tone of the unique vortex of the mass group email and female

  • Liz

    Imagine going into this book thinking it's going to be about female empowerment, and ending up with... whatever this is (picked it up on a rec, didn't read anything about it beforehand). I'm so glad I don't know a single person like the characters in this book, is all I'm saying.

    It was a good, quick read for being (literally) in airplane mode, though, so I will credit this book that.

  • Ashley

    Here's the thing: I hated this book, I thought it was obnoxious and insufferable, and hated my life while I read it. However, damn, I couldn't stop reading it. This book is the definition of a train wreck. And, like, I get that that's the point, that's it's a satirical look at groups of girlfriends, and heck, I know I've sent my share of "Hey ladies!" emails... but ye gods. I didn't find this funny or amusing or anything but annoying.

    The characters were all obnoxious. Again, that's the point, bu

  • Alison

    Like another reviewer, I stayed up way too late so I could finish this book. I was a huge fan of the Hey Ladies column at The Toast, and the book is amazing. It's absolutely hilarious, and it builds on the original column in smart and funny ways. There are text messages in here! You get introduced to Helene, one of the Ladies' moms! And there are side plots and intrigue and ... it's just wonderful. I laughed out loud repeatedly.

  • Sarah Walz

    It’s like they took my phone, read all my group texts, emails, dms, gchats, and snapchats, then jacked up the drama and set it in New York. Really fucking spot on and so so funny

  • Allison

    Literally screamed at the end. Gracie!!!

  • Lindsey Hresko

    Reading this book was like watching a marathon of Real Housewives: you can do it compulsively, but you sort of feel icky about yourself during and after the whole debacle. The book was easy to finish - I read it at a sprint - but the whole experience actually made me nauseous.

    I get it. This is humor. Maybe even poorly executed social commentary. But while it had brief moments of being relatable, everything was portrayed on such an exaggerated scale that it was all just cringe-worthy. These wome

  • ester

    I laughed so much over this book on the subway that a dude next to me asked what I was reading. "It's a satire about female friendships," I told him. "It perfectly captures how obsessive and fraught and even smothering they can be, and also how important they are, and it's all done through emails and texts over a year while these eight friends are planning one friend's wedding."

    "OMG," he said, taking a picture of the cover, "that sounds great. I'll have to get it for my girlfriend. She'll love