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Moonstruck, Volume One: Magic to Brew (Moonstruck #1)

Werewolf barista Julie and her new girlfriend go on a date to a close-up magic show, but all heck breaks loose when the magician casts a horrible spell on their friend Chet. Now it's up to the team of mythical pals to stop the illicit illusionist before it's too late.Collects issues 1 through 5. ...

Title : Moonstruck, Volume One: Magic to Brew (Moonstruck #1)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781534304772
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 120 pages
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Moonstruck, Volume One: Magic to Brew (Moonstruck #1) Reviews

  • ashley (saidthestory)

    Okay, so I enjoyed this, but I also felt kind of... wanting? I wanted more.

    I felt the end was rushed, and I felt the author/artists were trying too hard. HOWEVER, the premise is super cute, I love many of the characters, and at certain moments I was LAUGHING OUT LOUD.

    Will I keep reading the series, DEFINITELY. I have high hopes it will get better as it goes!

  • anna (readingpeaches)


  • Devann

    this was so adorable!! really the only reason it didn't get 5 stars from me was because i thought the main conflict wrapped up a little bit too easily there at the end but it more than makes up for it in sheer adorableness and hilarity. also the art and character designs are absolutely amazing. if you like lumberjanes you should DEFINITELY check this out.

  • rachel • typed truths

    If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times before but I simply adore pastel fantasy worlds - the aus that blend modern technology with tradition mythology. You know the ones that have witches drinking their potions from Starbucks thermos and vampires that cannot take selfies? You can imagine my excitement the moment I learned Moonstruck existed. Lesbian werewolves in a pastel uf coffee shop AU? A dream come true!

    From the very first page, I fell in love with the world and its charac

  • Kathryn Kania

    Mrrr too cute. But why was she being so mean to Julie :(((((

  • Mehsi

    Werewolves, sweet cute romance, a hilarious centaur friend, magicians, drama, and more! This book will pull you in and not spit you out until the end.

    So I have been meaning to read this book for ages, the cover was what pulled me in. These girls looked adorable and cute together and I wanted to see them get together/go on dates/etc.

    But this book is so much more than just cute dates and cute romance. There is some drama and tension when an evil magician steals Chet's magic (aka his centaurness) a

  • Erica

    NOT related to

    This Moonstruck is super-duper absolutely squeetastically adorbs.

    SO much cute!

    It stars a low-self-esteemed, overly-apologetic, floofy werewolf barista , Julie, who begins by mooooning over her new crush, Serena.

    Her BFF (pictured above), Chet, is a fellow barista and a centaur who can catch dropped mugs between their horse knees. Talent! And they're also crushing madly on local heartthrob floofy hipster-lumberjack Tauren named Manuel.

    In this edgy college town, there are vampires

  • Maggie Gordon

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... this is so cute, I want to die! Moonstruck is about a world where monsters exist and they are baristas just like anyone else. Our protagonists are two lady werewolves in early love, a genderqueer centaur, and a witch with prophetic powers. They make up a silly, but heartfelt group that must find take down an evil sorcerer who is stealing people's magic. There's a good lesson about embracing your unique qualities, even when they make you something other than "normal". P ...more