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Yesterday I Was the Moon

yesterday i was the moon is a collection of poetry by noor unnahar - it explores courage, self-love, culture and the struggles of making peace with your heart and art. it contains black & white photographs paired with poetry pieces; giving it a photo diary feels. ...

Title : Yesterday I Was the Moon
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ISBN : 9781548924461
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 156 pages
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Yesterday I Was the Moon Reviews

  • dana

    to the person who

    will want to fall in love with me

    i have been a sky all my life

    full of life and light and anger

    if you're not coming with

    thunderstorms; do not come

    at all

    i love poetry and i love this. i tabbed so many poems bc they were all so beautiful and woww she is just so talented im in awe

  • Merel

    When I first read Noor's poems on her Instagram, I immediately fell in love. Although English is not her first language, Noor has the power to create beautiful poetry. For me, her words motivate me to get out of bed every day and do something great with my life. I love how Noor can take her pain and change it into something beautiful. What I find unique about it, is how Noor has the courage to write about her life in an honest way, without any shame, fear or whatsoever. This is why I totally rec ...more

  • Dani

    I liked the drawings and the writing was okay, but as a whole it felt like home. A nice collection to read in bed with a cup of tea.

  • Areeba Siddique

    the only poetry book I can read a hundred times <3

  • Shehzeen Muzaffar

    my mother named me

    light; the first rays starting the day

    and there are days

    when i forget there is light at all

    this name then becomes

    a remimder how

    the woman who raised me

    named me after something

    so glorious; it shines

    and even on my darkest days

    i am the light i should be looking for



  • Marie

    I don’t read a lot of poetry. In fact, I’m not sure I know how to read it. I sit down and read a book like this in a half hour. But then there are some that I go back to a re-read ten times, or find myself thinking about all the time - that was some of these poems. I picked this up in the airport after dropping my parents off, and the first page I opened to spoke about travel and home and I knew the book was coming with me.

  • Krystal Galvis

    I've read some of her work on her Instagram and fell in love with her art pieces. I really liked her book of poems because it's relatable and she's not hiding on her thoughts about herself, religion, and her family.

    "Be kind

    for this is something

    a lot of people

    can never be."

  • TeaAndBooks

    Writing: 5/5

    Originality: 5/5

    Style: 5/5

    “yesterday — i was the moon

    today — just an eclipse

    something in me travels; some days it’s to the dark

    some days it’s to the light”

    yesterday i was the moon is a collection of poetry written by Noor Unnahar, a Pakistani author. This book explores a variety of themes including art, people, home, courage, self-love, strength, culture, acceptance and survival.

    The actual layout of the book was stunning. There were the beautiful poems paired with incredible blac