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Salt Lane (DS Alexandra Cupidi #1)

A murdered migrant is the first big case for the embattled DS Alexandra Cupidi in a new series by the acclaimed author of The Birdwatcher.No-one knew their names, the bodies found in the water. There are people here, in plain sight, that no-one ever notices at all.DS Alexandra Cupidi has done it again. She should have learnt to keep her big mouth shut, after the scandal that sent her packing - resentful teenager in tow - from the London Met to the lonely Kent coastline. Even murder looks different in this landscape of fens, ditches and stark beaches, shadowed by the towers of Dungeness power station. Murder looks a lot less pretty.The man drowned in the slurry pit had been herded there like an animal. He was North African, like many of the fruit pickers that work the fields. The more Cupidi discovers, the more she wants to ask - but these people are suspicious of questions.It will take an understanding of this strange place - its old ways and new crimes - to uncover the dark conspiracy behind the murder. Cupidi is not afraid to travel that road. But she should be. She should, by now, have learnt.Salt Lane is the first in the new DS Alexandra Cupidi series. With his trademark characterisation and flair for social commentary, William Shaw has crafted a crime novel for our time that grips you, mind and heart....

Title : Salt Lane (DS Alexandra Cupidi #1)
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ISBN : 9781786486578
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 400 pages
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Salt Lane (DS Alexandra Cupidi #1) Reviews

  • James

    This is the second novel of William Shaw’s that I’ve read and while it’s the start of a new series, it follows on somewhat from the previous novel of his that I read, The Birdwatcher. In that novel DS Alexander Cupidi was a secondary character, but here she steps centre stage. When the body of a woman is found in a body of water in the titular marshland of Salt Lane, the Kent police are somewhat stumped. She doesn’t appear to have drowned and nor does the body have any obvious injuries that migh ...more

  • Christopher Williams

    I've enjoyed greatly all the books by William Shaw so far and hope this is the start of a series. Alex Cupidi is a great character and the birdwatching daughter is great as well. Very well constructed plot set in the Dungeness area of Kent with the issue of illegal immigrants/asylum seekers and itinerant labourers on local farms being prominent.

    The various strands all tied together neatly by the end and I did not guess what was going on at all.

  • Andrew Lone

    A great sequel to birdwatcher , highly recommend

  • Steven

    Absolutely Brilliant. A great read!! I highly recommend. I was hooked from the first page!

  • Thelastwordreview

    Having really enjoyed The Birdwatcher that was released in May 2016 and now William Shaw returns with Salt Lane. DS Alexandra Cupidi after leaving the Met and heading to the Kent coastline she is confronted with a shocking murder. Life is different here and so is murder. Salt Lane is a terrifying and gripping crime novel. that I enjoyed even more than Shaw’s previous. This is the start of a new DS Cupidi series and already looking forward to further books in the series.

    For Cupidi she has had a

  • Jacob Collins

    All of my reviews can be found at: https://hookedfrompageoneblog.wordpre...

    When I read The Birdwatcher by William Shaw last year I really liked DS Alexander Cupidi, so I was excited to find out that she was getting her own series. Although she did feature in The Birdwatcher, you do not need to read it to enjoy Salt Lane, as The Birdwatcher is a stand-alone; but I would recommend reading it if you would like to find out more about her past and character. The evocative setting in both books alone,

  • Carole

    I must say, i thoroughly enjoyed this book. Just loved the dysfunctional family of Alex’s and the scenery and all the bird and wildlife, I think the author is a birdwatcher himself. The story is a sad one, but very well written, and I had to keep reading to find out who was behind it all. Finished it in a day. I was quite surprised however, to find on fantastic fiction that there was one before this called Birdwatcher and that gives more insight into Alex’s move from the Met. I’m reading them ba ...more

  • Sandy

    3.5 stars

    One of my favourite books of last year was The Birdwatcher. The MC was William South, a cop with a dodgy past who runs up against a new colleague named DS Alexandra Cupidi. In this outing she takes over the lead as a member of the Serious Crime team with Kent police.

    Alexandra arrived in the area as a transfer from the Met. After an affair with a colleague in London was discovered, she packed up teenage daughter Zoë & moved to Dungeness. It hasn’t been an easy transition for either o