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All These Worlds (Bobiverse #3)

Being a sentient spaceship really should be more fun. But after spreading out through space for almost a century, Bob and his clones just can't stay out of trouble. They've created enough colonies so humanity shouldn't go extinct. But political squabbles have a bad habit of dying hard, and the Brazilian probes are still trying to take out the competition. And the Bobs have picked a fight with an older, more powerful species with a large appetite and a short temper. Still stinging from getting their collective butts kicked in their first encounter with the Others, the Bobs now face the prospect of a decisive final battle to defend Earth and its colonies. But the Bobs are less disciplined than a herd of cats, and some of the younger copies are more concerned with their own local problems than defeating the Others. Yet salvation may come from an unlikely source. A couple of eighth-generation Bobs have found something out in deep space. All it will take to save the Earth and perhaps all of humanity is for them to get it to Sol unless the Others arrive first....

Title : All These Worlds (Bobiverse #3)
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All These Worlds Bobiverse, by Dennis E Taylor All These Worlds has , ratings and reviews Bradley said Homo SideriaI love it Actually, I love this entire series.So much happens, but it All These Worlds Volume Bobiverse Buy All These Worlds Volume Bobiverse by Dennis E Taylor ISBN from s Book Store Everyday low prices and All These Worlds Bobiverse Book All These Worlds Bobiverse Book Kindle edition by Dennis Taylor Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like All These Worlds by Dennis E Taylor Bobiverse All These Worlds is the final book in the Bobiverse trilogy from Dennis E Taylor A space based, post apocalyptic, snark filled sci fi tale. All These Worlds Audiobook Audible Download the app and start listening to All These Worlds today Free with a day Trial This book holds up and works a definitive conclusion to the Bobiverse. All These Worlds Bobiverse Book Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for All These Worlds Bobiverse Book at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. All These Worlds by Dennis Taylor Bobiverse Book All These Worlds by Dennis Taylor is the third book in the Bobiverse series This book continues the space adventures of Bob Read book review buy online. Just finished all these worlds bobiverse reddit I m just sad that I m not years behind the series Looking for suggestions of other good books audible to get Did AL ICE Book one love the All These Worlds by Dennis E Taylor LibraryThing Click to read about All These Worlds by All these Worlds is the final book in Dennis E Taylor s Bobiverse trilogy All of the story lines in book two are Dennis E Taylor The journey from irate reader to Dennis E Taylor For We Are Many and All These Worlds are on the list as well, but gives a good flavor of what s going on in the Bobiverse.

All These Worlds (Bobiverse #3) Reviews

  • Charles Quinn

    Hope you *just* finished Book 2

    Love these books, fun writing, good science, multiple story lines, but my only issue is no refresher or recap or lead in to the last book. For those of us who read the last two books a while ago, it was tough to remember what happened last book. This one picks up on all the story lines. I think there’s a fine line to not irritate those who are just reading all the way through, but wish I had a little recap or a bit more summary on starting! I’ll bring this up in th

  • Becky

    Yeah, I'm kind of unabashedly fangirling over this trilogy. I love the IDEAS behind this work. I love that it manages to be tech-positive without betraying intrinsic humaness. I like the questions it asks and I would encourage you to ask yourself all the questions the Bobs ask about what makes or doesnt make them human.

    I got so attached to the different Bobs that I'm pretty sad to see the end of the trilogy, but I think it ended where it needed to. Escalation becomes an especial problem in scifi

  • Bradley

    Homo Sideria

    I love it. Actually, I love this entire series.

    So much happens, but it's mostly snippets and sub-plots for multiple personalities spread across vast distances across space. Of course, that's kinda necessary since it's one man in an AI matrix duplicating himself massively and communicating real-time over fantastic spaces, doing good as he mines and fabricates and fights battles with aliens, insane AIs from old Earth, talks with friends or adopted relatives or just goes the terraformin

  • Brent

    Excitement, closure, new adventures. A great ending to a great series.

  • Sinisa Mikasinovic

    I still can't believe I listened to this book 3 months ago, and haven't rated nor reviewed it. And I preordered it!

    How does that even happen!? I have simply forgotten about it! :O

    I'll just put this out there - This has been one of the best Sci-Fi series I've read in my life. Very difficult to explain to anyone who hasn't listened or read the first two parts.

    And you shouldn't really even try to do so in the first place, simply point those lucky souls to a world of fun at Audible!

    Seriously, this i

  • Orhan Capas

    Perfect sci fi and humor combination. Fun and emotional moments guaranteed. I cried out when the trilogy ended because I do not know if I will be getting any more of Bob

  • Bram

    I can really appreciate the fact that the parts of this trilogy are being released so close to each other. Not even a year went by between the release of We Are Legion (We Are Bob) and All these Worlds. As a reader, I applaud this. I know it's not something every author can pull of, but respect to Dennis Taylor for this.

    Also, the audiobook rendition is truly worth its money. Ray Porter really gives each Bob their own character and eventually I was able to recognize which specific POV I was liste

  • Trish

    So ... I guess this is it. Time to say goodbye. *sniffles* Though the author has promised he isn't done with the Bobiverse, the We-Are-Bob-cycle has come to an end with this third volume.

    Again, we have different replicants of the original Bob in different corners of the universe (but by now, they all have or can have bodies thanks to ever improving designs for android bodies). Again, they are either on a discovery trip, trying to save what's left of humanity, or watching aliens species on their