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The Little Book of Feminist Saints

This inspiring, beautifully illustrated collection honors one hundred exceptional women throughout history and around the world.A Stylist Must-read Book of 2018In this luminous volume, New York Times bestselling writer Julia Pierpont and artist Manjit Thapp match short, vibrant, and surprising biographies with stunning full-color portraits of secular female "saints" champions of strength and progress. These women broke ground, broke ceilings, and broke molds--includingMaya Angelou - Jane Austen - Ruby Bridges - Rachel Carson - Shirley Chisholm - Marie Curie & Irene Joliot Curie - Isadora Duncan - Amelia Earhart - Artemisia Gentileschi - Grace Hopper - Dolores Huerta - Frida Kahlo - Billie Jean King - Audre Lorde - Wilma Mankiller - Toni Morrison - Michelle Obama - Sandra Day O'Connor - Sally Ride - Eleanor Roosevelt - Margaret Sanger - Sappho - Nina Simone - Gloria Steinem - Kanno Sugako - Harriet Tubman - Mae West - Virginia Woolf - Malala YousafzaiOpen to any page and find daily inspiration and lasting delight.Praise for The Little Book of Feminist Saints "An enticing collection of biographical portraits of extraordinary women . . . Pierpont's pithy write-ups are accompanied by Thapp's funky, wonderfully expressive color illustrations, making for an engaging picture-book experience for adults. . . . Bold and sassy, this 'little' collection of secular 'saints' stands tall: required reading for any seeking to broaden their historical knowledge."--Kirkus Reviews (starred review)"A gloriously diverse, edifying, and curiosity-inspiring collection."--Booklist...

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The Little Book of Feminist Saints Reviews

  • l.

    It’s a cute idea but:

    - the art isn’t great. some figures are unrecognizable and there’s no real thought put into how they’re being portrayed. depictions of saints generally reflect something about them and their lives; these don’t.

    - some inclusions are... bhutto?? madonna?? hillary clinton??

    - the blurbs are not great tbh

    - it’s too white. an attempt was made but over half are still white and unnecessarily so. honestly I think at this point if you’re making a list, you need to see if you can repl

  • Anna

    Won from a Goodreads' giveaway

    A short, informative read about a variety of feminists, past & present, from all around the world and all walks of life.

    Rather than bombarding you with a Wikipedia article's worth of information, Julia Pierpont picks a choice bit about each of the women she writes about that gives you a clear idea of who they are, and why they belong in The Little Book of Feminist Saints. Simple yet charming portraits by Manjit Thapp accompany each entry, along with each woman h

  • Devann

    I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley

    This was a really great book and I liked how they did several things to set it apart from other similar books. Each feminist 'saint' has her own entry with a portrait, what she is the 'matron saint' of, a feast day [picked from some important date in her life], and a brief page-long entry about her life. I liked that they decided to just focus on a single event or quote from each woman instead of trying to sum up her entire life in one page becau

  • Jesica DeHart

    When a book inspires you to learn more, to strive and imbues you with awe then it settles into your heart. I will take the lives introduced in this book with me to challenge me going forward in life!

  • Krystal

    This captivating book brought a diverse collection of both renowned and lesser known feminist trailblazers to life with vivid illustrations and meaningful details about why they should be remembered!

  • Helen Power

    The Little Book of Feminist Saints is quite the treasure and I’m thrilled that I had a chance to read it before it was published. Modelled after the format of the Catholic little books of saints, Pierpont chose an interesting format that works well for the content. While reading this book, I sometimes recognized the well-known male counterparts in the bios of women that I hadn't even heard of. This is evidence enough of how much a book like this was needed.

    Rather than providing a dry biography

  • AleJandra

    Pop Sugar Reading Challenge 2018

    Un libro acerca del Feminismo.

    Reseña pendiente…

  • Lorilin

    This is a short and concise book that highlights important women over the years. There is a crazy range of personalities in here, from all different countries, religions, areas of expertise, and time periods.

    Featured women are artists like Yayoi Kusama (who used art as a way to process her hallucinations), actresses like Bea Arthur (who embraced her deep voice and tall stature to portray tough, no-nonsense women), explorers like Amelia Earhart (whose strong independence helped her become the fir