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Impostor Syndrome (The Arcadia Project #3)

In the third book of the Nebula Awardnominated Arcadia Project series, which New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire called exciting, inventive, and brilliantly plotted, Millie Roper has to pull off two impossible heistswith the fate of the worlds in the balance.Three months ago, a rift between agents in London and Los Angeles tore the Arcadia Project apart. With both fey Courts split down the middlehalf supporting London, half LALondon is putting the pieces in place to quash the resistance. But due to an alarming backslide in her mental health, new LA agent Mille Roper is in no condition to fight.When Londons opening shot is to frame Millies partner, Tjuan, for attempted homicide, Millie has no choice but to hide him and try to clear his name. Her investigation will take her across the pond to the heart of Arcadia at the mysterious and impenetrable White Rose palace. The key to Tjuans freedomand to the success of the revolutionis locked in a vault under the fey Queens watchful eye. Its up to Millie to plan and lead a heist that will shape the future of two worldsall while pretending that she knows exactly what shes doing...

Title : Impostor Syndrome (The Arcadia Project #3)
Author :
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ISBN : 9781481451949
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 480 pages
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Impostor Syndrome (The Arcadia Project #3) Reviews

  • Maggie Gordon

    The Arcadia Project series has continuously pushed the boundaries of urban fantasy, and this finale certainly gives the series a weighty, trope-busting conclusion. It's a bit of a madcap ride through a variety of odd twists and turns, but you will never be bored! Instead, you will feel fear and sorrow for favourite characters as they face some truly horrific challenges, and don't expect a HEA. This is not that kind of book. I applaud Baker for having the guts to publish a book dealing with menta ...more

  • Fabulitas

    I liked this one less than the two previous books, though it was perhaps the most ambitious instalment in the series. Where the character development thrived, the plot dragged and felt clunky at times. Still, it didn't prevent me from reading long into the night. And since (view spoiler) I wouldn't mind to read a book about Caryl's and Elliot's exploits.

  • Katherine

    I enjoyed the caper but kind of missed the "here's a look into the head of someone with borderline personality disorder" parts of the previous books. I mean, fine for the parts that don't have it because the protagonist is practicing better habits, fine, but seemed like a underutilized opportunity in interactions with a new character that also has BPD. Also I was expecting things to go wrong but then they got tied up very very quickly and I suppose the series is at a close now. The unrequited cr ...more

  • Anatoly Belilovsky

    Every once in a while, you finish a book (or a series) and you sit there with a thousand yard stare. Because your world just changed, and you have to get used to living in the new one.

    No, I didn't discover unseelie fey coming through my broom closet. No, I am not a sidhe prince.

    Yes, there is an intersection in my Venn diagram between people I love and people with mental illness. And the Arcadia series is as close as I've seen to a how-to manual of survival: both for people with mental health iss

  • Lexxi Kitty

    It is hard to read a book in which the main character spendm a good portion of it thinking about how it'd just be easier if they were dead (well, something like that). But this is the third book in the series, and, well, Millie is still Millie . . sooo...

    In this third book - the 'civil war' between branches of the Arcadia Project continues. Apparently, a little recap, all of human advancement has come from matching up humans with their fae counterparts - matching up 'Echoes' - the fae gets to th

  • Anne

    Between the fact that it'd been a while since I'd read the previous book and all the running around (so much running around) working on complicated plans I felt overwhelmed by details I couldn't clearly recall and underwhelmed by the overall momentum of the series. Fortunately, some returning characters took a turn for the delightful (Brand, Shock, and the spirit peeps [see, I can't even remember enough detail to know what they're really called]) so I was able to slog through it.

    I like endings

  • Marian

    Very nicely done.

    This was a fine conclusion to this series, if that is what Ms. Baker intends. I very much hope for more, selfishly, as I'm not at all ready to be done with these characters. I guess I have a fondness for angry, somewhat hard to deal with women with issues. Gods know Millie is all of that but, in this book particularly, I was surprised how how she affected me emotionally. Poor child. Actually, I felt sympathy for most of the characters, in one way or another. They were all well r

  • Bradley

    There's a lot to love about this UF that refuses to bow down to the usual expectations.

    But then, this series does follow a *certain* set of expectations. For one, it completely relies on all types of mental illness to drive character arcs. It's not just the MC who is bipolar, who had attempted suicide, lost her legs, and yet still manages to use her head and save the day as a productive (if often very destructive) employee in a Fae (be it Seele or Unseele court) world. Ahem. Excuse me. Worlds. T