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For Every One

Originally performed at the Kennedy Center for the unveiling of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and later as a tribute to Walter Dean Myers, this stirring and inspirational poem is New York Times bestselling author and National Book Award finalist Jason Reynoldss rallying cry to the dreamers of the world.For Every One is just that: for every one. For every one person. For every one dream. But especially for every one kid. The kids who dream of being better than they are. Kids who dream of doing more than they almost dare to dream. Kids who are like Jason Reynolds, a self-professed dreamer. Jason does not claim to know how to make dreams come true; he has, in fact, been fighting on the front line of his own battle to make his own dreams a reality. He expected to make it when he was sixteen. Then eighteen. Then twenty-five. Now, some of those expectations have been realized. But others, the most important ones, lay ahead, and a lot of them involve kids, how to inspire them. All the kids who are scared to dream, or dont know how to dream, or dont dare to dream because theyve NEVER seen a dream come true. Jason wants kids to know that dreams take time. They involve countless struggles. But no matter how many times a dreamer gets beat down, the drive and the passion and the hope never fully extinguishbecause just having the dream is the start you need, or you wont get anywhere anyway, and that is when you have to take a leap of faith.A pitch perfect graduation, baby, or love my kid gift....

Title : For Every One
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ISBN : 9781481486248
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 112 pages
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For Every One Reviews

  • anna

    if you haven't read anything by jason reynolds, start with For Everyone.

    if you enjoy poetry, read For Everyone.

    if you're a dreamer, read For Everyone.

    if you need hope, read For Everyone.

    my favorite poems:

    (pg. 28)

    All of us out here,

    slumped over wearing

    weird fake

    broken smiles,

    trying to avoid the truth:


    (pg. 43)


    the voice that

    delivers the

    loudest whispers

    of what you envision never silences.

    That it never cowers behind fear

    and expectations that other people

    strap to you

  • Alexa

    I think a lot of people will find this one super inspiring. I like how JR reflects on his own life (goals) and he definitely has a talent for words, but this poem, its just not really for me. I picked it up because I absolutely love "Long Way Down", but Im not into motivational speeches. I have my flaws and maybe one of them is my idfc- attitude, so Im very sorry, this book didnt do anything for me.

    Still, I appreciate this work of art. Its great and you should read it.

  • Trevor

    2.5 stars

  • Jesse (JesseTheReader)

    Simply inspiring! Jason Reynolds is quickly becoming a favorite author of mine.

  • Rachel Polacek

    Inspiring and motivating - I love how Jason Reynold gets at the heart of how messy dreams can be. How we don't always understand it, or know what we're doing, but we just have to keep jumping.

  • Melissa Veras

    3.5 stars! I don't usually read this kind of books, but it was not bad at all. I enjoyed it.

  • Colona Public Library

    I read Jason Reynolds other book "Long Way Down" and absolutely loved it. So, when I saw that he published another Young Adult Novel, I could not wait to get my hands on it. This was written similarly and it was an inspirational read. It was only a hundred pages so it was a quick read. Perfect for teenagers who don't want to commit their time to reading. This was such a great book to read for anyone who is feeling lost and needs some direction in life. There were so many quotable prose in this b ...more

  • Aliza Werner

    A letter to himself. A letter to the dreamers. Jason Reynolds setting words on fire...per usual.