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The Wicked Deep

Welcome to the cursed town of SparrowWhere, two centuries ago, three sisters were sentenced to death for witchery. Stones were tied to their ankles and they were drowned in the deep waters surrounding the town.Now, for a brief time each summer, the sisters return, stealing the bodies of three weak-hearted girls so that they may seek their revenge, luring boys into the harbor and pulling them under.Like many locals, seventeen-year-old Penny Talbot has accepted the fate of the town. But this year, on the eve of the sisters return, a boy named Bo Carter arrives; unaware of the danger he has just stumbled into.Mistrust and lies spread quickly through the salty, rain-soaked streets. The townspeople turn against one another. Penny and Bo suspect each other of hiding secrets. And death comes swiftly to those who cannot resist the call of the sisters.But only Penny sees what others cannot. And she will be forced to choose: save Bo, or save herself....

Title : The Wicked Deep
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781481497343
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 308 pages
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The Wicked Deep Reviews

  • Fafa's Book Corner

    Mini review:


    I received this e-arc via Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    I was looking forward to reading this. I love witches in books. So I had my hopes high. Unfortunately I felt nothing while reading this. For me personally this book lacked atmosphere. The writing certainly didn’t help. I felt that the author was trying to force feeling on you. It simply didn’t feel natural. A book like this requires that.

    I did enjoy the characters. And their relationships wit

  • Carrie

    Two centuries ago in the small town of Sparrow three sisters were accused of being witches and put to death. The residents of the town tied stones to their ankles and drowned them in the deep waters that surrounded the town. Each years since their deaths the sisters have returned to the small town for a period of a couple of weeks to seek their revenge upon the town by inhabiting the bodies of local young women to tempt the young men of the town to their own death.

    Seventeen year old Penny Talbo

  • Bitchin' Reads

    I am sitting at work, having just finished the final pages of The Wicked Deep, and I'm having a hard time mentally slipping back into reality. My mind is stuck in this book, this wonderful and mysterious book. I cannot escape fictional Sparrow, Oregon.

    I think I'm bewitched by the Swan sisters' tale, Bo, and Penny. SOS.

  • Lola

    3.5 stars. This is the story of three long-dead witches who come back every summer in the bodies of Sparrow girls to drown boys and the only girl in town who may be able to lift the curse.

    This is an exquisitely atmospheric book. The subject matter is, of course, dark, but the way the author presents the town and its curse feels almost magical.

    Even though such a curse pertains to the fantasy world and is therefore not a realistic element, I believed everything inside this story. Not once did I

  • Alana • thebookishchick

    “Love is an enchantress—devious and wild. It sneaks up behind you, soft and gentle and quiet, just before it slits your throat.”

    This book was SO much fun.

    First of all, you need to understand if you say the word witches I am sold. No questions asked, I want the book. Now, add three sisters accused of witchcraft who come back for revenge *ahem, Hocus Pocus vibes anyone?* and I am so sold there is no possible way I could dislike this book. Yet somehow, I still managed to be blown away by this. Al ...more

  • Brittney Andrews (beabookworm)

    The witches are back. And there's hell to pay.

    Although Marguerite, Aurora, and Hazel Swan were drowned many moons ago, these wicked sisters still come back every summer to haunt the little town of Sparrow. A town where their souls will forever be rooted because this is the town that took their lives.

    These young women were accused of practicing witchcraft and drowned to death, and as long as their souls still haunt the waters surrounding Sparrow: the Swan sisters will come back every year, in ...more

  • Katerina

    Melancholic, eerie and deeply atmospheric!

    Sparrow, Oregon.


    The Lady Astor arrives in the gloomy town of Sparrow, carrying the Swan sisters. Exotic, elegant and sensual, Marguerite, Aurora and Hazel Swan rattle the foundations of the close-knit society with their numerous dalliances and scandalous affairs with men that are not available. Whispers about potions and hexes become cries and screams, and the town of Sparrow finds them guilty of witchcraft in a desperate attempt to defend all thos

    “We wait for death. We hold our breath. We know it's coming, and still we flinch when it claws at our throats and pulls us under.”

    Sparrow, Oregon.

    Present Day.

    In the small town of two thousand and twenty four inhabitans, nothing interesting happens. Well, almost nothing; on the first day of June comes the singing, signaling the beginning of the Swan Season. Each year the three wrongfully murdered sisters claim the bodies of three girls, taking control of them. Then the drownings begin. And so does the distrust, and the witch hunt. It's on the eve of the Swan Season that Penny Talbot meets Bo, a strange boy with ghosts in his eyes. Together, they try to stop the Swan sisters before the town mourns once more the loss of young life. But Bo and Penny are tethered to the haunting of the Swan sisters in fundamental ways, and stopping the killings might have fatal consequences to them both.

    I read The Wicked Deep one of those days.

    The days in need for a forgetful cake to wipe away the sour taste of disappointment and discomfort from my mouth. Using a note reminding me to take delivery of a certificate from the Court of First Instance as a bookmark, a turmoil of unpleasant thoughts and emotions raging inside me, I dived into its wicked, deep waters, I tasted the salt of the sea, I stood in the rain while waterdrops cascaded my face and soaked my clothes, I felt the chill piercing my skin, reaching to the marrow. And I smiled. Its haunted pages reflected my dark mood, and I relished all those moments laden in mystery, danger and heartache.

    The Wicked Deep was the answer to my silent pleas.

    “Love is an enchantress—devious and wild. It sneaks up behind you, soft and gentle and quiet, just before it slits your throat.”

    Shea Ernshaw is also an enchantress. While her debut was spooky, it had a fairytalish vibe I found deeply endearing, like coming home after a long day. Her writing had a nostalgic spark of magic that illuminated everything in blue and grey shades, depicting the emotional state and the secrets of her heroes. Sharing tidbits of the past during the unfolding of the current events, she eventually shed light on the tragedy that took place all those years ago in a cursed town that paid the price of the cruelty and ignorance of its inhabitants. It was not a happy story. It was soaked in revenge, fear, and something more. The desperate need to belong, and shape a future of your own. Penny and Bo were two equally tormented characters that managed to speak to me. Their connection was depicted in a sweet, heart-warming manner that was a ray of sunlight in this bleak and dreary town.

    “I once read a poem about love being fragile, as thin as glass and easily broken. But that is not the kind of love that survives in a place like this. It must be hardy and enduring. It must have grit.”

    The reason I didn't give the fifth star to a novel I devoured is rather complicated. I figured out the plot twist pretty soon, and, while it was brilliant, a part of me wishes it would never happen, because it messed up my feelings, and left me with a bitter taste after I finished it. But, like I said before, this story wasn't meant to be happy. It was a peculiar mix of water and sun, warmth and cold, and I can't help but admit that the ending was oddly fitting.

    The truth remains that The Wicked Deep is a splendid debut I highly recommend!

    Review also posted on BookNest!

  • katwiththehat

    First off, this has a GORGEOUS cover. I love the legend and mystery of it. Penny has grown up in a remote coastal town, which has a population of barely anyone, except during tourist season, when people come to see if the ghosts of the Swan sisters, three sisters drowned in the harbor 200 years ago, will resurface. The problem is, every year when they possess the bodies of local girls and lead teenage boys into the harbor, people drown.

    This is one of the best YA fantasy books I’ve read this yea