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Heads of the Colored People

Calling to mind the best works of Paul Beatty and Junot Daz, this collection of moving, timely, and darkly funny stories examines the concept of black identity in this so-called post-racial era.A stunning new talent in literary fiction, Nafissa Thompson-Spires grapples with black identity and the contemporary middle class in these compelling, boundary-pushing vignettes.Each captivating story plunges headfirst into the lives of new, utterly original characters. Some are darkly humorousfrom two mothers exchanging snide remarks through notes in their kids backpacks, to the young girl contemplating how best to notify her Facebook friends of her impending suicidewhile others are devastatingly poignanta new mother and funeral singer who is driven to madness with grief for the young black boys who have fallen victim to gun violence, or the teen who struggles between her upper middle class upbringing and her desire to fully connect with black culture.Thompson-Spires fearlessly shines a light on the simmering tensions and precariousness of black citizenship. Her stories are exquisitely rendered, satirical, and captivating in turn, engaging in the ongoing conversations about race and identity politics, as well as the vulnerability of the black body. Boldly resisting categorization and easy answers, Nafissa Thompson-Spires is an original and necessary voice in contemporary fiction....

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Heads of the Colored People Reviews

  • Rod-Kelly Hines

    What an utterly original collection! This may be the best short story collection I've ever read, it spoke directly to me, about things I've never seen represented in literature, as it concerns the lives of Black people in America.

  • Gabriella

    I’m pretty sure this book is 4.5-5 stars, but we all know how I like to change my ratings from week to week. :) In just under 200 pages, Heads of the Colored People microscopes the inner workings of some hilarious and troubled black characters. I think my favorite stories are in the middle of the collection, an interconnected set of tales about grating Jack & Jill mothers, and the insecure daughters they produce. These women are self-absorbed, vegan, mundane, vapid, and about ten other trait ...more

  • Angelia Menchan

    This book is entertaining and thought provoking. At turns dry, acerbic and oddly sweet. They stories linger in the readers mind, long after reading.

  • Sarah

    This has got to be one of the best short story collections I've read yet.

    Conceptually, it's a web of vignettes about African Americans and their varied experiences and perspectives. This is my first time reading Thompson-Spires, and I love her style. It's at times darkly humorous, other times dramatically haunting. Stories like "The Necessary Changes Have Been Made" and "Belle's Lettres" exemplify Thompson-Spires' unique humor. I loved how some sentences were so bursting with passive aggression

  • Barbara McEwen

    I enjoyed this short story collection. I think some of the stories are stronger than others but they are all original. It is a whole new point of view or multiple I guess since you get insight into the heads of all different types of characters who have being black in common.

  • Eric

    One of the best, if not the best, short story collections that I have ever read.

  • Melissa

    Another outstanding short story collection for 2018. Thompson-Spires has bookended darkly comic and satirical stories about being black in America (including one about two feuding mothers who communicate through notes in their daughters’ schoolbags and another about an able-bodied woman who develops a fixation on men with physical disabilities - I found this to be ingenious commentary about white men who fetishize/objectify women of color) with two moving pieces about the violence perpetrated on ...more

  • Natasha