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The Orphan's Wish (Hagenheim #8)

From the streets to an orphanage in a faraway kingdom, Aladdin has grown up alone. Until he meets Kirstyn. With a father who is the duke of Hagenheim and a mother who is the patroness of the orphanage where Aladdin lives, Kirstyn is a member of the most powerful family in the land . . . and way out of his league. Despite the difference in their stations, Aladdin quickly becomes Kirstyns favorite companion for taking walks in the forest, and their childhood friendship grows along with them.Through his scrappy skills, intelligence, and hard work, Aladdin earns a position serving in the dukes house. But he knows it isnt enough to grant him his one desire: Kirstyns hand in marriage. If he hopes to change his station in life and feel worthy of marrying Kirstyn, he must leave Hagenheim to seek his fortune.But once Aladdin leaves, no one is around to protect Kirstyn, and the greedy men desperate to take advantage of her fathers wealth take notice. Now, more than Aladdins background stands in the way of the future hes worked so hard to obtain. His only hope is to rescue Kirstyn and somehow manage to win her hand as well....

Title : The Orphan's Wish (Hagenheim #8)
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ISBN : 9780718074838
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The Orphan s Wish Hagenheim, by Melanie The Orphan s Wish has ratings and reviews Lindsey said About this book From the streets to an orphanage in a faraway kingdom, Aladdin has g REVIEW of The Orphan s Wish Hagenheim , by Orphaned at age five in the Holy Land, Aladdin is found by a master thief and forced to steal from market goers But when he tries to steal from a knight and gets The Orphan s Wish Hagenheim From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Dickerson comes an inspired retelling of the beloved folk tale Aladdin Orphaned and alone, Aladdin travels from the The Orphan s Wish Hagenheim, by Melanie The Orphan s Wish Hagenheim, .pdf Format Hardcover Pages Edition Publisher Thomas Nelson ISBN ISBN Language eng Book Review The Orphan s Wish Hagenheim by Read Book Review The Orphan s Wish Hagenheim by Melanie Dickerson From the streets to an orphanage in a faraway kingdom, Aladdin has grown up alone Unti The Orphan s Wish Hagenheim by Melanie The Orphan s Wish Hagenheim Author Melanie Dickerson Genre Ya, Historical Fiction, Christian Publisher Thomas Nelson Release Date June , Pages Source This book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. The Orphan s Wish Write Read Life Author Melanie Dickerson Series Hagenheim Publisher Thomas Nelson Release Date June , Rating Stars Reviewer Jessica Higgins A fun retelling of the Book giveaway for The Orphan s Wish Hagenheim, free copies available Giveaway dates from Apr Apr , Enter for a chance to win ONE of FIVE signed Advanced Reader Copies of THE ORPHAN S WIS Book Review The Orphan s Wish Whit Reads Lit The Orphan s Wish by Melanie Dickerson pages published by Thomas Nelson Goodreads Synopsis From the streets to an orphanage in a faraway kingdom, Aladdin has grown up alone Until he meets Kirstyn With a father who is the duke of Hagenheim and a mother who is the patroness of the orphanage The Orphan s Wish Melanie Dickerson From the streets of the Holy Land, all the way to an orphanage in the far off kingdom of Hagenheim, Aladdin has grown up alone But, that changes when he meets Kirstyn.

The Orphan's Wish (Hagenheim #8) Reviews

  • Amy • A Magical World of Words

    My blog: A Magical World Of Words

    The premise is great and I had high hopes for the book. This review will also contain a lot of quotes from the book, because I think that's the best way to show why I didn't like the story.

    The writing is not great. It's amateurish, and littered with cliches; examples include: "Her touch light like a butterfly's wings", "Blood surging through her veins", "His dark eyes captured her", "Aladdin's stomach tied itself into a knot", and "Her soft skin was like silk".


  • Loraine

    Melanie Dickerson has the wonderful ability to take the foundation of a children's fairy tale and build it in to an adult version with depth and complexity as well as great historical detail. This particular Hagenheim novel is the story of Aladdin.

    Aladdin is an orphan who is picked up by a man who says he will take care of him, but Mustapha's idea of care was teaching Aladdin to steal for him. When Aladdin is caught stealing, the owner feels sorry for him and takes him under his wing. Aladdin s

  • Haddie Harper

    Melanie Dickerson is amazing! Her twist on one of my top favorite fairy-tales, Aladdin, is phenomenal! Granted, it was a bit slow at the start, but once I got passed the first few chapters, it picked right up. I couldn't put it down. The story is an inspiration and refreshing to read. It was just so good.

  • Elizabeth

    The Orphan’s Wish ( Hagenheim #8 )

    By: Melanie Dickerson

    The Orphan’s Wish is book eight in Hagenheim series. Ms. Dickerson outdid herself on The Orphan’s Wish. I believe it is one of her best. She knows how to take a fairy tale and turn it into a wonderful book. I was hooked right from the start. I did not want to put it down. I love the story and the characters. Both were well written and well developed. I found myself in tears and holding my breath several times. I felt sorry for both of the ma

  • Jacki

    Once again, Melanie does a fantastic job!

    What I always love most about Melanie books is no matter who the characters are or what adaption she is doing, you can always find a way to relate to the characters. From Aladdin just wishing to be accepted and loved by everyone to Kirstyn's wish to simply not be forgotten by her family, you can always find something within each of the characters to relate to. That's so hard to find in YA books.

    This one I particularly liked because it started at the beg

  • Victoria

    Book title: The Orphans Wish.

    Author: Melanie Dickerson.

    Series: Hagenheim book #8.

    Genre: Fairy Tale retelling without magic, Medieval.

    Received book from: NetGallery.

    Form of Book: Ebook.

    Reviewer: Victoria Goodbrand.

    Date started: March 15, 2018 at precisely 2 o’clock.

    Date finished:


    Y’all! I’m so excited to share this review! I’m going to be doing this revie was I read this beauty of a book! Super special thanks to Net Gallery for gifting me with the opportunity to read an advanced reade

  • Therese May

    Oh what a wonderful book!

    This has been my favorite Melanie Dickerson book from among the few she’s written in the past few years. Somehow it seemed to me to have more soul to it. The retelling was well thought out and well written. The characters’ friendship and their struggles and obstacles were approached in a very literal and relatable way.

    Aladdin was a wonderful character. I was impressed with how very accurate the story was to the trauma and pressure that would have affected him from his

  • Susan Snodgrass

    Melanie Dickerson once again proved her unique ability to take a well known fairy tale, rework it and make it into a spiritual take. This go round, she takes on the story of Aladdin. We meet him as a young boy whose mother had just died and he must find a way to support himself as an orphan. He is taken in by a greedy crook who forced Aladdin to steal. Then a kind priest take a him in and shelters him and introduced Aladdin to Christ. I love fairy tales and enjoy how Dickerson puts her special s ...more