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The Wild Inside

A promising talent makes her electrifying debut with this unforgettable novel, set in the Alaskan wilderness, that is a fusion of psychological thriller and coming-of-age tale in the vein of Jennifer McMahon, Chris Bohjalian, and Mary Kubica.A natural born trapper and hunter raised in the Alaskan wilderness, Tracy Petrikoff spends her days tracking animals and running with her dogs in the remote forests surrounding her familys home. Though she feels safe in this untamed land, Tracy still follows her late mothers rules: Never Lose Sight of the House. Never Come Home with Dirty Hands. And, above all else, Never Make a Person Bleed.But these precautions arent enough to protect Tracy when a stranger attacks her in the woods and knocks her unconscious. The next day, she glimpses an eerily familiar man emerge from the tree line, gravely injured from a vicious knife wounda wound from a hunting knife similar to the one she carries in her pocket. Was this the man who attacked her and did she almost kill him? With her memories of the events jumbled, Tracy cant be sure.Helping her father cope with her mothers death and prepare for the approaching Iditarod, she doesnt have time to think about what she may have done. Then a mysterious wanderer appears, looking for a job. Tracy senses that Jesse Goodwin is hiding something, but she cant warn her father without explaining about the attackor why shes kept it to herself.It soon becomes clear that something dangerous is going on . . . the way Jesse has wormed his way into the family . . . the threatening face of the stranger in a crowd . . . the boot-prints she finds at the forests edge.Her family is in trouble. Will uncovering the truth protect themor is the threat closer than Tracy suspects?...

Title : The Wild Inside
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ISBN : 9780062742018
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Number of Pages : 304 pages
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The Wild Inside Reviews

  • Kathy

    The Wild Inside by Jamey Bradbury is an unusual paranormal novel about a young woman who lives in Alaskan wilderness.

    Seventeen year old Tracy Petrikoff loves the outdoors. She is an avid hunter with an unusual... proclivity for the animals she kills. Her family is heavily involved with dog sledding but following her mother's death,  they struggle financially after her father gives up mushing and sells the majority of their sled dogs. Tracy keeps hoping to change his mind about her competing in u

  • Sharon Mensing

    THE WILD INSIDE feels like the perfect story with a perfect protagonist to be set in the wilds of Alaska. It also feels as though it could be set only in Alaska. The first-person narrative, in the slightly uneducated voice of teenager Tracy Petrikoff, is a coming-of-age story with a twist of the supernatural and a large dose of suspense. Debut author Bradbury imbues Tracy with a natural wisdom that she drinks in from the animals in the remote Alaskan wilderness while managing to allow her childl ...more

  • Ellen Gail

    Never Lose Sight of the House.

    Never Come Home with Dirty Hands.

    Never Make a Person Bleed.

    2.5 very confused stars.

    A very strange tale of sled dog racing, blood, secrets, and more blood.


    How do I talk about this without spoiling the fuck out of it? Cause there's a lot to talk about.

    You can peep the synopsis for details, but in short, Tracy Petrikoff (teenage delinquent? feral youth? what kinds of words can I even use for her?) is a born and raised Alaskan musher, as well as a trapper and hunte

  • Natty Potter

    This could have been a five star book. I don’t mind unanswered questions at the end of a story and I certainly don’t mind brutality and sadness, but the ending of this book seemed entirely separate from the rest of the story. While the first 80% of the book contained hints of unexplained magic and subtle mystery, the ending was nothing but outright, seemingly unnecessary, violence.

    I very much enjoyed approximately 240/288 pages. Ever felt betrayed by a book? The ending felt lazy next to all the

  • Brenda

    Brief review to be revealed soon.

  • Feliza Casano

    I received a review copy of this title based on my interest in this book's premise: a female sled dog racer who discovers a threat to her family. But upon completing the book, I was extremely disappointed.

    The story largely focuses on a speculative fiction element, which I'll hide in a spoiler tag: (view spoiler)

  • Laura Chase

    It was amazing. I had a hard time putting down. (I read it durring my lunch breaks at work). I kept thinking that Jamey Bradbury is a Jean Craighead George (Julie of the Wolves) except geared towards adults rather than YA. I really got intrigued in how Tracy came to turns with the fact that she's part wolf.

  • ashley | citygirlscapes

    Originally posted on

    I’m inevitably drawn to books about the wild, nature, wolves and the like. The Wild Inside by Jamey Bradbury spoke to me before I even knew what the book was about. It sounded like a mix of a few different genres, so I really didn’t know what I was getting into.

    The voice in this book takes a bit getting used to; at first it was a bit dominating and overwhelmed the rest of the story. But it’s also a vital component of the character and it does, somewhat, g